Knives have been constructed in massive numbers these days. One can easily figure out how crucial they have become in daily lives. In fact, a knife has become a necessity for everyone, and perhaps this is the reason why everyone is carrying a pocket knife

Every now and then, you would see people pulling out a small knife from their pockets to do some cutting work. This is where innovation has led us. Since technological improvements are driving the whole world, even the knife technology is getting improved day by day. 

However, the first impression of a pocket knife was that it was the maximum we could go with a knife technology. But, even these knives are improving from time to time in terms of technology, with new and advanced features.  

In this article, we are focusing on how a pocket knife turns out to be the most innovative knife. Yes, there are other knives as well, but none of them matches this incredible knife when considering the technological features. 

Indeed, this knife has much to offer to its users. They are keen to carry this knife on a routine basis which is a sign of usefulness of this knife. Without going into those irrelevant things, let’s plunge into the details of innovative features of a pocket knife. 

What is a Pocket Knife?

Basically, pocket knife is a knife that is designed to be carried in the pocket. The intention behind manufacturing this knife was to provide a blade that is always in access when needed. Also, from the name, it is obvious that it is to be placed in the pocket. But, it is also known as a folding knife, and sometimes a folder. 

This knife is small and becomes even smaller when its blade is folded. The blade folds inside the handle where it is locked. To open the blade, you need to unfold it. So, you either push a button or put some assistance to pull it yourself. So, this is how this knife operates, but what makes it innovative? We discuss those factors below.

What Makes a Pocket Knife Innovative?

As we mentioned above, there are certain factors that make pocket knife so innovative. To start with, the features! Whenever we attempt to bring advancement in terms of technology, we strive to improve the features. Specifically, in the case of items like knives, we do consider features as a significant factor. 

Secondly, we weigh the usefulness of the knife. We consider the ways it can assist the user. As far as pocket knife is considered, it has all the factors. In other words, it possesses features and promises multiple uses to become the most innovative knife. We have discussed all those innovative features below. 

Advanced Features of a Pocket Knife

Folding Mechanism

The most advanced and the best feature of a pocket knife is the folding mechanism. We always had knives with fixed blades and hence those knives were often huge. Carrying those monstrous knives was pretty challenging. But, then the folding mechanism was introduced in the shape of a folding knife.

This knife has a small blade which can be folded inside the handle. You can fold the blade by pulling it towards the handle. There is a point inside the handle where it is locked. To open the blade again, you just need to pull it back. When completely opened, it is again locked at a fully opened position. 

There are two types of folding mechanisms installed in these knives, either assisted opening or switchblade. In the case of assisted opening mechanism, there is a spring which does the deployment. In the case of switchblade, there is a push button. 

This feature actually makes pocket knife an innovative knife. The ability to fold the blade has enabled the users to carry this knife comfortably in the pocket. There is no danger or threat of accidental injuries. 

Safety Lock

Safety lock is another magnificent feature that pocket knives offer. A locking mechanism is installed in these knives to make sure that the blade does not move unless you want. When the blade is folded, one might wonder if it would open itself.

But, it’s the safety lock which prevents the blade from opening itself. When the blade is folded inside, there is a point where the blade will locked and won’t open unless you put some effort to open it. 

Similarly, when the blade is completely opened, there is a point where the blade will be locked in an open position. Then, it won’t be folded unless you pull it towards the handle to fold it. With folding mechanism installed, safety lock became a necessity and thankfully we have a knife that can comfortably be carried in the pocket. 

Tactical Blade

Tactical blade is another technological improvement that has made pocket knife the most innovative knife. There were two types of blades, either straight or serrated. Both offered different uses, but then came the tactical blades that were partially serrated. 

Most of the folding knives have partially serrated blades, and this is why they serve multiple purposes. Remember a tactical knife is always a folder. Tactical knife helps in accomplishing different cutting tasks. 

Switchblade Push Button

One type of pocket knife is called switchblade. As the name suggests, it switches between opened and closed positions by just pushing a button. In these types of knives, there is always a push button which eases your attempt to open the blade. 

In the case of push button, all you need to do is push it with your thumb, and the blade will be opened at once. Sometimes, there is a thumb stud instead of push button which does the job. Who would have thought that by pushing a button, the knife will open its blade. 


The other version of pocket knife is spring assisted knife or assisted opening. These types of knives have springs installed in them. Springs assist in the blade opening. However, you also need to pull the blade by applying some force in order to open it. 

When pulling the folded blade, there is a point where the blade won’t need your help to open. Therefore, you need to give assistance to a certain point. In other words, you need to open the blade partially before it automatically opens at a rapid pace. 

Pocket Clip

Pocket clip is an additional feature installed in most of the folding knives. 

The Multiple Uses of a Pocket Knife

Food Preparation

There are many uses of a pocket knife, which is why it is a multipurpose knife. This is one aspect that makes it an innovative knife. The most familiar use of this knife is food preparation. It is used as a common utility knife in the kitchen. 

