samurai swords

If you are into Japanese movies or if you are even a history enthusiast, then you would be familiar with those Japanese warriors dressed up like elites, having a strong code of conduct and serving the royalty. 

Those warriors are known as the Samurais and are known to serve the Bushi of Japan. Samurais were the military people and followed the Bushido code. They are one of the finest knights and warriors of history and had one prized possession that still, after so many years makes people drool over the beauty and elegance of it. 

This prized possession is the sword of the Samurais known as the Katana which is a very sought-after historical artifact. In fact, people still search for Samurai swords for sale so they can find and get their hands on the best ones of them at reasonable rates.

The Samurais being the military warriors were quite popular for their strength, courage, bravery, and valor. Their enemies used to fear their sword, the Katana which was almost unbreakable and could go through the toughest of materials. 

It was the result of up gradation and evolution of so many Samurai swords after which the Katana was finally designed. It was a piece of sheer perfection exhibiting finesses from each and every angle of it. 

The swords of the Samurais complemented their masters who were also the perfect example of elegance, finesse, good manners and a high code of conduct. Before we go any further, let us first have a look at a brief introduction to Katana swords.

A Brief Introduction to Katana Swords

As we discussed earlier, Katana swords were the swords of the Samurais and are one the finest ones among all swords. The Katana was designed for the first time, somewhere in between the years ranging from 1392-1573. It was designed to be more efficient and effective than its predecessors. 

The Katana has some features that make it distinguishable from other swords. The first and foremost thing is its blade. The blade of a Katana sword has a slight curve in it and nowadays all Samurai swords for sale available in stores feature the same blade to be as much close to being authentic as possible. 

Katana has a sleek and slender blade which is single edged and is known to be very strong and razor-sharp. This sword usually features a round guard which the holder used to grip the sword from both hands so that it can be wielded straight and up right in front. 

samurai katana swords

The original Katana which the Samurais used was very strong and it was almost impossible to break. Some would say that the sword was as fierce as its masters. The Samurai swords for sale available today are not that as the original ones when it comes to construction and durability but the design and structure are almost the same.

The blade is generally straight but has a slight curve in it as well. The blade is slim and long and that gives this sword a very classy look. Moreover, the original Katana was so strong that it was almost impossible to break. It took days of hard work to construct a Katana sword and it also has a sharp-edged blade that the enemy was so fearful of. 

As we discussed above, that the Katana was a long sword and its length ranged between 60 cm to 80 cm. Moreover, it is known to have a round guard so that one can hold it properly and securely. 

If you have ever seen a portrait or a picture of a Samurai warrior, then you must have seen that the Katana is held in the same way with two hands by him which he wields in front of his chest in a vertical manner.

Samurai Swords for Sale at Reasonable Rates

There are many Samurai swords for sale that are available in stores at very reasonable rates so if you wish to buy one or more of them, we have short-listed most sought-after ones which are quite in demand nowadays.

The Dragon Sakura Samurai sword is designed like a Katana and looks quite elegant in its simplicity. It features an overall length of forty inches and a blade of about twenty-six point five inches. 

dragon sakura samurai sword

Are you wondering why is this sword called the Dragon Sakura Samurai sword? Because this sword is the replica of the one featured in the famous Japanese television series known as Dragon Zakura. 

Also, the guard of this sword, polished in silver has the design of a dragon etched into it. This sword also includes a metal tsuba and a display stand made up of wood which you can use to display the sword in your living room or office space. 

The handle of the sword has a length of about ten point five inches and also has a blue cord wrapped all over it in a very stylish Japanese manner. These replica swords for sale are available at very affordable rates in stores and are very close to the original ones as well.


    • A total length of 40 inches
    • 26.5 inches long carbon steel blade
    • The thickness of blade is the 4MM thickness
    • Dull Blade
    • 10.5 inches handle wrapped with Blue cord
    • Includes metal tsuba
    • Includes wood display stand

This sword is the sword of the famous Japanese swordsman, writer, strategist, and philosopher known in the Japanese anime world as Miyamoto Musashi

handmade samurai katana sword

This sword is simple and sleek and looks very graceful. The total length of this sword is forty point five inches with scabbard and thirty-nine inches without scabbard. It is a handmade Katana sword and its blade is constructed of carbon steel. 

The twenty-eight inches long blade features a full tang which further provides durability and strength to this sword. The blade also features a blood groove and is razor sharp, therefore it should be kept in a sword bag which comes with this sword. 

The most beautiful part of this sword is it scabbard which comes with a red glossy finish and gives this sword a very chic look. 

The guard is made up of zinc alloy and the handle is made up of hardwood with black cord wrapped over it. The same black handle wrap (Ito) is tied on the scabbard. These swords for sale are very beautiful and would look beautiful displayed in your living rooms, for sure.


