Karambit knife is perhaps the most familiar knife with the people these days. The knife that hailed from the Philippines is now the most popular knife across the world. 

It has now been widely and frequently used in the US. 

Much has been debated about the usefulness of this incredible knife, such as utility and self defense. However, as of late, people have started talking about karambit knife tricks. 

Yes, tricks! Many of you are unaware that you can perform several tricks with this knife. 

It is one of a few knives that have been adopted as a martial arts weapon for performing tricks and learning different self defense techniques. In this article, we will explain those tricks and techniques to you. 

Also, we will discuss both easy and expert level tricks. After you finish reading the tricks, we guarantee you will become a skillful user and trickster of the knife. 

Also, make sure not to miss reading some essential instructions. 

Before we get started with the tricks, it is worth describing why karambit knife tricks are useful for you. Also, it is important to identify how a karambit becomes an easier knife to perform tricks. But, we start with a little introduction of the knife. 

What Type of Knife is a Karambit?

Karambit knife is a small sized knife with a curved blade. It is known for its immense strength, but it isn’t a stabbing knife. Rather, it is good for thrusting and slashing actions. The overall design makes it a splendid and gorgeous knife. 

Karambit hails from the Philippines where it was used as an agricultural tool. The earliest one had a similar curved blade. However, it served in harvesting crops like rice and wheat. 

Furthermore, it served as a utility knife. 

Karambit was carried as a knife for daily use in the Philippines. Also, it was used by the people of the Philippines for self defense against the enemies. But, it was later adopted by the martial artists for playing different tricks. 

Is Karambit, a Knife for Tricks?


Karambit knife is generally not a knife for tricks. It is a utility and self defense knife. The history of knife suggests that it was never a knife to play tricks, rather it was used as self defense weapons. Also, it served as a utility tool. 

However, karambit gradually became one of the best knives for performing tricks. There are certain features of the knife that are ideal in this regard. Take the shape and design of the knife. Yes, the curved blade! 

The curved blade and ergonomic handle are the perfect features that make it appropriate for performing tricks.

The ergonomic handle provides better grip and control over the knife and makes sure you don’t lose the knife while using it for playing tricks. 

Another fantastic feature is the safety ring, or sometimes known as a tactical ring. This ring plays a key role in easing the performance of karambit knife tricks. 

You can actually wear the knife in one of your fingers to gain a better control over the knife. 

So, karambit is not necessarily a knife for performing tricks. It is understandable from the fact that most of the people use it for self defense and utility uses. But, the features of the knife makes it an ideal knife for martial artists and tricksters. 

Which is the best Karambit Knife for Performing Tricks?

Generally, karambit knife is available in two versions, folding and fixed blade. Karambit knife tricks can be performed on any version of the knife. But, if you're curious to know which version you should prefer, we shall assist you in your decision making. 

Let’s compare the two versions with respect to ease of performing tricks. If you take a folding karambit, it would have a foldable blade. That means, the blade can be folded inside the handle to reduce the overall size of the knife. 

The folding version of the knife is easy to carry. But, it features a movable blade which can be extremely dangerous at times. 

Your aim is to learn and perform tricks which is slightly difficult with such a knife. 

Remember folding knives are not that durable. There is every chance of malfunction as far as folding mechanism is concerned, But, still, you can go with this knife if you want. 

On the other hand, fixed blade karambit knife is more solid and durable. It does not have a foldable blade or a folding mechanism installed. Hence, there is no chance of malfunction.

The only issue with a fixed blade karambit is that you need to carry it with a sheath put on it. Carrying it in a pocket is a challenge, But, it is more comfortable and easier for performing different tricks. 

So, it is up to you whether you choose a folding or fixed blade version for learning your karambit knife tricks. Keep your preference or requirement in your mind along with the version you are more comfortable with, before choosing your knife for performing tricks. 

What are the Tricks with Karambit Knife?

Karambit knife tricks are generally of two types, the grip tricks and the transition trick. The grip tricks are considered to be easier ones. Beginners are encouraged to learn and perform these tricks when they get started. 

