As the crime rate increases around the world and the news of mass murders, robberies, target killings reach our ears, we are now more worried than before about our safety and that of our loved ones. 

The desire to be our own protectors instead of relying on someone else has compelled us to take lots of safety and precautionary measures. 

Whenever we step outside our houses, we are not sure whether we are going to get back just fine or are we going to come back at all. 

People need to be aware of the importance of self-defense in our lives as despite having strict laws and highly competent law enforcement bodies, an enormous portion of our entire population still gets victimized all over the world. 

Therefore, it is crucial that we step up and take some measures to ensure our safety to avoid becoming a victim to someone.


You can train yourself on the basics of martial arts and avoid traveling much in dark or vacant areas alone but our best shot here is the use of self-defense weapons and especially of self-defense pocket knives

You may be wondering why to choose a self-defense knife when we belong to a modern era and can keep much-advanced weapons i.e. firearms. 

Firearms are the first self-defense weapons that we think of but the usefulness and effectiveness of self-defense pocket knives surpass that of firearms and we will see later in this article that why is this so. 

With a knife, sometimes you don’t have to use it to get yourself out of a dangerous situation, all you have to do is intimidate the assailant with your weapon and he/she will flee.

Pros of Self-defense Pocket Knives

Let us have a look at the pros of carrying self-defense pocket knives.

Why Should we Use Knives for Self-defense?

Many of you would be waiting for the answer to the question we faced above that why should we chose to use a knife for self-defense over a gun. 

So, let’s answer this question before we move any further. The first and foremost advantage a knife has over a gun is that it does not require you to acquire a license for carrying, purchasing or using it, whereas, a gun definitely requires a license. 

Knives are therefore easy to buy and there are no laws forbidding you to buy, carry and use a knife. 

However, on basic grounds, a knife is also a weapon and if you use it for wrong purposes, then you will get into trouble. Such self-defense weapons are easy to use and safe to carry as well. 

With a gun, there is always a threat of safety; we hear about many scenarios in which people die because of their mishaps with the guns. 

Self-defense pocket knives are safe to keep and carry as they are folding knives and the blades are always tucked safely inside the handles. 

They are small and compact, so you can easily carry one or more self-defense pocket knives with you, tucked inside your pockets, socks or bag. 

Also, apart from the use of these knives for self-defense, they can also be used for utility purposes. 

For example, you can use these knives for cutting something or slicing. They can also be used as makeshift screwdrivers and the utility uses of these knives in our everyday lives are endless. 

Also, if you are ever attacked by someone, then it’s most likely to be from close range and this is why self-defense pocket knives prove to more useful here than guns as knives are close ranged weapons and guns are mid or long ranged ones. 

However, you must be aware of the reality that if you are using a knife as your self-defense weapon, then you must know how to brandish it and use it properly. Therefore, you must learn the tricks and techniques of a knife fight. 

Buy yourself a great self-defense knife but make sure to learn how to use one properly. Let us now have a look at some of the most amazing self-defense pocket knives that are available in stores nowadays at very affordable rates.

Self-Defense Pocket Knives at Affordable Rates

Red Black Flame Scorpion Fantasy Karambit Spring Assisted Knife

The Scorpion Fantasy Blade is a spring assisted pocket knife which means that it works via a spring mechanism. Moreover, it comes with a catchy design having a big scorpion of blazing hot yellow color over a black handle. 

The flames in orange and red erupt all around it which makes the whole design looks like a scene out of a fictional movie. The knife has a total length of about five point three five inches and a blade having a length of two point nine five inches. 

The blade is made up of stainless steel and the handle is made up of aluminum which makes the knife light weighted but still durable enough. The scorpion silk print on the handle gives it a thrilling and deadly look and these self-defense pocket knives also come with a pocket clip which makes carrying them easier.


    • Spring assisted knife
    • 5.35 inch closed length
    • 2.95 inch stainless steel blade
    • 3mm thick blade
    • Scorpion silk print on aluminum handle
    • Includes pocket clip

Tac-Force 3" Black Serrated Blade Karambit Tactical Spring Assist Knife

The Speedster Tactical Karambit Knife comes in a karambit design which means that it has its unique curved blade and deadlines. It is a spring assisted knife and it, therefore, operates via a spring mechanism. 

This small and compact blade is highly efficient and will prove to your perfect companion as a quick action tool for any purpose you want, self-defense or utility. The best thing about this knife is its razor-sharp blade which is partially serrated capable of cutting through the toughest of materials with ease. 

This blade is very easy to deploy as well and can be wielded in three different orientations with an awesome effect. This knife looks very sleek and elegant in all its black powdered finish.


The total length of this knife is a good eight point three seven five inches and the blade length is three point two five inches which means that the handle is quite long and fits perfectly into large hands who normally don’t use self-defense pocket knives just because they are too small for them. 

This handle also allows you to even hold and use this knife to its best use with gloves on your hands. The 3MM thick blade is very strong and is made up of alloy steel. The handle is made up of steel and the polymer grips and the textured checkering on it makes the knife look more beautiful and provides a convenient grip as well.

