Knives are the tools which we use extensively in our everyday lives to perform lots of tasks, simple and tough alike. They are quite essential to us and we have been using them for so long that their true origins are obscured. 

The different tasks we can perform with cool knives are cutting, slicing, hunting, fishing, skinning, deboning, piercing and so much more. But are these tasks performed with a single type of knife? 

Most of us think that the knives we use in our kitchens are the only type of types but that is definitely not the case. Initially, knife-like tools were carved out of stone and metals like brass, and people used them to perform their everyday tasks and for self-defense as well.

Numerous knives were made and designed after them and their design and structure were continuously updated with the advancement in technology which led to a better lifestyle for people. The functionality of all these knives was the same, however, their designs were just a little different. 

Now we have such an awesome arsenal of cool knives that it becomes difficult to choose from them. Each one of these knives has its own specialty and is known best for assisting in one particular type of task. 

In this article, we will focus on the different types of cool knives that are available to us now a days, so we are equipped with the best knowledge when we go out there to buy them.

Different Types of Knives

When it comes to knives, the variety is simply endless. There are many different types, kinds, and designs that are available to us nowadays. So, if you are looking for a good knife that serves your need in the best possible way, then you must learn about all types of knives so you can make the best selection for yourself. 

However, before we go the types of knives, let us first have a look at the different types of blades that knives have. Also, we all know that there is a huge variety of knives and their different blade types. 

Knives can be used for different tasks; however, it is the shape of a knife's blade which determines the usage of the knife with respect to different jobs. Generally, there is a good deal of variety of knife's blades with respect to their differing shapes of spine position and point types; few of them are as follows:

Kitchen Knives

The traditional kitchen knives comprise blades which are rather straight-back. The flat back allows the users to apply good pressure to the tip of the knife during the cutting, slicing, and dicing sessions of vegetables and meat.

Clip-Point Knives

These knives are the modified version of straight-back chef's knives. The point of a clip-point knife is made sharper and finer which makes it perfect for piercing. 

The piercing tip makes this knife a perfect model of a survival knife, such as the ‘Bowie Knife'. It is important to know that the clip part is also the weakest knife part; therefore, utmost care needs to be exercised for the maintenance of this knife.

Blades with a Drop Point

In contrast to clip-point knives, those knives that have a drop-point blade possess a sturdier point. However, these knives are imperfect for piercing work. A drop-point blade is well-known for durability and strength which makes it a good survival knife.

Spay Points

These blades bear a great resemblance to the skinning knives since they have a rather long and straight blade which contains a small clip near the blade's point. The knife's minimal curved point is not well-suited for piercing and penetration.

Spear-Pointed Knives

An ideal example of these blades is the classic Italian stiletto knife which is constructed in the style of a dagger since the spine runs down in the middle of the knife's blade. Spear-pointed knives can be double-edged or also single edged. 

These pointy needle blades are famously known as stilettos which make the perfect piercing or penetrating tool.

Knives with Long Blades/ Tanto Blades

Tanto blades have no or very little curve. Also, the construction of their blade is made of thicker material than other knives. This feature turns them into a strong and much-durable knife.

Types of Knives

The following are the different types of knives.

Pocket Knives (Folding Knives)

Pocket knives are also known as folding knives and they are by far the most common type of knives. Being folding knives, their blades are movable and they enclose themselves inside the handles when closed. 

They are the perfect EDC (Everyday Care) tools and assist in performing lots of tasks. The most common ones are cutting small things i.e. rope, fruits and vegetables, opening boxes and packages, opening letters, etc. and you can use these little blades for self-defense as well. 

Are you wondering that if they are so small then how will they come handy for self-defense? Well, they are small but this is their strength as well. They are compact, easy to carry and easy to use as well. These cool knives are further divided into the following two types.


1- Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

The spring assisted pocket knives are widely used and whenever people need a convenient utility life for everyday use, they prefer these ones over all others. They are called spring assisted knives because these folding knives operate via a spring mechanism. 

The liner locks that they have, assist in the opening and closing of these cool knives. Also, most of the times, they come with a thumb stud on the blade or a flipper as well which opens the knife when pressure is exerted on it which is normally done with a thumb of the hand. 

Spring assisted knives are considered safe because of this mechanism and this is why they are legal in the majority of the states of the US as well.

