Self defense weapons, a decade ago, were not that popular. However today, they aren’t just popular, they have become a necessity as well. 

You will hardly see an American leaving his house without being equipped with a self defense weapon. This is mainly due to circumstances in the country. 

Attackers are quite active these days. They are not reluctant to victimize someone as they see an opportunity. So, if a person is unequipped, he has every chance to be brutalized on the hands of these fearless attackers. 

At times, even equipped people are attacked and victimized. This is because the poor choice of weapon that they have. You need to have the right weapon for your defense, otherwise, your survival is not sure. 

Women are more vulnerable to these attacks compared to men. But in the recent past, men are attacked viciously even more in numbers than women.

Anyways, the question is which is the right self defense weapon for a man or a woman? Surprisingly, different weapons serve different genders. 

A few weapons prove effective for men, but not for women while a few prove effective for women and not for men. 

The reason behind this surprising fact is the needs and preferences of both genders. Women like smart and non lethal weapons while men prefer lethal and solid weapons. 

However, the most significant thing is the effectiveness of the weapon. Your weapon must be effective in a self defense situation. 

Today, we have come up with a few suggestions. We are recommending a few effective self defense weapons to both men and women. Here are those weapons that fulfill their respective needs and ensure their survival against the attackers:

1. Extendable Baton - For Men

Since men prefer lethal and solid weapons, this is the ideal suggestion for them. This is basically a baton, but the size is alterable. 

We call it extendable baton because you can extend its size as per your requirement. It is made of wood in general, but as of late, steel batons have become quite common. Steel batons offer more durability and strength. 


It looks like a club, and when you strike the attacker with it, he would suffer some serious injuries. One strike would do the job as well. The injury is enough to knock him down. So, you are allowed to escape. 

The greatest advantage of this baton is that it offers greater reach. You can do the damage while remaining at a safe distance from the attacker. 

The other key feature is the size of the weapon which can be altered as per the requirement. If you want to aim the attacker from a distance, you can extend the length. 

2. Stun Baton - For Women

If the extendable baton is for men, here is a baton which is ideal for women. Yes, it is a baton, but a very small one. 

Stun baton is a perfect self defense weapon for women because it serves all the needs of the ladies. It is larger than other smart weapons, but a lot smaller than a baton. You can carry it in your purse or bag. 


The best thing about stun baton is that it is a combination of two weapons. A baton features a stun gun as well. Anyways, the shape is similar to a basic baton. 

The stun gun works perfectly for women even though they can use both weapons at the same time. 

The ideal way of using it is by first striking the attacker with a baton and follow it up with an electrical shock using the stun gun incorporated in it. 

There are two prongs on the small baton that are touched to the body of the attacker to deliver a powerful electrical shock. 

3. Pen Knife - For Men

Pen knife is a hidden blade, and an ideal self defense weapon for men. Men often carry a pen in their pockets, it is now the time to replace it with this pen. 


Pen knife is generally a pen, but there is a hidden blade in it. It is covered though. You need to remove the cover to open the blade. 

You are allowed to use the pen for writing, but when an attacker comes to you, uncover the blade and inflict him a powerful injury to make sure you survive! 

4. Lipstick Knife - For Women

If a hidden blade can ensure the survival for men, it can do for women as well. But, this is a different hidden blade. 

Lipstick knife looks like a real cosmetic, so it is perfect for women to carry it in their purse along with other cosmetics. No one can identify the weapon unless he removes the cover and opens the blade. 


Basically, you need to twist the tube to open the blade. As you twist it, a small blade gradually appears from the other end. 

So, when you need to deal with the attacker, simply use this blade to ensure your survival against him. 

5. Stiletto Switchblade - For Men

We are suggesting a powerful weapon to men, considering their willingness to use lethal self defense weapons. This is a knife called stiletto switchblade. 

Stiletto switchblade is a folding knife, but it is quite quick when it comes to blade deployment. You just need to push a button to open the blade at once. 


Stiletto is a badass knife with a sturdy blade. The knife looks like a dagger with it sharp pointed blade. A perfect weapon for thrusting and stabbing. 

