One of the most recognized and sought-after swords today is the legend of zelda swords. This is a fantasy sword that has been extremely popular. 

Generally, a fantasy sword is the one that belongs to a famous fictional character. 

This is the sword of a character called Link from the Legend of Zelda video game. This is a very popular game played by a number of people. 

This game has a massive fan base and so has this sword. You will find thousands of people searching for this sword. 

Specifically, the enthusiasts who want some collectibles in their collections love to add such items in their arsenals. 

Legend of zelda replica swords are available in both steel and foam blade versions. So, it is up to the user to choose which material he wants.

Most of the cosplayers prefer foam swords because they want to have a safe LARP experience.

On the other hand, many users prefer real swords, and therefore, they like to use steel blades. 

So, this legend of Zelda sword has become a desirable sword among cosplayers, enthusiasts and others. 

In this article, we tell you the whole story behind the popularity of this sword. We express every important information you need to know about the sword. Also, we bring four fantastic masterpiece swords for those searching for these fantasy swords. 

The Legend of Zelda Video Game Series

The Legend of Zelda is a popular video game initiated in 1986. It is an adventurous game developed by Nintendo and set in a fantasy land called Hyrule. 

The game centers on the character called Link. Link is the main character who looks to gather eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom for saving Princess Zelda from Ganon. 

This is not just a single game, rather a series that continued for a great period of time. As of now, there have been plenty of parts and releases. 

However, the game was originally released in Japan. The game involved elements of role playing, adventure and action. 

In the game, the player actually controls Link (the main character). He travels the overworld and the player controls him from the flip screen. An overworld is a huge outdoor map consisting of different environments. 

When the game begins, Link has just a small shield. However, he is given the Legend of Zelda sword later on. 

As the game goes on, different characters also assist Link in different ways. But, his primary weapon is the sword. 

Link would often find different items in caves. Also, he would collect equipment from other characters as an assistance to his battle. 

Different characters also give him clues that help him get to his destination. Using these clues, he finds useful things that are hidden beneath the rocks waterfalls and trees. 

Link uses his sword to fight his enemies and finally defeat Ganon and save princess zelda. 

He has to get rid of everything that comes his way, in other words, obstacles. At times, you would see Link attacking the Octorok with his powerful Legend of Zelda sword. 

So, this is how the game goes on. In the final phase, Link has to obtain the Triforce of Power from his enemy Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda. They would return to Hyrule after the princess is rescued. 

Link - The Legendary Superhero Character

Link is the main guy or protagonist of the Legend of Zelda video game swords. He owns the legend of zelda sword and uses it to rescue the princess. 

Though he features in several other Nintendo video game series, but he has got all the fame through this particular series. 

Since this video game series became popular, Link achieved the heights of popularity. To the video gamers, he is their superhero because he rescues the princess. 

In the game, Link is portrayed as a youngster, child, or a teenager of the Hyrule race. He belongs to a fictional area known as Hyrule. Also, he travels through Hyrule to battle different creatures, such as evil forces and the main antagonist Ganon. 

His primary goal is to save Princess Zelda and take her to Hyrule. Other major goal is to defeat Ganon, the antagonist of the game. 

For defeating Ganon, he requires the most powerful sword called the Master sword. However, this sword is not obtained very easily. Link has to go safely through many phases to get to this legendary sword. However, when he finally obtains this sword, he has every chance to defeat him. 

This character Link has a different legacy and people love him. They love to replicate him by getting his Legend of Zelda sword in their collections. 

Several enthusiasts pay him tribute by holding his sword and dressing up like him. Every Halloween, you would see people wearing his costume and holding his sword in an attempt to tribute him. 

Cosplayers or role players on the other hand, tend to replicate him on stage. They wear his costume and express their talent of role playing. So, cosplayers often have this Legend of Zelda sword in their arsenals for LARP purposes!

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword!

Generally, all the swords in this game are Legend of Zelda swords, but the most spectacular is the Master sword. 