2- Automatic Switch Blades

Automatic Switchblades are another type of pocket knives and they operate via an automatic button which is present on the handle of the knife. All you have to do is press the button and whoa the knife opens and the blade pops right in front of yourself.

You must have heard that automatic switchblades are illegal? Well, in most of the states of the US, yes they are illegal? Why? Because no matter how much of cool knives they seem, they are very unsafe and dangerous. 

Just imagine you are sitting with the blade closed inside your pocket and button is pressed just when you leaned against the wall or a ball hit you right there, what would the blade do to your leg? 

So, because of the numerous accidents that occurred because of these, they are considered legal in so many countries. However, these knives have their benefits as well. They are easy to access and deploy which prove to be best in a self-defense situation. Moreover, they are fast and quick as well.

Pocket knives are easy to carry around and because of their compact and concealed nature, they are carried and used by lots of people.

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are those whose blades cannot be moved like folding knives. Their blades are fixed and this is why these knives are considered to be tough, reliable and durable. They are strong and sturdy and mostly feature full tang blades. 

This further increases the strength of these knives and they become more useful especially to carry out tough chores i.e. outdoor ones.

Fixed blade knives are one category and many different types of knives fall under this category.

Each one of these knives has its own functionality and is used for one particular purpose. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for any other purpose. Of course, it is a knife and can be used for everything but it works the best when it serves the purpose it is designed for. 

The most common fixed blade cool knives are Hunting knives, Fillet Knives, Bowie knives, Skinning Knives, and the Karambit knives.

1- Fillet Knives

A fillet knife is used for one specific purpose and this is to fillet a fish. This particular knife is used for separating the meat of a fish from its bones. There are two types of fillet knives: big fillet knives and small fillet knives. 

Fillet knives normally have blades that range between four to nine inches de[ending upon the type of a fillet knife. These cool knives work wonders and never waste your meat and provide you the best results. 

Big fillet knives are used to fillet big fishes whereas small ones are used for filleting small ones. Hence, you should always choose the knife according to your catch. Fillet knives are not like regular knives. 

They are probably the only knives which have flexible blades. These blades are the reason that these cool knives are able to fillet a fish properly and move in between its bones and meat.

2- Bowie Knife

Bowie knife is a very famous knife and has been around us since so many years. Jim Bowie used this knife during the Sandbar fight that took place along the river of Mississippi. Despite being shot and stabbed, Jim Bowie managed to win the fight with the help of the Bowie knife

Now, this unique knife is used for a number of purposes, such as hunting, skinning, or simply because people tend to collect cool knives. Due to its unique and fascinating design, this knife is perfect to be used in your adventure tours through the wilderness.

There are various aspects that make this knife the best survival knife e.g. the blade’s material which is traditionally made of carbon steel which is also easy to sharpen. Referring to the knife’s blade, it is famous for its rather large and heavy blade in contrast to conventional survival knives. 

A larger bland is perfect for clearing your path in the wilderness by cutting away leaves and pieces of wood. This is the reason that survivalists of the wilderness prefer to carry Bowie knives with them since it suits their need.

The Bowie Knife is a classic survival knife as is depicted in its long history. It stands out from other survival knives due to its unique design and shape. The Bowie Knife in itself comes in a variety of shape designs and sizes. 

The intimidating size of the knife exhibits its use as survival and self-defense weapon. This unique size is indeed made to fulfill your unique needs while you are exploring the wilderness. Therefore, everyone must have at least one or two of these cool knives in their knife collection.

Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is also one of the cool knives having fixed blades. It is used to assist in the tasks of hunting and is further divided into so many types as well. Many people think that hunting knives are used to perform the actual killing of the animal but that is surely not the case. 

They are used to perform all the tasks that come after the actual hunt i.e. to prepare the food out of the hunt by cutting, slicing, butchering, skinning and deboning it. 

Hunting knives usually come with single-edged blades and the different types of these cool knives include skinning knife, butchering knife, caping knife, deboning knife, etc.

Skinning knives are used to skin an animal whereas Butchering knife is used to cut the meat into small pieces and the caping knife is used to cut the head of the animal without breaking its neck. Fixed blade knives are used by us in our everyday lives. 

They are reliable and help us execute almost all types of tasks with ease and convenience. Which one of them do you like to have for yourself?