Gorgeous Medieval Helmets

Halloween is not too far away, people have already started preparing for it! Specifically, the enthusiasts who love to dress up on this special occasion are always eager to get some costume ideas. Hence, we have come up with some perfect costume ideas for enthusiasts like you!

Medieval knights were warriors from the medieval era. This is the era when nuclear weapons were not invented. The warriors had to rely on swords and bladed weapons during wars to battle their enemies. Hence, a sword was the main fighting and combat weapon. Also, it was the attacking weapon. 

On the other hand, there were some defensive weapons to tackle the attackers. The major defensive weapon was a shield. Other defensive things include armor and helmets. Medieval knights used to wear medieval armor for protecting their bodies and medieval helmets to protect their heads against swords. 

Why not dress up as a medieval knight? Wear a medieval helmet this Halloween and pay tribute to great medieval knights!

We have come up with a list of some gorgeous medieval helmets as costume ideas for this Halloween. Explore the list below, read about the features of each helmet and pick your helmet:

1. Medieval Kettle Hat Helmet With Display Stand

This helmet can serve as a perfect warrior costume. A real medieval helmet designed like a kettle hat. 

cattle hat helmet with stand

In fact, it is a kettle hat made of 18 gauge steel. It is quite comfortable to wear, and looks fantastic as well. It comes with a display stand too!

2. Greek 20 Gauge Copper Plating Spartan Facial Mask Armor

Made of 20 gauge steel, this is another fine helmet for those who want to dress up as real medieval knights. 

Plating Spartan Medieval Battle Facial Mask Armor

Knights wore such helmets during wars to make themselves secure against their enemies. Their faces and heads were protected from swords. Why not wear it to pay those soldiers a tribute?

3. Medieval Black Kettle Hat Helmet With Display Stand

Another kettle helmet with an even better design and color scheme. The display stand that it includes allows you to make it a decor item. 

medieval black kettle helmet

You can display it on that stand perfectly. Also, when needed, you can use it for cosplay or for halloween costume. 

4. Dark Adventurer 16G Steel Armageddon Helmet

This 16 gauge steel helmet is a beauty! The shape and the design are pretty unique. 

steel armageddon helmet

There are many holes for comfortable wear. You will never be uncomfortable while wearing it through the halloween day. Also, it gives that real warrior feel. A perfect halloween costume idea.

5. Visored Barbuta Helmet

This barbuta helmet is a beautiful helmet associated with the medieval knights. On Halloween, this can be a magnificent costume to wear. 

visored barbuta helmet

You don’t need a heavy costume on your body once you have this helmet on your head. It will make you look like a real medieval warrior.

6. Functional Medieval Kettle Hat Crusader Knight Infantry Helmet

Kettle hat helmets were extremely common during the medieval era. Warriors often wore these helmets to make themselves appear like real warriors. 

medieval kettle hat

Today, if you are a fan of medieval knights, the best way to tribute them is by wearing kettle hat helmets on halloween. 

7. Medieval Knight Templar Helmet With Stand

This templar helmet is a masterpiece. For crazy enthusiasts, it can be the best gift this halloween. 

templar helmet with stand

It is one of the helmets that cover the entire face. Though it will cover your complete face, don’t think it would be uncomfortable. It has enough space to let the air come in!

8. Brass Crusader Great Knights Helmet

We all know brass is a lovely material, and this brass crusader helmet is a beauty as well. 

brass crusader knights helmet

This is the most commonly used helmet by medieval knights. It may cover the full face as well. It has many tiny holes to make it comfortable to wear for the whole day.

9. Royal Guard Close Helm Medieval Crusader Knight Steel Helmet

This helmet will make you look like a real medieval knight. This steel helmet is another unique helmet with a very interesting design. 

royal guard helmet

It comes with a small breastplate that covers your chest as well. A beautiful and realistic warrior costume for modern crazy enthusiasts! 

10. Medieval Crusader Helmet

This medieval helmet has eyelists that make it a comfortable and easy to wear for the entire day of halloween. 

medieval crusadar helmet

A great costume idea by the way! This was worn by those engaged in crusades! If you are keen to dress up as a crusader, wear this gorgeous helmet! 

11. Rhino Armor Black Gladiator Warrior Helmet

We finally came to this! This rhino gladiator helmet is as magnificent as it sounds. 

Gladiator Warrior Helmet

It is not like steel helmets that are pretty heavy at times and make it disturbing on the head. It is softer and easier to wear for as long as you want. So, another perfect costume idea for halloween!

Make a Statement This Halloween!

This Halloween, dress up as a medieval knight! Wear a medieval helmet and make a statement. Choose any of the helmets above and wear it on Halloween to impress your mates. Ensure to get the most comfortable and coolest of the helmets!