Damascus Steel is very mysterious and fascinating steel which gives the knives a totally breathtaking look. 

But usually, the minds of people are juggled up in the various questions while they think about buying these knives especially when they find them at low rates. 

Some of these questions include the following: 

  • Are they strong enough? 
  • Are they real or fake? 
  • What are the types of Damascus steel knives? 
  • From where can we find best Damascus style knives for sale under $10? 

To address all these questions, we have compiled a guide today which will provide you answers to all these questions and so many more as well. Intrigued? Let’s get started!

What is a Damascus Knife?

Damascus style knife is simply a knife that has some patterns etched on its blade. These patterns are due to the forging method of the steel which results in the development of unique elements on steel with which the blade of a Damascus knife is formed. 

This steel is not only used in knives but is also used in making swords as well and provides a unique element to the weapon.

History of Damascus Steel

The term “Damascus” itself explains that it is related to the steel that was forged in Damascus and that is how it got its name. However, one other source says that it is likely that the term “Damascus” related to the Arabic term “damas” which means water. 

Hence, Damascus may refer to the ripples that are formed on the surface of the water and this is why this steel has such patterns etched over it. 

One other source relates the origin of the term “Damascus” directly with the swordsmith named “Damasqui” who forged such steel for the first time. 

Therefore, there are many origins of the term “Damascus” and we can only guess which one of them is true.

Types of Damascus Steel Knife

Following are the two most common types of Damascus steel available today which are used to manufacture Damascus knives.

1- Pattern-weld Steel

Pattern-weld steel has a very interesting concept as it makes use of numerous pieces of different steels which are then welded together to form steel just like Damascus steel. Yes, it is not the actual Damascus steel but nowadays people manufacture it like this to produce a cheap yet promising version of the real Damascus steel.

2- Wootz Steel

Wootz Steel consists of carbides of microscopic nature also known as bands. These bands are also sometimes made up of banding of pearlite or martensite in high carbon steel tempered to a high temperature. This particular alloy is said to be originated from Southern India somewhere around the 6th century B.C.

Are they Real or Fake?

Damascus knives can be fake and real as well. It is common sense to believe that Damascus style knives are fake ones and are not made up of real Damascus steel. The real Damascus knives are made up of real Damascus steel whereas the cheaper ones are made up of regular stainless steel and given a look of Damascus steel with the use of etchings, this is why they are known as Damascus style knives. 

The composition of the real Damascus steel is still not confirmed, however, normally it is developed by the combination of some pure metals, each different in its design and structure which gives the Damascus steel a unique and mysterious look. Damascus steel is still so popular today because of this very reason and people who cannot afford the knives made up of real one opt to have Damascus style knives.

How is Damascus Steel Prepared?

Let us have a look at the different steps that lead to the formation of Damascus steel.


The first and foremost step is to know what metals are fused together to form Damascus steel. Although its real composition is still unknown as it was lost somewhere around 1800 AD but a close one has been determined through Chemistry and Metallurgy. 

Damascus steel is also known as “super plastic” because it is quite durable and reliable as well. You can definitely count on the real Damascus knives to execute any tough chore you want to perform with them quite easily and without splitting in half unlike Damascus style knives available in stores worldwide which are fake and mostly break easily. 

However, if you manage to get your hands on some good ones, then they can serve you well at less price.

The types of steel that are used to form Damascus knife are also known as billets. They are firm and strong molecularly and this is why these billets hold themselves together when they are welded to form Damascus steel. Sometimes, Damascus steel is also formed on customization to suit the needs and preferences of a particular person. Therefore, there is not one particular way of manufacturing Damascus steel.


Billets composed of different steel types are sandwiched and assembled over each other which consequently forms too many layers of steel and provides Damascus steel a durable and reliable nature. Damascus steel is either brittle or ductile. This gives Damascus steel certain properties i.e. it can be deformed without losing its original shape and it can also absorb impact. Therefore, Damascus steel is strong, flexible and very sharp as well. 

Due to these characteristics, knives made up of Damascus steel are not easily breakable and are very efficient as well. They cut through the toughest of materials with ease and convenience and prove to be very effective.

After composition and assembling of steel types, the next step is to heat them and then give them an overall nice finish. The following steps encompass this procedure.

1- Heating the Steel

Heating the billets require a preset furnace temperature of about 1500 F to 2000 F. The temperature varies according to the steel types that are being mixed to form Damascus steel. The following are the steps involved in heating these billets:

  • Preset the temperature of the furnace between 1500 F to 2000 F or sometimes it varies according to the billets being heated.
  • Place the block of metal inside the furnace and heat it.
  • When the heating cycle of the metal block is completed, then soak this block in water for 10 minutes to allow the temperature to drop down.
  • Then soak the steel block in oil and pass through nitrogen (liquid form) for about an hour.
  • The last step is the tempering of steel block at a temperature of three hundred and fifty Fahrenheit for an hour. Perform this step twice.