At the rear of this spring assisted pocket knife, there is a glass breaker as well which comes in handy in emergency situations. The finger ring hole at the end of the knife adds beauty to it and allows you to grip it more securely.


    • Overall Length: 8.375 Inches
    • Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
    • Closed Length: 5.75 Inches
    • Blade Material: 3CR13 Alloy Steel
    • Blade Thickness: 3mm
    • Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, 8/10 Sharpness Rating, Highly Functional
    • Blade Features: Half Serrated, Curvature Edge, Rear Thumb Grip, Assist Open
    • Handle: Steel Frame, Polymer Grips, Textured Checkering
    • Other Features: Spring Steel Pocket Clip, Glass Breaker, Finger Ring Hole
    • Finish: Stealth Black, Black Powder Coated Blade

3" Black Serrated Blade Tan Camo Karambit Tactical Spring Assist Knife

The Speedster Camo Spring Assisted knife comes in a beautiful camo design and features the built of a karambit knife. It is a spring assisted knife and comes with a very smooth opening and closing mechanism. It is a tactical knife which means that it is designed specifically to be sued in combats and fights. 

It is very durable and strong and the camo design goes very well with its usage and primary purpose. 

The overall length of this knife is eight point three seven five inches and that of the blade is three point two five inches. The blade has a thickness of 3MM, is very sharp and is made up of alloy steel. 

These Camo self-defense pocket knives come with a flipper which facilitates in the opening and closing of the knife. The handle of this knife is bigger than the blade which makes it easier to have a strong hold of the knife. 

Also, the blade has a pitch black finish and has a curved shape ending up on a pointed tip. The blade is halfway serrated which further increases its usefulness. Such a blade proves to be very effective for slicing and slashing. 

Moreover, the finger ring and the glass breaker at the rear of this knife proves to be very useful in emergency situations. 

You can use the glass breaker to break the glass and can use the finger grip to grip the knife properly which allows you to thrust it deep into the target. Last but not the least is its beautiful handle featuring a brown camo design, steel frame, textured checkering, and polymer grips.


    • Overall Length: 8.375 Inches
    • Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
    • Closed Length: 5.75 Inches
    • Blade Material: 3CR13 Alloy Steel
    • Blade Thickness: 3mm
    • Sharpness & Functionality: Very Sharp, 8/10 Sharpness Rating, Highly Functional
    • Blade Features: Half Serrated, Curvature Edge, Rear Thumb Grip, Assist Open
    • Handle: Steel Frame, Polymer Grips, Textured Checkering
    • Other Features: Spring Steel Pocket Clip, Glass Breaker, Finger Ring Hole
    • Finish: Tan Camo Handle With Black Powder Coated Blade

8.5" Skull Spring Assist Folding Pocket Knife Skeleton Claw Karambit Blade

The Skeleton Claw Karambit Knife is a folding spring assisted pocket knife and features a very unique design. This dramatic blade is bound to attract the eyes and stare of people whenever you pull it out in public. 

Its razor-sharp blade will take care of any task you want to perform with it. The best part of this knife is its awesome design featuring a skull designed on top of the handle. 

The trail of bones that run down the entire length of this knife, from the tip of the knife and all the way down till the end of the handle is sure to give anyone the scare of his/her life.


These self-defense pocket knives are made up of stonewashed stainless steel and feature an overall length of eight-point inches. This knife comes in a black finish and the three point two millimeters thick blade is made up of stainless steel. 

Moreover, it also includes a pocket clip so you can hook it to the front of your jeans and stroll around the city with a sense of safety.


    • Spring assisted open
    • 3.75" 3.2MM Thick blade, stainless steel
    • Stonewashed blade
    • 4.75" Closed in length
    • Stonewashed stainless steel handle
    • Includes pocket clip

Spring Assisted Opening Folding Pocket Knife Orange Black EMT Rescue LED Light

This Spring Assisted Pocket knife comes with multiple features and is a very useful knife. It comes in a beautiful and striking combination of black and orange. 

This knife has a length of about four point five inches when it is closed and also has a three inches blade made up entirely of stainless steel. 

The five-point five inches long handle is made up of aluminum which means that is light yet durable. The handle comes in very stylishly designed and comes in two tones of black and orange. 

These self-defense pocket knives are compact, very easy to carry and features a pocket clip for easy and convenient carry. Furthermore, this knife also has a LED light attached to it which is bound to come in handy especially in self-defense scenarios.


    • Spring assisted knife
    • 4.5 inch closed length
    • 3-inch stainless steel blade
    • 3mm thick black blade
    • 5.5-inch aluminum handle
    • Black & orange 2 tones anodized handle
    • Includes pocket clip and led light

Self-defense pocket knives are one of the best weapons for self-defense. The above-mentioned ones are available in stores at very reasonable rates and wouldn’t be heavy on your pockets at all. So, which one are you getting for yourself?