Sword was a primary fighting weapon a couple of centuries back. In fact, it was the first ever weapon used for fighting during the wars. Different types of swords served the warriors during wars before the nuclear weapons took over. 

Generally, a sword is a longer version of a knife. It has a large blade with a large handle. There are different number of edges on the blade, but the blade is often made of stainless steel. What you can expect from a sword is extreme sharpness and strength. This is why it has been a primary fighting weapon for a long time. 

Today, we are surrounded by some wonders of technology. Nuclear weapons are a result of advancement in technology. With that being said, it seems as if we no longer require bladed weapons like swords. 

Yes, it is true that we don’t require swords for fighting our enemies, but we still find them in the market for some reasons. Traditionally, swords were used for battling, but today, there are plenty of other uses. 

In the modern era, swords for sale are used for cosplay, practice, and for managing a nice collection. There are enthusiasts who love to keep them in their arsenal. So, these are cosplay weapons and collectibles as well other than being primary fighting weapons. 

Traditional swords were classified differently than today’s. The types of swords in the old times included the Longsword, short sword, Claymore, Baselard, Katana sword, and others. Today, these types do find their places in the market, but the modern swords are classified differently. 

In the modern markets, types of swords include fantasy swords, medieval swords, sword cane and others. If you head to the market today or explore the online stores, you will find different categories for swords. 

In this article, we attempt to explore the new types of swords. Following are the swords you will find in the modern market:

1. Anime Swords

You will find a specific collection of swords named as anime swords in the market. Anime refers to anime characters, imaginary characters from an imaginary world. You must have seen different animated movies. Yes, those characters we are talking about. Not just those characters are loved by the people, their swords are also sought by them. 

There are certain awesome anime swords available in the market. Think of an anime character you like and then search his sword, you will definitely find it. Some popular ones include Blood Diva anime sword, The Kingdom of Gem anime sword and Weiss Schnee Myrtenaster Rapier sword etc. 

2. Medieval Swords

Medieval swords refer to the swords used during medieval times. These include all the swords used till the 17th century. There are some historical replica swords you can find in the market. If you want one, get it from the market straight away. 

The Medieval Era was the era of bladed weapons. Some historical bladed weapons were created during this period, including daggers, knives and swords. Most importantly, some spectacular swords became popular, and one of them is the iconic short sword. 

Medieval swords were mostly created using carbon steel. Today, you find swords made of stainless steel but back during the Medieval era, carbon steel was the most popular material used in the construction of swords. You may find some carbon steel swords in the market today as well. 

3. Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords are the types of swords that are associated with some fictional characters. These are also some imaginary characters that belong to an imaginary world. They don’t really exist. But, their swords really exist in the market. If you are a fan of any fictional character who has a special sword, then you can find that sword from the market with ease. 

There are certain extremely popular fantasy swords. These include Highlander sword, Dragon Tongue Warrior Short sword, Ritual Killing sword and many more. If you want some collectibles, these are for you! 

4. Samurai Swords

Samurai swords refer to swords used by the Samurais. These are the most popular types of swords today because Samurais were one of the greatest warriors of all time. These swords specifically include the “Katana sword” which is still known as the greatest sword ever constructed. 

The Samurai warriors always carried the katana sword around their shoulders. It became a part of their traditions as every solider would have the sword hung around his shoulder. He always had the sword with him. never deprived of it. 

The katana sword is one of the best types of swords ever constructed. This sword was known for its stylish appearance and badass blade. It features a long and thick blade with a small curve at the bottom of the blade. 

5. Full Tang Swords

Full tang swords are the most powerful types of swords available in the modern market. They are known to be extremely powerful because they have longer blades. A half tang sword means that the blade goes up to some part of the handle. On the other hand, a full tang blade means the blade goes to the end of the handle which makes it longer and more powerful. 

There are people who prefer power over every other thing. A real warrior should have the strongest weapon in his hands. So, this inspires many to have these swords in their collections. A sign of power and prestige! 

6. Movie Swords

With the name, it is obvious that these types of swords replicate the original swords used in the movies. Movies often display the use of weapons. Yes, most of the times, firearms are used, but swords are also pretty common. Some all time great movies included the use of swords. The good thing about the modern market is that you can get your desired sword. 

Some popular movie swords include Duncan MacLeod’s Highlander sword, Last Samurai movie swords, Black Twin ninja sword and a lot more. If you are a fan of any sword from a popular movie, make sure to search for it and get it in your collection. 

7. Sword Cane

Sword cane or cane sword is a special type of sword made for modern users. One can say that it is the most advanced and modernized sword. As the name suggests, it is a cane with a sword attached to it. Actually, the sword is concealed inside the cane. In other words, it is hidden inside the cane. 

It looks like a normal walking stick unless the blade is revealed. A long blade is concealed and locked inside the cane. There is a push button that is used for opening and concealing the blade. It is designed while keeping the needs of the user in mind. 

What we are talking about here is self defense weapons needs. Today, people are often attacked by the attackers randomly. To prevent those attacks, they tend to carry different weapons for defense. This sword is designed as a self defense weapon. 

You can use the cane for walking and the sword for fighting the attackers. The blade inside the cane is made of stainless steel and has the sharpness to inflict severe injuries. So, as we mentioned, this is a modernized sword designed to fulfill the user needs. 

8. Video Game Swords

The name tells the story. These swords are inspired by some popular video games. You know many video games include characters battling each other. There are some video game characters that make a place in your hearts. So, to express your love for those characters, you try to dress up like them. One way to do so is by using their swords. 

 Most of the video game swords involve characters using swords to battle each other. These swords are available in the market as replica swords. If you like any video game character’s sword, you can get that from the market. 100% sure! 

9. Handmade Swords

Handmade swords are the types of swords that are crafted by hands. Generally, when you talk about something made using hands, you mean extra effort put by the manufacturer. And yes, the manufacturer has put extra effort in preparing these swords. He has designed them with hands and done a magnificent job. 

There are people who don’t appreciate things made by machines because they are completely artificial. When something is prepared by hand, it is worth more. Also, it receives more appreciation by the user. So, these are especially crafted swords for some special users and collectors.

10. Military Swords

As the name suggests, military swords are those used by the military. In fact, these are the ones specifically designed for military use. When a weapon is associated with military, it is believed to be powerful and capable of destruction. 

In the modern market, you will find a massive collection of military swords. As you witness these swords, you would realize that they are designed for armies. They have stainless steel blades and tactical handles. They are considered to be perfect by any means. If you are interested in powerful swords, these military special swords are for you! 

Your Favorite Types of Swords?

Most definitely, we are talking about the modern types of swords here. We have enlisted all the categories of swords in the market today. So, which of these categories you loved the most? Most of the enthusiasts use fantasy swords, anime swords, movie swords, and video game inspired swords because it seems cool to have them in your collection and impress your mates. 

Many users prefer other types of swords. Specifically, people of America use sword cane for self defense against the attackers. Those who pay tribute to historical warriors use medieval swords and Samurai swords. But, we would like to hear from you. Let us know about your favorite sword in the comment section below!