On the other hand, transition tricks are considered to be more challenging. Only expert users are encouraged to perform such tricks. 

But, once become an expert use or you gain the essential skills, you can move to the transition tricks. 

Following are the two types of karambit knife tricks explained. We have explained every grip trick and transition trick thoroughly. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully! 

Easier Tricks - Grip Tricks

We start with the karambit grip tricks, yes, the easier ones that beginners are supposed to try. There are basically three grip tricks that are extremely easy to play. Let's discuss all the three:

  • Forward Grip

Forward Grip is the most fundamental karambit knife trick. A beginner can quickly learn and perform it without spending hours in practice. It offers a great control and accuracy. 

This is basically a way to grip the knife when you are about to use it for utility tasks that require accuracy. 

With your palm flat and up, place the hand on the handle of the knife. Position the knife on your palm in a way that spine faces your body and the ring is on your left. 

The tip should be facing away from your body. Slide your smallest finger in the ring and close your hand the handle to secure a forward grip. 

  • Reverse Grip

Reverse grip is simply the opposite of the forward grip trick. This grip is required in tactical work where accuracy is not essential. But, it is more comfortable when performing tricks.

With your palm flat and up, place the hand on the handle of the knife. Position the knife on your palm in a way that spine faces your body and the ring is on your right. 

The tip should be facing away from your body, again. Slide your smallest finger in the ring and close your hand the handle to secure a reverse grip.

  • Extended Grip

Also called an upward grip, this is advantageous for both utility and combat. You may lose control and accuracy, but you will certainly gain more maneuverability and reach. 

Grip the knife as you do in a reverse grip trick. Rotate the blade over your index finger by keeping the tip of the blade upwards and blade. Keep doing that unless it naturally rests against the back of your fingers. 

Expert Level Tricks - Transition Tricks

Transition tricks are more tricky and you require more practice for learning and performing these karambit tricks precisely. There are just two transition tricks, including spinning and switching hands. 

  • Spinning

This is a trick that requires you to spin the karambit knife without dropping it. To perform this trick, you must be familiar with balancing the blade. 

Also, you should be an expert at different grips. You need to spin the knife with accuracy and control and make sure not to drop it. 

This is a trick that requires a lot of practice. But, at an early stage, you need to be very careful. Start at a gentle pace because there is always a chance of an accidental injury. You need to prevent injuries as well in order to continue performing tricks. 

It is recommended that you prefer a karambit trainer knife for learning this trick. An original one would be very dangerous specifically when you are new to the trick. Once you get the expertise, you are welcome to switch to real karambit. 

  • Switch Hands

It is perhaps the toughest of the karambit knife tricks enlisted here. You need to switch hands while using the knife at a rapid pace. Hence, you need to have a great control or grip on the knife. 

There are a few steps that you need to follow for performing this trick. Hold the karambit knife in your right hand in a reverse grip. Start spinning the knife in a clockwise manner. 

Allow the knife to spin in its natural way and allow it to fall when it comes at the top of your right hand. 

Now, quickly insert the left index finger in the ring. You have the knife in your left hand in a reverse grip position. 

Instructions for Performing Karambit Knife Tricks

Before you get started with the karambit knife tricks, make sure to acknowledge some basic instructions. These are for your safety. It is not that you can get your hands straight away on the knife and start performing tricks.

Consistent practice is the key here. Before you learn tricks, try to learn how to use the knife. Make sure to gain some control over the knife. Remember safety is the highest priority. If you are careless, you may suffer injuries. 

Keep in mind the extension or range of the blade, specifically when you are deploying the blade in the case of pocket knife. When performing grip tricks, make sure to place your hands at a safe position on the handle. 

Safely performing the tricks must be your aim. For this purpose, you can rather use a training karambit that has a blunt blade. 

Once you learn all the tricks and become a skillful user, you can get your hands on the real knife! 

Well, this is it from our side. We hope you have learned all the karambit knife tricks and acknowledged all the essential instructions. If you still have any confusion or questions, post them in the comment section below and we will answer them. Good luck with your tricks!