11 cool pocket knives

Nothing has taken the market to storm more than a pocket knife. People are always looking for a knife to carry in their pockets to accomplish their routine cutting tasks. Yes, this is a knife that has been manufactured as an EDC tool to meet the routine needs of the users. 

The number of pocket knives is uncountable as of late. Also, many types of cool pocket knives have come into the picture. This has made people concerned about the type of knife they need. There are some cool pocket knives that are believed to be excellent for everyday carry. 

There are different knives for different users. If you are a hunter, you will need a different sort of knife, while a camper will have a different choice. Also, you would need different knives for self defense and survival. 

The cool pocket knives enlisted below are the multipurpose knives. These knives have the features that make them ideal for all sorts of users. So, no matter what sort of user you are and for what purpose you want a knife, you can choose a knife from the following cool pocket knives!

1. Spring Assisted Knives

Spring assisted knives, also called assisted opening knives, are the pocket knives that feature a spring mechanism. The spring is responsible for the blade deployment. You need to pull the blade to a partially opened position, and then the spring takes it to a fully opened position. 

This is an ideal knife for survival, self defense, hunting and camping. It is easy to carry, easy to use, durable and has the blade strength to do the heavy duty cutting work. 

2. Stiletto Knives

A stiletto pocket knife is an Italian knife with a folding blade. It has a very long and slender blade with an ergonomic handle. There is a sharp point on the blade and appears like a dagger. It has a foldable blade and the sharp point allows it to penetrate deeply into the body. 

Since it can penetrate deeply into the body, it is a perfect stabbing weapon. Also, it is perfect for combat, self defense and survival. Specifically, you can battle the attackers and the wild animals outdoors. 

3. Military Pocket Knife

A military pocket knife, as the name suggests, is a knife supposed to be used by the military personnel. It is one of the cool pocket knives that feature immense strength. In addition, it has some tactical features that assist a lot outdoors. 

Considering the features of this knife, it is excellent for survival, self defense, hunting and camping. The blades are durable and feature serious strength to assist in heavy duty cutting work required in camping and hunting. 

4. Camo Knife

A camo knife is another military knife. It also features a folding blade and is easier to carry. It features blade strength and the tactical features you expect from a military knife. It has that beautiful camo design on the handle and the blade. If you want a knife to assist you in survival, self defense, hunting and camping, this has to be one of the best choices!

5. Fantasy Knives

Many people consider these knives less efficient and durable because they have the fantasy designs. A fantasy knife looks very different compared to a regular knife, thanks to the strange design it possesses. However, it is never less reliable, rather, it has the splendid features and the blade strength you expect from a powerful pocket knife. 

6. Tactical Knives

When we talk about cool pocket knives, we definitely mean some tactical features possessed by these knives. There are some specifically made knives known as tactical pocket knives. These are among the best knives for survival, self defense, hunting and camping. This is mainly due to the tactical features they possess. 

Apart from blade strength and ergonomic handle, there are a few useful features of these knives that are worth an explanation here. These knives ofte come with fire starters, glass breakers, pocket clips, and several other handy features. 

7. Karambit Pocket Knife

A karambit pocket knife is one of the combat and fighting knives. It hails from the Philippines and it was used there as a self defense knife. It has a curved blade that makes it a great slashing weapon. 

So, you can expect it to be a great survival and self defense knife. It has a safety ring and an ergonomic handle. This makes it a wearable knife and you can carry it easily and even use it with perfection against the attackers. 

8. Knuckle Knife

A knuckle knife is a knife that is mainly used for self defense and survival. Hunters and campers may not find it as a cool pocket knife. Also, it is not necessarily a knife carried in the pocket. Using the knuckles, you can wear this knife and use it for self defense. 

It offers a couple of key advantages when using it for self defense against the attackers in particular. First of all, it makes the knife unable to be disarmed. Also, you can use two weapons to your advantage. You can either use the blade or use the knuckles to punch the attacker in his face! 

9. Rainbow Pocket Knife

A rainbow pocket knife is a knife with a lovely rainbow design on the handle as well as the blade. This is basically an everyday carry knife, and ideal for outdoorsmen including hunters and campers. Yes, it is a gorgeous knife, it has the blade with serious strength to accomplish heavy duty cutting work such as skinning, filleting, food preparation and shelter building. 

10. Straight Razor

Yes, a straight razor is one of the cool pocket knives and deserves to be on this list. It is basically a small razor that has the sharpness to get that perfect shave. Also, it can be used for cutting work. The razor sharp blade can help in precise cutting. People like outdoorsmen can use it for their purposes while others can use it for survival and self defense. 

11. Traditional Pocket Knives

Traditional pocket knives are excellent for everyday carry as well. These are also handy for outdoorsmen who want to use it for camping and hunting work. Similarly, there are people who can use it for survival and self defense. So, it is another option as a cool knife for users! 

Pick Your Outdoor, Survival, Self Defense Knife!

Since you have explored the list of knives above, which is your chosen knife? Different users prefer different cool knives. If you are a hunter, your chosen knife must be the strongest and the one that has the ability to do the skinning work. 

Campers must choose a knife that has the ability to do the cutting work. In addition, if you want a knife for self defense, your chosen cool pocket knife must be easy to carry and must have the blade strength to inflict severe injuries. So, keep your needs and preferences in mind when choosing a knife!

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