Conan The Barbarian Sword

Conan the Barbarian sword is a fictional sword, and is extremely popular among enthusiasts. There are several replicas of this sword constructed, but the best so far is the Medieval Barbarian Atlantean Sword

barbarian conan sword

This is a replica Conan the Barbarian sword and is a fabulous one. One of the most gorgeous you would ever find. 

The modern enthusiasts want their favorite swords in their collections. They have a massive desire for these replica fantasy swords. So, the demand of such swords has seen a great upsurge in recent times. 

Since this sword has been high on demand, it is therefore necessary to review it. Hence, we are reviewing this sword, specifically, its features. 

We shall look at its specifications and features, including its design, its blade, its handle and other items that are included in the package. 

Later on, we shall reveal some interesting benefits and uses of this Conan the Barbarian Sword. So, let’s begin the review:


The Design

There is a premium quality construction of this fantastic sword. A beautiful color scheme and a lovely design. The sword is constructed with extreme details. There is a texture of the Elk skull and details down to the grain of antlers. 

The overall length of the sword is 39 inches and it looks like a real fighting sword. The handle has a nice maroon color. A golden and silver texture on the handle. What a beautiful design!

The Blade

This sword of Conan has a 28 inches length. There is a fuller blade with factory edge. It is made of 440 stainless steel, and looks like a powerful, badass blade that can tear someone into pieces. 

The blade is finished with a lovely mirror polish finish. Hence, there is an elegant appearance of the blade. 

The Handle

The handle is one of the loveliest parts of this sword. The overall length of the handle is around 10 inches with a 5 inches grip. 

The handle includes everything from pommel to guard. Both pommel and guard are beautifully textured and add to the overall magnificence of the sword. 

Wall Plaque

The package includes a wooden display or a wall plaque. This is a durable wall display that can last longer than you think. 

The purpose of this wooden wall mount plaque is to display the sword on a wall at home or office. 

Benefits & Uses


This Conan the Barbarian sword is an excellent sword as cosplay weapons. If you want to impress the audience, you must dress up as Conan. ‘

For this purpose, you need the right costume. And the right costume includes this sword. You can just hold this sword in your hand to look like Conan. 


Since this sword comes with a wooden wall mount plaque, it can be used as a display or a decor item. 

Also, considering that it is such a gorgeous sword, you can display it to as decor and impress your guests or visitors. 


If you want to learn the art of swordsmanship, this sword is best in this regard. The blade is not that sharp to cut, so you can use it for practice. 

You can learn how to use a sword with this sword of Conan. Training will make you an expert swordsman. 

Martial Art

With this Conan the Barbarian sword, you can learn some martial arts techniques as well. You can learn some attacking and defensive techniques. 

Specifically, you can learn how to defend yourself with a sword. So, these are some of the important ways to use it. 


Well, the review suggests that this Conan the Barbarian Sword is the most fabulous sword. It has a high quality construction, and a lovely design. 

Moreover, it is an ideal swords for sale to have in your collection, as to express your love for Conan. 

It can be used in plenty of ways. Thanks to its wall plaque, you can display it on your wall in the living room of office. 

Plus, it is a fabulous cosplay weapon if you want to replica Conan on stage. In addition, it can be used for training and practicing swordsmanship. All in all, a perfect Conan the Barbarian Replica Sword!