A long blade attached to a handle is what we call a sword. This handle is known as hilt and sometimes as grip. It is much longer than a knife. It is believed that it was used for the first time somewhere around 1600 BC. Surprised? That old it is. Sword is one of the earliest weapons that killed mankind. It is a general belief that sword is evolved from dagger. 

The early wars were fought with swords as the ultimate weapon. Sword is of different sizes, some slim, some extra-long, some much lighter in weight, some as heavy, some with curved shape and some are straighter ones. Later with time the use of sword in wars was limited due to advance technology and weapons. But advance technology even cannot finish the concept of sword as Some Samurai swords for sale are still available, not only the new ones, but also the old vintage ones. People keep them in their houses as the symbol of success of their forefathers and some as decoration pieces. 

Only one blow of sword is enough to slice the person in pieces. Most of them are this much sharp that you just need to put them on a thing, and it will be sliced in no time. They are extremely thin; we can say as thin as hair. It requires a great skill to be a sword fighter as your single mistake can cause you the loss of life. 

Other weapons, even bullet may leave you alive, but when fighting with sword there are fewer chances that both persons stay alive, normally one dies. Even in case of injury, it gives such wounds that one can hardly bare, the cuts or wounds it gives are too much deep that most of the time it may take months for the wound to get healed. It takes a great courage to be sword fighter. The warriors, who had firm grip over the sword are still remembered as best fighters of all time and are still alive in history books.

The King Maker Sword

Some of the famous warriors who got fame because of their skills in sword operating art were the great emperors of their time. So, art of using was not only linked to armed forces or guards but also to the kings of that time. In most of the ancient stories, the sword was the king maker, it has helped many of great emperors to become king. Hardly we will find any king who was unskilled in this art. Tipu Sultan, who is considered as India’s first freedom fighter, he ruled the Kingdom of Mysor, he is famous for his sword. It is believed that he was all time best skilled in sword art. His sword was inscribed with words, this sword weighed 7 kg and 400 grams. 

Mostly sword does not weight this much because it becomes really difficult to use such heavy weight sword as swords are operated with one hand most of the time and sometimes when in war, the war may continue for hours and sometimes even days, to handle such heavy weight sword with one hand becomes difficult because arm needs to continuously move in state of war. After his defeat this sword was taken by British invaders as a trophy of victory and is still kept safe. It was a single edged sword and the blade was made of fine steel. This sword for sale was available and was bought by a man named Vijay for the cost of 1.5 crore. Many other people also gained fame because of their sword fighting technique.

In past when king was to be decided, in some kingdom’s sword fighting competition were held. If the king had two sons, they would compete and the one who was better with sword, knocks other down and becomes the king of the kingdom. On this basis’s sword is termed as the King maker. Not only at that time but even now, not in terms of the king of kingdom but still sword has made kings, many of directors used this concept and with a sword story, they have ruled the box office. So the sword has worked for them too. 

Out of these famous stories of sword The Mask of Zorro is one of the most famous stories. The main character Zorro was shown as highly proficient in sword fighting. He used to make alphabet Z with his sword, he moves his sword so fast in the air that it leaves the alphabet Z written in the air. Another movie which got fame due to sword was The sword in the Stone. In its story, the sword was stuck in the stone and for years no one was able to take it out, it was their belief that the person who will take it out will be the new king of the kingdom. After years, guy named Arthur was able to pull it out and in this way he was crowned as a new king.

Replicas of Swords for Sale

In some countries, even in this advanced century, swords are still used as side weapons for military. For this reason, the production of replica gained popularity. Many companies make replicas of vintage famous swords and these swords for sale are available in market at much low rates. They make a variety of different swords. The difference is based on blades, size, shape, material used, thinness and design of hilt.

Availability of Different Types of Swords for Sale

The swords have changed with time. From Bronze age, when they were developed to Iron age and then to Late Roman age and then to Modern age, swords have changed. From iron swords to steel swords they changed. Some single edged, which means that only one edge will do the work while others double edged, in this case both edges are designed in such a way that both are sharp enough to do the required task. The required task may be thrusting or may be slashing and sometimes both. So according to the requirement, the sword is designed. Some famous types of swords for sale purpose, present in markets are discussed below:

Longsword sword:

It has long blades. This sword is almost 3 feet long. They are also known as bastard swords. They were first made in 13th century. These swords for sale are still available in market.