A Master Sword is not the one that Link has at the early stages of the game. Rather, thi is the sword for which he has to battle many creatures. 

As Link defeats different evil forces and creatures, this is the sword he gets as a reward. 

Though getting the Master Sword is not the final destination of Link, but it is a very important achievement because this is the sword that lets him defeat Ganon and save the princess. 

Master sword is the most powerful Legend of Zelda sword that can assist Link in defeating Ganon. An ordinary sword does not have the power to take him down. 

Master Sword has appeared in several video games but we are focusing on this particular series that made this sword highly popular among enthusiasts. 

The Master sword is known as the goddess sword and it is extremely powerful. It has certain magical powers. In this game, Link has to get this sword at any cost to defeat Ganon. 

In fact, this is the only weapon that can knock him down, so Link has to get this sword to accomplish his primary goals! 

The Most Marvellous Replica Legend of Zelda Swords in the Market Today:

Today, there is a massive collection of Legend of Zelda replica swords available in the market. From the ordinary sword to the Master sword, you can get any sword you want. 

For enthusiasts like you, we have come up with certain suggestions. We bring the four most spectacular Legend of Zelda swords for you. So, don’t bother to explore the market, following are the best swords you would ever find in the market:

1. Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter

This is the legendary Master Sword. Yes, the greatest Legend of Zelda sword! You can see the beauty and charm of the sword in the picture below. Isn’t it a fabulous sword?

Any enthusiasts would love to have this sword in his collection. There is a lovely color scheme which enhances the overall magnificence of the sword. 

This is a typical fantasy sword with a unique design. However, the blade is made of stainless steel to make it look realistic. 

For cosplayers, it is a splendid thing. Don’t worry about the blade role-players, it is unsharpened to make it safe for cosplay use. 

The best thing about this sword is that it comes with a stone display. Hence, you can place it at your homes or offices as a decor item to beautify your houses and offices. 

2. Legend of Zelda Link Shadow Master Sword

This is another Master sword, and a badass one. The blade is a solid one, made of steel. It is closer to a real sword (though it is a fantasy sword). 

Seeing this sword, one can say that Link must get such a reward. Also, this sword looks like a badass one that can defeat Ganon. 

The stainless steel blade of this sword is pretty powerful and is for the real warriors. 

The beauty of this sword is also unmatchable. There is a wooden scabbard with blue glossy finish. Overall, a masterpiece. 

This is a Legend of Zelda sword for every enthusiast and cosplayer. Display it at your home or make it a part of your costume at Halloween. It’s up to you! 

3. Link Master Sword Zelda Twilight Princess

This is one of the most desired Legend of Zelda swords in the market today. Yet another Master sword of Link. 

This beautiful piece comes with a plaque to enable you to display it at your home or office. Also, it is not a bad idea to make it a part of your costume for cosplay. 

There is a stainless steel blade, but unsharpened to make it safe for LARP. However, it looks like a real sword with a blade of 27 inches. 

4. Legend Zelda Link Twilight Shadow Master Sword

This sword is more a costume sword. Though it has a stainless steel blade but is unsharpened. Hence you are allowed to use it anyway you want. The blade is not dangerous at all. 

This is a different sword from the above ones on the list. A red finish makes it look fantastic. A red colored wooden scabbard comes with the package to cover the blade when not in use. 

With its red color scheme, it looks even more realistic. But, it is actually a replica sword of Link. If you are an enthusiast, we suggest you to have this sword in your arsenal! 

The Final Word!

So, get one of these Legend of Zelda swords to express your craze for the sword. If you are a player of this game or you are a fan of Link, get these swords in your collection to pay tribute to them. 

These are the best suggestions for role players as well as for enthusiasts. Since Halloween is pretty closer, why don’t you hold this sword to dress up as Link? 

Also, for enthusiasts, these are the best swords you would ever have in your fantasy collection. If not, you are welcome to use them for home and office decor. 

Anyways, which Legend of Zelda sword did you like the most on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the Comment section below!

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