Pocket knives are known as the perfect Everyday Care (EDC) tools. Did you know that? We see regular fixed blade knives in kitchens more frequently but this doesn’t change the fact that pocket knives are more useful, reliable and easy to use as well. 

Pocket knives are those small knives which are foldable. 

This means that their blades are movable and can be tucked inside the handle providing them a cover resulting in the safety of the carrier and this mechanism also makes these knives more compact which increases their usefulness.

There are so many pocket knives available in markets nowadays and when I say so many, it means loads and loads of such knives. They are available in so many different types and forms and are easily available all over the world. 

Before you proceed to buy pocket knives you must have a basic knowledge about pocket knives. Pocket knives generally come in two types. They are:

1- Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

2- Automatic Switchblades

Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

The spring assisted knives are those which operate via a spring mechanism. These knives generally have a thumb stud or a flipper which facilitate in the opening of these knives when pressure is exerted on them, mostly with the help of a thumb. 

They are safer than automatic switchblades and this is why they are legal in most of the states.

Automatic Switchblades

Automatic switchblades are those which open and close with the help of a button and this is why they cause more injuries and accidents and are illegal in most of the states of America.

Best Pocket Knives

Now, let us have a look at some most popular pocket knives and their best models to help you choose the one you want according to your style and preference.

1- Karambit Pocket Knives

Do you like exotic blades? Then this one will absolutely mesmerize you. Karambit knives are said to be originated from Indonesia and they are mainly used in street fights and for self-defense as well. 

However, initially, they were used in farming and agriculture only. The most distinguishing feature of a karambit knife is its curved blade which is designed in a c-shape and resembles the claw of a tiger. 

This knife is best for slashing and piercing rather than thrusting and stabbing due to its curved blade.

Red Black Flame Scorpion Fantasy Karambit Spring Assisted Knife

The Red Black Karambit Spring Assisted Knife features a beautiful scorpion engulfed by red black flames. 

The overall length of this knife is five point three five inches when closed and the stainless steel blade is of two point nine five inches and very sharp. 

This pocket knife features a karambit design and has a curved blade of 3MM thickness. The scorpion silk print is on the handle made up of aluminum which makes the handle strong yet light in weight.

    • Spring assisted knife
    • 5.35 inch closed length
    • 2.95-inch stainless steel blade
    • 3mm thick blade
    • Scorpion silk print on the aluminum handle
    • Includes pocket clip

2- Knuckle Pocket Knives

The Brass Knuckle knives are also really cool as they serve as a two in one weapon. 

These knives have knuckles attached to their handles and this is why they serve both as knuckle dusters to throw punches on an opponent and as knives to thrust and stab someone. 

These pocket knives are highly useful and they look pretty cool as well. They are also available in fascinating designs and the variety is simply endless.

Black Knuckle Guard Defense Blade Spring Assist Folding Pocket Knife

This spring assisted pocket knife works via a spring mechanism and features a knuckle design. The length of its blade is three point five inches which is made up of stainless steel and is pretty sharp as well. 

The handle has knuckles attached to it which prove as a guard and is capable of inflicting some good amount of damage when punched by them. 

The handle just like the blade is also made up of stainless steel and has a length of five inches when closed. The coating is a non-glossy black and these pocket knives prove to be quite efficient in street fights and self-defense mostly.

    • Blade Length: 3.5 Inches Approx
    • Handle (Closed) Length: 5 Inches Approx
    • Overall (Open) Length: 8 Inches Approx

3- Stiletto Pocket Knives

The stiletto knives are also known as Italian blades and their blade and overall structure is their distinguishing feature. These knives sleek and slender and their blades go up to a pointed tip. 

The blades are narrow which reduce the force of friction and make these pocket knives best as stabbing and thrusting weapon. 

These knives are said to be originated from daggers as they resemble them in terms of their pointed blades.

4 Inch Closed Stiletto Style Assisted Knife With Pakawood Handle

This pocket knife comes in a stiletto style and is therefore a bit long, sleek and slender. It has a narrow blade that ends up on a pointed tip and features a lightning fast opening and closing mechanism. 

The blade is made up of stainless steel and the handle is made up of Pakkawood. The brown and silver color combination of the knife gives it a very conventional and classic look. 

There is also a liner lock and the closed length of these pocket knives is 4 inches and somewhat around seven when opened.

    • Extremely Fast Assisted Opening Technology
    • Stiletto Styling
    • 3 1/4 Black Finish Stainless Steel Spear Point Blade
    • Pakawood Handle
    • Extended Tang Flipper and Dual Thumb Studs Provide Fast and Easy, Assisted One-Hand Opening with Either Hand
    • Black Finish Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
    • Liner Lock
    • 4 Closed, 7 1/4 Opened

4- Fantasy Pocket Knives

Want to have a trip to the fantasy world? If yes, then try having these fantasy knives which look as if they have come straight out of a fantasy series or movie. 

These knives have mesmerizing designs on them i.e. designs of dragons, fire, and skulls or they are the replicas of the knives featured in fantasy series, movies or animes. 

Mostly you will see dragons, fire, and skulls on them but many other designs are also available in stores at very affordable rates.

Dark Side Blades Rainbow Titanium Spring Assisted Knife Fantasy Dragon

The Dark Side Blade Fantasy Pocket knife is a fascinating piece and looks absolutely breath-taking in its rainbow finish and dragon design. 

It is a spring assisted pocket knife which means that it operates via a spring mechanism and its overall length is about 4.5 inches when closed. The blade is made up of pure stainless steel and it has a thickness of about 3MM. 

The rainbow titanium coat on the knife and a mirror finish gives the knife a drool-worthy look and the pocket clip allows you to carry it around securely and provides you close access as well.

    • Spring assisted knife
    • 3.5" 3mm blade, stainless steel
    • Rainbow titanium coated mirror finished blade
    • Stainless steel rainbow titanium coated mirror finish handle
    • 4.5" closed
    • Includes rainbow titanium coated pocket clip

You must definitely try one of the above-mentioned pocket knives and I assure you that you will love using them.