    • Full tang blade
    • Handmade Samurai Katana sword
    • High carbon steel blade
    • Blade comes with a blood groove
    • Musashi Tsuba (guard) made up of zinc alloy
    • brass habaki, and dual bamboo peg full tang construction
    • Includes a Sword Bag


    • Overall length with the scabbard is 40.5 inches
    • Overall length without the scabbard is 39 inches
    • Handle Length is 10.5 inches
    • Blade Length is 28 inches

The Highlander Connor Macleod sword is the replica of the third generation Highlander sword from the famous movie “Highlander”. 

handmade full tang connor macleod sword

It is a hand forged piece and comes with a blade made up of 1045 high tempered carbon steel and features a full tang as well which makes the sword more durable and strong. The overall length of this sword is 41 ¼ inches and the length of the blade is 27 ½ inches. 

The tsuba of this sword is made up of metal and the most distinguishable feature of this sword is its handle which has a poly resin dragon sitting on the end of it. The handle of this sword is also double pegged and is made up of polyresin. 

The sword comes with a high gloss piano finish which further adds to its beauty and makes it unique. The handle features intricate details just like the real sword and these swords for sale are available in stores at very affordable rates.


    • Overall Length is 41 ¼ inches
    • Blade Length is 27 ½ inches
    • Blade Material is 1045 High Carbon Steel
    • Handle made up of Poly Resin and is double pegged
    • Handle length is 12 inches
    • Full tang blade
    • Features a High Gloss Piano Finish

The Sword of Morpheus comes straight out of the movie “Matrix”. This one is a very authentic replica of the sword of Morpheus and is designed like a katana.


The total length of the sword is forty-five inches and that of the blade is 29 inches. The blade is made up of high carbon steel and is hand forged. The handle features a length of about 13 inches and is wrapped with genuine ray skin. 

These Samurai swords for sale also includes a black sword bag to keep the sword safe especially if you are using it for display purposes. Moreover, a scabbard also comes with this sword which is black in color and has Ito of brown color wrapped on it. 

These swords for sale are the true replicas of the original “Sword of Morpheus” and are available at very reasonable rates in stores worldwide.


    • Samurai Katana sword
    • Hand forged
    • A total length of 45 inches
    • 29 inches hand forged high carbon steel
    • 13 inches handle wrapped with real ray skin
    • High carbon steel 1065 in sinogi zukui shape
    • Includes black scabbard
    • Includes a black cotton sword bag

The Ten Ryu Fantasy sword is a very breathtaking sword of the fictional and magical world.


dragon handle samurai gold sword

These Samurai swords for sale are the swords of might and belong truly to the Samurais as “Ten Ryu” actually means upholding and maintaining the traditions of the Samurai class. The total length of this sword is 42 inches and the blade constructed of 1045 carbon steel is sharp and features a length of 30 inches and a thickness of 7MM. 

The blade also has a fuller running down the center of it which provides it stability. This sword comes with the most beautiful handle having a black base and golden etchings on it. 

The handle has the design of a dragon on it and this handle goes well with plain black scabbard having very light designing on it. These Samurai swords for sale are quite popular nowadays and are available at very reasonable rates worldwide.


    • Samurai Katana Sword
    • Total Length of 41 inches
    • Blade length of 30 inches
    • Blade thickness of 7MM
    • 1045 Carbon steel blade
    • Plain blade sharpened and has a fuller as well
    • 12' inches long handle
    • Handle’s construction: Zinc Alloy
    • Color: Gold
    • The scabbard is made up of wood and has a black finish

The Blue Japanese Tachi Ceremonial sword is one of the most popular samurai swords for sale available nowadays. 

blue japanese ceremonial katana samurai

It is designed in a royal way which makes it a beautiful piece to be used for display. Its design and structure tell us that it was carried by the royalty only or it was used for performing certain prestigious acts in ceremonies. 

The total length of this sword is 40.75 inches with scabbard but without scabbard, its length if thirty-nine point five inches. The blade is made up of 1045 carbon steel blade and features a length of about twenty-eight point two five inches. 

The blade is hand forged and is hardened with an aesthetic hamon. The 10.75 inches long handle and is wrapped with blue synthetic fiber. The fittings on this sword are constructed of metal alloy and come in gunmetal grey and gold colors. 

It comes with a beautiful blue scabbard and is wrapped in black and gold cloth with blue synthetic fiber wrapped all over it. These Samurai swords for sale are best for display or collection purposes and are available at very reasonable rates in stores.


    • Overall Length With Scabbard is 40.75 inches
    • Overall Length Without Scabbard is 39.5 inches
    • Blade Length is 28.25
    • Handle Length is 10.75
    • Blade Material is 1045 Carbon Steel

The above-mentioned Samurai swords for sale are one of the best and most sought-after ones. The best thing about them is that you can have these replicas of the finest sword-the Katana at very reasonable rate and with beautiful variations in design as well. Which of the above-mentioned Samurai swords for sale did you like the most?