The speed of blade deployment and foldability of the blade make stiletto switchblade an ideal weapon to battle the attackers. 

6. Necklace Knife - For Women

Necklace knife is like a real necklace for women. This is a combination of a beautiful ornament and a lethal blade. 

Women can wear it like they wear any other jewelry. The necklace can be worn around the neck, but there is a blade instead of the pendant. 

neck knife

The blade remains in your access. When an attacker tries to attack, you can use your blade to injure him and then run for your life. 

Don’t worry about the blade being close to your neck, it is covered with a durable leather sheath. 

7. Real Brass Knuckles - For Men

For men, we had to suggest real brass knuckles. During the recent times, brass knuckles became famous as self defense weapons. 

Also called knuckle duster, it is a weapon that offers brutality and power. It gives your fist the power it requires to injure the attacker. 

real brass knuckles

You can wear it around your knuckles and use it to punch the attacker. A couple of punches are enough to put him down. 

It comes with plenty of benefits. To start with, it is very easy to carry and easy to use, and then it offers a maximum power to ensure your survival. 

8. Pepper Spray - For Women

For women, there’s nothing better than pepper spray. It is a small, but extremely effective weapon to deal with the attackers. 

Most importantly, it serves the needs of women. It is a spray that has to be sprayed on the face of the attacker. But, if you aim well, that is enough. 

pepper spray for women

Most importantly, it is non lethal. When you spray it on the face, it causes a burning sensation to the eyes of the attacker and leads to temporary blindness. 

Therefore, you can take advantage of the situation and escape to save your life! 

9. Knuckle Folding Knife - For Men

Knuckle folding knife is yet another effective self defense weapon for men to deal with the attackers. It is a combination of a knife and a knuckle duster. 

knuckle folding knife

However, the most impressive thing is that it is a foldable knife. The blade can be folded into the knuckles, and hence you can walk with the knuckles worn in your hands. 

This is a deadly and lethal combination. You can first use the knuckles to punch the attacker and then use the blade to inflict a follow up injury. Men would love such a lethal combination!

10. Self Defense Keychain - For Women

Since women have a desire to use smart and less lethal weapons, we have to suggest the self defense keychain. Yes, it is a keychain, but different from a normal keychain.


You are allowed to attach your keys to the keychain, but the important part of the keychain is the two deadly spikes on them. The spikes are shaped like cat’s ears.

So, what you need to do is deliver a punch with the spikes hitting the face of the attacker. It would inflict a serious injury and give you time to run away from the situation. 

11. Sword Cane - For Men

This is one of our favorites. Sword cane is a fantastic self defense weapon, and we have to credit the manufacturer of this weapon. 

Basically, it is a cane, but a sword is concealed inside it. You are welcome to use the cane for walking and hiking, but in a self defense situation, you need to pull out the blade from the cane and battle the attacker. 


This powerful sword is what you need to teach attacker a lesson. With its lethality, it comes up as an ideal choice for women. 

And it has every other advantage to offer. It is easy to carry when the blade is concealed. Opening the blade is simple as well with a push button at times. 

12. Stun Gun Flashlight - For Men & Women

Stun gun flashlight is usually a weapon considered ideal for women, but it is also great for men. In fact, it is the most effective weapon to deal with the attackers. 

stun gun flashlight

It works like a stun gun as it delivers a powerful electrical shock, but the best thing is the flashlight option. 

With its feature of flashlight, it gives an additional advantage of light when it is dark. Since most of the attacks happen at night, this stun gun flashlight is ideal in such situations! 

Which is Your Go-To Weapon?

So, which is your go-to self defense weapon from the above list? Since those are all proven effective weapons, but there must be the one that serves your needs in the best possible fashion. 

For the women, there are certain non lethal and smart weapons that are easy to carry, but they are powerful enough to serve their survival. 

On the other hand, self defense weapons for men in the above list are all solid and lethal. However, they can also use smart weapons for their survival. Anyways, the choice is yours, choose your weapon and make sure you survive against those attackers efficiently!