It features a powerful blade that can peel fruits with ease. In addition, it can cut vegetables and allow you to prepare food with it. Whether you are home or away, it assists you in preparing food. If you are travelling, you can still use it for cutting veggies and fruits to eat. 


Pocket knife serves a lot while camping. Campers know how useful it is when preparing shelter for you in the wilderness. You can cut some branches, clear brush and cut wood. When you have some wood cut by your knife, you can easily prepare shelter. 

Also, it can be used for cutting veggies to prepare food while camping. It can help in hunting and fishing too. It has the power to remove scales from the fish. It also assists in skinning. 

For the campers, it is a must have weapon. It does not just assist in shelter building and hunting, it also serves as a weapon to deal with the wild animals that you often encounter when camping in the wilderness. 


Since pocket knife has a tactical blade, it serves as a survival knife as well. Soldiers are often equipped with these knives because they use them for accomplishing different tasks and surviving in the wilderness. 

One instance of survival is battling with the wild animals while you are in a forest. You can use this knife to inflict some injuries to him and then escape to survive. Sometimes, you need to smash a window to escape from danger in a room. In all these cases, a pocket knife lets you survive with ease. 


Pocket knife is also a great emergency knife. It is small and is kept in your pocket, bag or dashboard of your car. In an emergency situation, it is readily available for your assistance. 

For example, if your car has had an accident, the first thing you need is a knife. You need to get out of the car as quickly as possible in order to avoid further damage. But, a seat belt often causes problems while doing so. 

You need to cut the seat belt to set yourself free. When you have your knife, you can easily cut the seat belt and get out of the car immediately to prevent further injuries. 

Self Defense

Pocket knife is frequently used as self defense weapons in America. Because it features a sturdy blade, it serves well in such situations. In America, attackers are finding it easy to attack people, especially in the dark, but if you are equipped with this knife, you are likely to survive. 

Folding knife makes a very useful self defense weapon. First of all, it is easy to carry i-e you can keep it in your pocket and remain ready to defend yourself against the attackers. Secondly, it is the easiest way to defend against the attackers. All you need to do is pull out your blade and inflict a severe injury. 

Most importantly, it is effective. Attackers do fear blades because they can be deadly at times. If you have a knife in your hand, an attacker won’t dare to attack you. Hence, you are pretty safe, thanks to your knife! 


Pocket knife also helps you a lot while you are working in your backyard. It allows you to cut unnecessary grass and branches and beautify your garden. We often find it tough to take care of our small garden but this knife eases this process. Also, it allows you to get your grade work done in a matter of minutes. 

Bottle Opening

With a pocket knife, you can easily open bottles and cans. There is a solid and durable blade that assists you in this regard. Furthermore, many knives come with a bottle opener additionally attached to them. 

A bottle opener makes it even more easy to open canned objects that otherwise cause a lot of distress. This determines that pocket knife is also a wonderful everyday carry tool because it lets you do your routine work efficiently. 

Opening Letters and Packages

Another key use of a pocket knife is opening packages and letters. You can use this knife to open packages that you often receive. Sometimes, packages are massive and opening them causes serious distress. But, with a blade you can do that with ease. Also, you can open letters that you receive quite comfortably. 

Peeling Fruit & Veggies

Pocket knife is a complete tool and it proves its worth even in the kitchen. If you're need to prepare food in the kitchen, this tool would help you peel fruits and veggies and make your food preparation work easier.  

However, what if you're travelling somewhere? This knife would come to your aid and help you eat food. Use this knife to peel fruits and vegetables, and eat easily while you're travelling. 

Removing Splinters

Splinters can be painful to your hands or feet, and removing them is a massive challenge. If you have tried to do so with your hands or a needle, you know the struggle.

However, if you've got a pocket knife, that's quite easy. Use the tip of your knife's blade and remove splinters easily without causing yourself more harm and pain. 

Cutting Hair & Shaving 

A pocket comes in several different types, and one of them is a straight razor. It is a folding knife having a razor sharp blade, and can be used to shave your beard and moustache. Yes, it can give that perfect shave you are looking for, thanks to the razor sharp blade. 

Apart from shaving, it can help you cut hair. You don't always need a scissor in this regard, sometimes, all you need is a folding knife. The sharp blade of this knife can easily cut hair from your head or the facial hair. 

The Most Versatile, Innovative & Multipurpose Tool

We ask you to draw a conclusion from this discussion. We hope you agree that pocket knife certainly is the most innovative knife. We would like to credit the manufacturer who has done a magnificent job to prepare such a knife. 

Not only is the pocket knife the most innovative tool, it is a versatile and multipurpose tool as well which can assist you in several different ways; as you have read above the routine tasks it can help you accomplish! 

There are several factors that make it an innovative knife. The foremost among them include its multipurpose usage and advanced features that are matchless. Think of any other knife that can match those features and offer that many benefits. 

Hence, pocket knife is a knife that is resulted by some innovation done by the manufacturers. One can wonder why it is now found in every person’s pocket. It is easy to carry and offers utility, self defense knives and EDC uses. Such a comprehensively featured knife!