how to make a ninja star

Ninja star is a traditional fighting weapon used by the ninja against their enemies. The name reflects the type of weapon. It was shaped like a star, and had a few edges that made it a deadly weapon.

However, it was never the primary fighting ninja weapons. Rather, it was a part of the tactics adopted by the ninja to defeat their enemies. 

They used to throw them on their enemies to injure their heads. Also, they embedded in the ground to injure the feet of their enemies who stepped on them. The deadly edges were kept outward. 

ninja star

But, that was a long time ago. Today, ninja star is not a tactical fighting weapon. It has become a cosplay weapon, a collectible or a thing to have fun with. 

It is a popular thing among young boys and girls who love to play with such interesting things. 

If you are a fan of ninja star, you don’t have to purchase them anymore. Rather, you can now make your own. 

There is an easy method to make a ninja star. You can make them using a paper, cardboard or any other material. By the way, paper is the best material to make your stars.

Today, we have come up with step by step guide on how to make a ninja star. So, let’s get on with the guide:

Get the Papers

To make a ninja star, the first and the basic thing is to get the material you need for making it. You can take a couple of pieces of paper first. Then, cut them in a square, both of them. 

You can take any paper, but a construction paper or printer paper are better options. However, make sure that they are thicker enough so that they don’t tear off when you are folding them. 

So, a 6 inch construction paper is the best in this regard. Also, try to take two different colors for papers. You can take a white paper and a red paper. That will look perfect! 

Fold the Papers

Now, it is time to fold the papers. Make sure both pieces of paper are cut perfectly in a square. At first, fold the top of both papers down. Repeat the process again or fold the already folded papers again. 

Firstly, you folded the papers vertically, now fold both of them in a horizontal manner. First fold them and then unfold them. A sign of them being folded must be there on both pieces of paper. 

Fold Up and Fold Down

For the paper placed on the left, fold its left side up from the spot where you folded it horizontally. For the paper placed on the right side, fold the left side downwards. Make sure that it is folded from the spot where you folded it horizontally in the previous step.

Then, fold the remaining side towards the opposite side. For instance, fold the right side of the paper placed on the left downwards from the exact spot where it was horizontally folded previously. 

Same goes for the other paper. Fold its remaining side upwards. Then, there is a simple thing to do. Just flip both the papers over. In other words, turn the sides of the papers.  

Fold the Corners

Now come to the corners. You have to fold each corner of the papers. Fold the upper corners in a way that it connects to its front corner and makes a triangle. 

Follow this process for all four corners of both pieces of paper.  Then, fold the triangles of the right side paper once more to connect them. 

Orient the Papers

Now, you have to orient the papers. Place the red colored paper that is on the right side over the white colored paper.

Tuck in the Papers and Flip Over

Now, tuck in the flap at the topmost into the flap on its right. Similarly, tuck the flap at the bottom most into the one at its left.  Once all the flaps are tucked into each other, flip them over again.

Tuck in Again

Now, tuck in the left flap into the space between the lower and upper flaps. Also. tuck in the right flap into the space between the lower and upper flaps. 

Your Ninja Stars are Ready!

Once all the tucking in is done, your ninja stars are ready. This is the simplest way to make a ninja star. 

You can make as many as you want, but try taking different colors of papers so that they look colorful and gorgeous. 

We hope to have disclosed the best and the easiest way to make a ninja star using a paper. Still, if you are confused about any step in the making process, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. We are ready to assist!