Shadow Zelda Master Hyrule Warrior Sword Necklace

Shadow Master Hyrule Warrior Sword Necklace
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The sword comes on a black adjustable cord necklace that is simple for both males and females.  The sword is constructed of cast zinc aluminum and had painted. The sheath is rubber with inlayed rubber symbols just like the Shadow Master in the game. 

  •     Overall Length Sword: 5.70 Inches
  •     Overall Necklace Length: Adjusts from 22 Inches to 20 Inches
  •     Blade Length: 3.54 Inches, Rounded and Dull
  •     Blade Material: Cast Zinc Aluminum
  •     Handle Length: 2 Inches
  •     Handle Material: Cast Zinc Aluminum, Hand Painted
  •     Sheath Material: Rubber

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