Ninja Knuckle Fighter Cobra Knife

This is a ninja knife, and possibly one of the best knives around. It is a Ninja Knuckle Fighter Cobra Knife

Ninja warriors were known for their exceptional weapons. They used shuriken, katana sword, kunai knives and several other knives for warfare. 

However, this is one brilliantly designed ninja knife. It looks like a real fighting knife, thanks to a knuckle duster attached to it. 

This knife has attracted many users. There is a massive fanbase of this knife, and its popularity in America is on the rise. 

Keeping its consistently rising popularity in mind, we are attempting to review this knife. So, here is a brief review of its features and uses:

The Features


This ninja knife has the most gorgeous design. It gives the look of a real fighting knife. There is a cobra design on the blade. The handle include knuckles as well. 

The overall color scheme of the knife is impressive. The length of the knife is around 10 inches and it is often termed as an intense fighter knife. 


This ninja cobra knife has a badass blade. Having said that it is a real fighting knife, its two tone blade proves that.

ninja cobra knife
The blade is made of stainless steel and promises strength, lethality and durability. The blade is thicker than normal knife blades. 

Also, consider that the knife has a full tang blade; hence, you can expect it to be extremely powerful and durable. 

This is a slightly swept back blade, and therefore, it comes up as a great blade for piercing and slashing. 


There is a red cord wrapped handle which makes the knife easy to grip. More importantly, the handle features a knuckle duster


A significant feature of this ninja knife is the knuckles. These knuckles can also be called finger protecting rings. 

The purpose of these knuckles or rings is to make the knife wearable around the knuckles. You can put your fingers in the knuckles, and thanks to the cord wrapped around the rings, your fingers are protected. 


There is always a sheath in the package with a knife. But, it is not necessary. Anyways, this knife comes with a nylon sheath. 

There is a black colored nylon sheath in the package. This sheath can be used to cover the blade to keep it protected. Also, it is used for safe storage and for easy carry. 

The Uses & Benefits


The greatest benefit of this ninja knife is its durability. The knife has undergone a premium quality construction process. 

The blade is made of quality stainless steel. The handle has a red colored cord wrapped around it. Also, the blade is full tang and hence, it promises durability. 

Considering all these features and quality construction procedure, it is a knife that will last longer than your expectation. 

Perfect for Close Quarter Combat

In a close quarter combat, this is an ideal weapon. It is a knife that can’t be disarmed. In a close quarter combat, there is always a brawl, and hence, there is every chance that you lose your weapon. 

However, this knife saves you from this hassle. You can wear the knife around your knuckles and then it becomes almost impossible to disarm you. So, this makes it a perfect knife in this scenario. 

Easy to Carry

Most knives out there are quite difficult to carry. They are either too huge or are pretty unsafe to carry. 

This knife though is very easy to carry. Since it comes with a durable nylon sheath, you can cover the blade with the sheath and carry it comfortably in your pocket. 

In addition, you don’t really need a sheath to carry this knife. You can wear it around your knuckles, and then it is pretty easy to carry it. 

Superb for Self Defense

This ninja fighting knife is not just ideal in a close quarter combat, it is also the most effective knife in a self defense situation. 

In other words, it is the most advantageous knife for self defense. To start with, it is easy to carry since it can be worn around the knuckles. Therefore, you are always equipped with it and ready to face the attackers. 

Secondly, it features such a lethal blade. You can use this blade to inflict long term injuries to the attacker and ensure your survival. 

Moreover, you can use two weapons against the attackers. The first is obviously the blade, and then, you have the knuckles to punch him in the face. So, this deadly duo allows you to survive easily against the attackers. 

Excellent Grip

Another key advantage of this extraordinary knife is the easy to grip handle of the knife. First of all, thanks to knuckles that allow you to wear it around your hand. 

Then, the cord wrapped around the handle provides further assistance. It ensures a strong grip on the knife. You can’t lose it while using it. 

Also, note that the cord wrapped around the handle ensures the safety of your fingers. It keeps your fingers secured from accidental injuries and discomfort of holding the knife. 

A Cosplay Weapon

Since this is a ninja knife, you can use this knife to play the role of a ninja warrior on stage. If you are a cosplayer, you know what we meant here. 

You can dress up as a ninja simply by holding this knife or wearing this knife in fact. It can work as a cool cosplay weapon for you. 

A Great Survival Knife

Apart from being a cool cosplay weapon and a great self defense weapon, it is an ideal survival knife as well. 

This is a perfect knife for secret agents who are on secret missions. They can use it for their survival against wild animals. 

Also, with its great slashing abilities, it can be used by the secret agents and undercover cops for silent killing. So, yes, it is a useful survival knife

The Final Take

All in all, this ninja knife is a superb fighting and self defense knife. There are some splendid features, including a badass design. 

The most considerable features of this knife include the knuckles that make it wearable and provide a good grip in a close quarter combat. 

Also, this knife has a quality construction which makes it an ideal knife. You can also use it for role-play purposes. A real all-rounder knife!