With Halloween not too far away, it is time to pick your costume. Yes, with such a vast variety of Halloween costumes in the market, it is difficult to pick one. However, we have tried to ease up your decision making. 

We have come up with a few spectacular Halloween costume and cosplay weapons ideas. Whether you are a man, woman or a kid, these are the best suggestions. Choose your costume from the following list and have fun on Halloween. 

1. Spartacus Gladiator Helmet

We all know how popular is Spartacus, the great warrior. He was a Thracian gladiator who served as a leader of the escaped slaves. He has his legacy and sometimes he is known as the Black Spartacus. 

On this Halloween, let’s pay tribute to this great gladiator. Wear this helmet and replicate him on this event. This helmet is made of gauge mild steel, and hence, it looks pretty realistic. But, it is very comfortable to wear, unlike some other warrior helmets. 

Spartacus helmet would make an excellent Halloween costume. It features a chinstrap which makes it fit your head and face. This is indeed an example of high quality craftsmanship. 

2. 14th Century Medieval Articulated Gauntlets

Wear something substantial and unique on this Halloween. Get this pair of articulated gauntlets from 14th century and enjoy your Halloween. Ancient warriors used to wear it while battling their enemies with swords. They helped in surviving the sword blades and injuries on hands.

They are made of high quality steel. So, wearing them would give you an appearance of a real 14th century warrior. Don’t worry about the steel material, these gauntlets are still pretty comfortable to wear. 

3. Mini Gjermundbu Viking Helmet

One of the interesting halloween costumes to wear include this miniature Gjermundbu Viking Helmet. This is another masterpiece that gives the look of a real warrior from medieval times. It has a lovely, historical style. 

Unlike some helmets that feel uncomfortable, this is very easy to wear. Other helmets cause some breathing issues, but this is a wider and open one that does not cause such problems. There is a chainmail on the back side and two eye holes on the front. 

4. Pirate Skull CrossBones Mask

This pirate skull crossbones mask is one of the all time favorites for the enthusiasts. Every Halloween, people are seen wearing such costumes. They would never get old-fashioned and deserve to have another go. 

This is one of the cheapest costumes you can wear. However, it is a fantastic piece. There is a skull containing cross swords. Wearing it will give you a look of a ghost. 

5. King Solomon Medieval Foam Sword

This legendary king solomon sword is for some enthusiasts. The collectors and enthusiasts always prefer such thing as part of their costumes on Halloween. It allows them to permanently add them to their finest collection. So, this is not just a costume, but a masterpiece to add to your collection as well. 

This sword is made of foam though and is generally intended to be used for cosplay and LARP. However, it has a very realistic appearance. So, if you want something that serves you for the long term, get this foam sword. 

6. Butted Chainmail Armor Long Shirt Haubergeon

The most gorgeous Halloween costume on this list is this butted chainmail armor. It is actually a shirt that serves as an armor. There is a great butted chainmail that makes the shirt. You can wear it on Halloween as a unique costume. It will give the look of a real warrior. 

However, you need to wear it over another shirt. Otherwise, it would feel uncomfortable due to chainmail. But, if you want, you can wear it as a shirt. This shirt has an appropriate size. There are different sizes available in this shirt though. Hence, you can choose the size that fits you. 

7. Highly Detailed Norse Warrior Helmet

If you are looking for a real warrior helmet, here it is. This Norse warrior helmet is perhaps the largest helmet ever constructed. There are two vertical bars on the eye slits. This allows you to see everything clearly. However, this is a massive helmet due to a long chainmail attached to it. 

This is one of the helmets that don't just cover the head and face, it also covers some part of your chest and entire neck.  It is decorated with etching on the face mask. There is a buckle strap to adjust it on your head. 

8. Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield

Shields were a significant part of a warrior’s arsenal. A warrior did not just have a sword, he also had a shield to guard himself. Whenever he stepped into the battlefield, one of his hands had a shield that could prevent him from blades of swords. This is a classic viking berserker shield. 

On this Halloween, let's pay tribute to the vikings. Get this shield and make it a part of your Halloween costume. You will become the new viking and will surely impress your fellows. 

9. German Gothic Leg Armour

Well, try something different on this Halloween. Here is a wonderful costume idea. Many people tend to wear full body armor, but you can rather wear something different. What about this German Gothic Leg Armor? It would just cover one of your legs. 

Leg armors were also worn by many warriors during ancient times. These armors could only cover the legs. But, this wasn’t a common thing to wear during wars, rather it was occasionally worn. 

A complete body armor is sometimes uncomfortable for wearing for whole day long. Hence, you must wear a costume you feel comfortable in. This leg armor won’t cause any such distress. You can wear for the whole day without suffering any problem and discomfort.  

10. Spartan Roman Vambraces

Talking about unique Halloween costumes, here is a wonderful one. These Roman Spartan Roman Vambraces will drive everyone crazy. These are worn on the forearms. Ancient warriors used to wear them to protect their forearms. These vambraces have a very antique appearance. 

These vambraces are wearable for men, women and even kids. There are adjustable straps that make them fit to everyone’s forearms. Such unique things are always nice on events like this. So, why don’t you try a unique costume this Halloween, such as these Roman vambraces?

11. Ancient Dark Viking Armour

Another viking costume, but a fantastic one. This would let you have a memorable Halloween this year. One thing everyone appreciates about a Halloween costume is uniqueness. Repetition of costumes or common costumes don’t get much attention. If you want to get the attention of everyone, get this viking armor. 

This is a nice black colored armor with a dark metal finish. Such armors were worn by the warriors for protecting their chests and back. Don’t think it is a cheap armor, it has rather an antiqued look, but is pretty durable. 

12. Medieval Gothic Armour Suit

Well, if you don’t appreciate leg armors and vambraces, you can try wearing this complete armor suit. You will get a real look of a medieval warrior. As this suit covers your entire body, you are guaranteed to get the attention of most of the people around you. It includes a complete body suit and a helmet as well that covers the head. 

Generally, this suit is for a person who is 6 feet tall. But, there are many sizes available and you can choose the size that fits your body. It is made of good quality steel, but don’t worry about the discomfort. There is a protective layer inside the armor that keeps you comfortable while wearing it. 

13. Captain Pirate Mask For Halloween Masquerade

Captain pirate mask always remains one of the favorite costume ideas. War Foam has established this lovely piece. It is suggested to both men and kids. It is one of the scary masks that kids love to wear on Halloween. It is a half mask that is visible on the front, but there is a rubber band that which holds it back. 

There are several budgeted consumers as well. For those, this is an ideal costume to wear on Halloween. We are here for suggestions and ideas, and hence, we try giving ideas to everyone including low budget customers. So, if you are low on budget, this mask must be a preferable option. 

14. Medieval Bugle Horn Whistle

There are two sizes available in this medieval bugle horn whistle. One is 26 inches and the other is 14 inches. You can use any of these. During ancient times, horns were used for plenty of purposes. Brace yourself, this is a real horn and it features a whistle. 

This is another unique halloween costume idea. You can have this whistle resembling the old-fashioned horn weapons. You can recreate the ancient Norse atmosphere. It features a  string which allows you to carry it around your shoulder. 

Hence, these were our halloween costume ideas. We hope you liked all of them or at least chosen one to wear on this Halloween. Enjoy the Halloween!