2- Finishing

The last step is finishing and it is performed in the following five steps:

  • Provide a grit finish on the blade of the Damascus knife.
  • The etching is done by immersing the blade in a solution of distilled water and ferric chloride. Let the blade be immersed for at least 10 minutes.
  • After performing step 2, rinse the blade of the knife in running water and perform this step again after 5 minutes.
  • Perform neutralization by putting the blade in tri-sodium phosphate.

Damascus Style Knives for Sale under $10

Now, let us have a look at some top-notch Damascus style knives for sale under $10 which are cheap versions of the real Damascus knives but prove to be very effective as well.

1- Stiletto Style Damascus Steel Spring Assisted Knife With Black Pearl Handle

The Damascus Stiletto Style knife is a spring assisted pocket knife and works via spring mechanism. It is a stiletto knife and this is why it features a sleek and slender built and a razor sharp blade made up of stainless steel but etched as well. The total length of this knife is 5 inches when it is closed and that of blade is four inches. 

The handle is simple yet stunning and is made up of mother of pearl handle in black color featuring a bolster having acid etchings on it. The thickness of the blade is 3MM and this stiletto knife also features a pocket clip of black color which is bound to come in handy. This Damascus style knife prove to very useful and are easily available at cheapest price.

2- Damascus Etched Blade Toothpick Folding Knife with Brown Pakkawood

The Damascus Etched Blade Toothpick knife is a sleek and slender pocket knife which looks breakable but is in fact quite strong. The overall length of this knife is five point two five inches and that of the blade is two point two five inches. 

The impressive toothpick blade is made up of steel and has a Damascus steel pattern etched over it. The handle made up of brown Pakkawood has an inlay of bone and features a silver bolster made up of nickel. 

3- Damascus Sgian Dubh Knife Dagger

This one is a masterpiece and resembles the dagger which was used by people in ancient days for self-defense mainly. Now, you can act like a knight or a Scottish warrior by carrying this dagger with you. And, you can always use it for decoration as it will prove to be a lovely decoration piece because of its traditional nature and ancient look. It is designed like a Sgian Dubh dagger and the black color of this dagger gives it a dark aura. 

One can say that it was used specifically for assassinations or by men of the night to perform their dark deeds. It is so small in size that it can be easily tucked in socks or pockets and used with ease at the time of need. The total length of this dagger is eight point two five inches and that of its handle is four inches. 

The blade has etchings of Damascus style and the scabbard and hilt of this dagger decorated with emblems of white color which stand out against the stark black color of the dagger. This Scottish Dirk dagger is a piece of art and is available in stores at very affordable rates.

4- Damascus Style Neck Knife With G10 Handle

Have you ever heard of hidden blade knives? If yes, then you must know about neck knives. This knife is also a Damascus styled neck knife with you can wear around your neck with the help of a lanyard or a cord. Unlike the ones we discussed above which were pocket knives, this one is a fixed blade knife and finds its best use for tactical purposes. 

With this knife, you don’t have to worry about hiding it in your purse or under the socks, rather you can just hang it around your neck and place it under the shirt to hide it. Sounds awesome! Right? The overall length of the knife is five point seven five inches and the thickness of the blade is 3MM. The handle has Damascus etchings on it and the black G10 handle looks absolutely graceful against the white and black of the blade. 

This Damascus style knife also comes with fine sheath and a neck chain to be used a neck knife.

5- Straight Razor Fixed Blade Damascus Etch Full Tang Tanto with sheath

Do you know what a straight razor is used for? No? Well, let me give you a hint. It is the right hand of a barber and he keeps it with him almost all the time. Any guesses? Yes, you are thinking right! A straight razor is used for shaving and is easily found in a barber’s shop. Are you wondering what is so special about this straight razor which differentiates it from all those other ones that we see normally in a barber’s shop? 

This one is designed in Damascus style and features a full tang as well which makes it very durable. This fixed blade knife has a total length of about seven point nine inches and the Damascus pattern etched on its blade looks awesome. The handle has a total length of about four point nine inches and it also has Damascus patterns on it. 

This Damascus knife come with nylon sheath as well for safety purposes.

The above-mentioned Damascus style knives for sale under $10 are one of the best ones and are easily available in stores worldwide. So, when are you getting yours?