Cane Swords:

This sword was used in Roman era, it has a hidden blade in cane, this is how it got its name.

Claymore Sword:

Some of these swords are two handed swords, in this case it has grip instead of hilt and other type have v shape hilt. It was mostly used by Scottish army. The replicas of this sword for sale are available.

Cutlass Sword:

It is used for slashing purpose; it has curved blade at the cutting end. It is often called as pirate sword. As name pirate suggests, it was commonly used by pirates. The replica of this sword was used in famous movie of 1986 known as ‘Pirates’. After this movie, this sword for sale was almost available at every single shop, as it gained popularity, people use to buy it just because it looked cool. Even at Halloween parties, this sword is used as a symbol of terror.

Katana Sword:

This sword is at least 2 feet long. It is quite different in appearance. It’s single edge blade with long hilt makes it different from others and it has guard over hilt which adds beauty to it.

Rapier Sword:

It is also one of the oldest types of sword. It was designed specially keeping in mind that only one hand may operate it and with other hand another weapon could be operated.


The swords which are designed to be operated by the left hand are known as rarity. Mostly swords are designed for right hand use and are more easily available but now a days one can easily find left handed swords, these swords for sale are available in many shops.

Classification of Swords:

The swords are categorized on two bases. The first one is on base of Hilt type and other on the base of blades.

A)Based on Hilt Type:

Some hilts are long, some are short, some are covered with guard, this guard maybe circular or maybe square in shape, on these all bases the swords are categorized in different categories. Some of common hilt types of swords for sale available in market are:

Great Sword:

It is also called greats words. It had a large grip and also was heavy in weight, therefore cannot be operated with one hand. People used two hands to operate it.

The Sword staff:

It was a quite long in length. It was preferred when engaged in a fight with opponent which was heavily armed. Its long length helped to choke the opponent down from distance.

B)Based on Blade type:

Blade is the major part of sword. Most of the people see the blade type while buying the sword. Specially the warriors carefully examine the blades and then decide which sword will suit them. Some of common blade types of swords for sale available in market are:

Double edge and straight swords:

A vast variety of swords such as Jian and longsword swords are included in it. Both of their edges are capable of performing the assigned task. It’s both ends are capable to slice irrespective of which end should be used, or which way it should be used, the result would be same.

Edgeless and Thrusting Swords:

They are mostly smaller in size as their job is not to slice but thrust. This category includes xiphos, rapier and other types of swords such as tuck and Verdun.

Single edge and Curved Swords:

This category of sword has one thick side of blade and other extraordinarily thin side which performs the job of cutting. That is the reason this sword was preferred for military use. Swords like backsword, hanger and hook sword are the types of swords that fall in this category.

Modern World Swords for sale

Everything that appears in games or in movies gets the fame and soon replicas of the instruments used by the famous character are in the market. So is the case with the swords. In modern era, swords are still used in games and in television seasons. Few of the famous swords of this era are the swords used in a famous season ‘Game of Thrones’. Longclaw sword, the sword which was given by Joer to Jon has separate fan base, the needle sword of Arya Stark is known for its slashing moves, the oath keeper sword, which was a reward to Brienne is mostly liked because of its gold hilt and widow’s wail sword, which was a wedding gift for King Joffrey and is known for its decoration with Lannister gold. 

Apart from Game of Thrones swords, some games have a huge fan following of swords used in them. Such as swords used in Assassin’s Creed, swords used there are more like daggers but still are favorite of many peoples. Apart from it, swords used in Call of Duty catches the attention of human eye. The replicas of all these swords are already made. All these discussed swords for sale are available in market at very affordable rates. Even the people who are not warriors buy swords. Sword is something that not only revives the ancient era but is also a part of modern era.

Which sword will you prefer? The ancient one or the most common ones which are also termed as Talwar, or the modern ones? Which so ever you prefer, don’t forget to wear a long turban and walk with a sword in one hand and the flower in other hand, because that’s how you will be able to pull off the look of a King.