cool knives

The new year has come up with plenty of new things. People are discussing and predicting the year, so are we. I have come up with a prediction as well. In my opinion, the most dominating knives in 2020 will be most useful cool knives. With cool knives, I mean certain spectacular and exceptionally featured knives.

Here are some of those knives that will dominate the market in 2020:

1. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knife has been a popular knife in 2019. However, in 2019, we may see an upsurge in the popularity of this knife. The major reason behind this is the uniqueness of this knife which attracts people. 

This knife has really an exceptional design. We’re talking about a knife with two handles. Yes, there are two handles and one blade that make this knife. One is the bite handle and the other is the safe handle. They are enclosed to conceal the blade. 

What makes this knife favorite for the users is its ease of carrying and multiple uses. The design of this knife makes it extremely small. When the handles are closed to conceal the blade, the knife becomes a small stick that can fit into the pocket perfectly. 

This makes it very easy to carry. So, users have the ability to use it as their EDC knife. 

butterfly knife

Another important thing is the multipurpose nature of the knife. You are able to play tricks with this knife other than using it for utility cutting and self-defense. 

Its strange parts make it easy to play tricks with. But for this purpose, there is a trainer version of this knife that has a blunt blade and is safe to use. Considering these features, this cool knife is likely to remain a top knife, no just in 2020, but for years to come!

2. Knuckle Folding Knife

Another cool knife to stay in the popularity zone in 2020 is the knuckle folding knife. Now, this knife has a separate fanbase. This is a historical knife, and people don’t just use it as a knife, but they gather it as a collectible. 

This is a modern replica of the traditional trench knife which was used during the First World War. 

Knuckle folding knife includes a knuckle duster and a blade. But, most importantly, this is a folding blade which can be folded inside the knuckles to make it wearable for the user. 

knuckle folding knife

This knife would remain a top knife for self-defense in 2020 because it fulfills all the self-defense needs of the users. It is very easy to carry since it is wearable. Most importantly, it allows you to use two weapons against the attackers at the same time to survive!

3. Rainbow Knife

On this list, the rainbow knife is the most gorgeous knife. It is for those special users who like to carry stylish knives. Other than being beautiful, it is an advantageous knife. However, people do talk about its elegance. 

There is a nice rainbow design on the blade and the handle which attracts the users. It is available in both fixed blade and folding blade versions. So, you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

rainbow pocket knife

A rainbow pocket knife can be your everyday carry knife. You would love to have such a fabulous knife in your arsenal. In 2020 and the following years, this knife would remain as a top choice among men and women. 

It can serve your purposes, including utility uses and self-defense. So, for stylish users, this is the one that will satisfy their needs.

4. Spring Assisted Knives

In 2020, it looks like people would prefer cool knives that provide durability. One of the most durable pocket knives is the spring assisted knives

These knives did dominate the previous years, and it seems as if they will continue to do so, mainly due to their immense durability. These knives have foldable blades but are quite powerful and long-lasting. 

A spring assisted knife is a pocket knife with some exceptional features. The most significant aspect of this knife is its blade deployment mechanism i-e the assisted opening mechanism.

Contrary to this is the switchblade or automatic deployment mechanism. This mechanism is not very durable because it features a push-button that can malfunction at any time. Also, push-button is dangerous because it opens the blade at once.

spring assisted knives

Why assisted opening mechanism is more durable? This is because it requires you to put some effort into opening the blade. You need to pull it to some extent before the spring opens it to full position. 

As you pull it to a partially opened position, the rest is done by the spring which completely opens the blade. This method is more reliable, safe and most important, more durable.

5. Hidden Blade Knife

Who can deny the fact that the hidden blade is the coolest knife when it comes to self-defense. This is a small-sized knife that meets the self-defense needs of modern users. It is equally great for men and women. 

There is a massive variety of this knife available in the market, and in 2020, there will be many more. The enormous variety drives the users and makes it one of the top knives to look for in 2020. 

Among our list of cool knives, this is the most effective and ideal knife for self-defense. We’re talking about lipstick knife, boot knife, penknife, belt buckle knife or similar hidden blades. These are all small-sized knives but are pretty effective to deal with the attackers.

hidden blade knife

The small size of these knives makes them easy to carry. They can be carried in the pockets, purses or small bags. Another significant factor to look forward to is the undetectability of these knives. 

You would prefer that no one knows what weapon you are carrying. These knives are designed like real items, such as lipstick knife looks like a real lipstick, and a pen knife looks like a real pen. 

So, which of these cool knives are you expecting to dominate the market in 2020? Let me know your opinion!