Explaining Airsoft & Airsoft Guns

Airsoft has suddenly become a popular sport and has dominated other sports in the US. It is not the only sport that involves the use of guns. In fact, it involved the safest use of guns. Airsoft guns are the safest guns to use since they don’t shoot real bullets. 

Airsoft guns are made of plastic and even use plastic bullets called BBs. If you are a beginner stepping into this sport or want to enjoy airsoft, we have some crucial information for you. You need to know certain important things about airsoft and airsoft guns before you begin. 

Being new to this sport, you need to learn a lot about the sport and the right way of using these guns. Though there are safe guns, you do need to get some protective gear too. Anyways, here is some important information for beginners that they need to know! 

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is simply called a sport or an outdoor activity. It involves the use of airsoft guns and that is why it is called airsoft. It is not very new, a decade ago, it became popular. Today, it has become a global sport. It is now being played in almost every other country. However, its popularity is at its peak in the US. 

Airsoft consists of a few games called airsoft games. These games are based on different scenarios. The airsofters team up and step on an airsoft field. They shoot at each other in order to eliminate one another. The team that is eliminated first loses the game! 

What are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are also called replica guns as they replicate the original firearms. Yes, they seem too realistic. The shooting mechanism is the same as the real guns. There is a magazine, a trigger mechanism, and even the features like mock scope, adjustable stock, laser light and more!

You can find the airsoft pistols, airsoft revolvers, airsoft shotguns, airsoft rifles, airsoft sniper rifles and more in the market. All of these are realistic guns that replicate the real firearms. They provide a realistic shooting experience in a safe manner since they shoot plastic BBs. 

Types of Airsoft Guns

Apart from sniper rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles, airsoft guns differ in another way. There are basically three types of guns as per their mechanism. Here are those types explained:

Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring airsoft guns consist of a spring mechanism. There is a spring that helps in loading BBs and shooting them. These are the most commonly used guns and are the cheapest ones. They don’t require any batteries or gas to operate, rather a spring does the job! 

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas airsoft guns are also known as CO2 guns. These guns use gas to operate. Generally, carbon dioxide is the gas used to operate them i-e loading BBs and shooting them. These are reliable and durable replica guns!

Electric Airsoft Guns

Also known as AEG guns or automatic electric guns, these types of airsoft guns used rechargeable batteries to operate. These are the most expensive guns as they offer better muzzle velocity, better range and more shooting realism! 

Features of Airsoft Guns

  • Realistic Shooting Mechanism

The main feature of these guns is the way they are operated. There is a realistic mechanism such as magazine loading, and trigger mechanism to do the shooting that looks very real. 

  • Muzzle Velocity

The muzzle velocity refers to the speed at which the BBs are shot by airsoft guns. The minimum muzzle velocity is offered by a pistol and is more than 150 feet per second. The maximum velocity is offered by the sniper rifles and is sometimes more than 550 FPS. 

  • Range

The maximum shooting range that airsoft guns can offer is around 600 feet. This range is often provided by airsoft sniper rifles. 

  • Scope

Also called mock scope, this is a magnificent feature often present in sniper rifles. It helps a lot in getting the accuracy in shooting. 

  • Bipod

Bipod is another feature you can enjoy in these guns. Most rifles offer this splendid feature. 

  • Laser

Laser light is one of the tactical features you can enjoy in these guns. It helps in getting the required shooting accuracy. This is also a feature you will find in sniper rifles very often. 

  • Stock

There is either a folding stock or adjustable stock. This is another useful feature you will find in these guns. It makes shooting comfortable for the airsofters. 

  • Front & Rear Sights

Front and rear sights are the other tactical features found in airsoft guns. Though you find most of these features in sniper rifles, that doesn’t mean you need to necessarily get sniper rifles to enjoy these features. 

What are Airsoft Games?

Airsoft games are scenario based games, and are played using airsoft guns. These are thrilling, exciting, enjoyable, physical and tactical games. Being an airsofter, you need to play these games based on the given scenario and play your role. The games are always played on an airsoft field. 

The Most Played Airsoft Games

  • Sniper

Sniper is the most played airsoft game. This is a game that involves two teams. One is the team of snipers and the other is the team of other airsofters. The team of snipers only consists of a couple or three snipers. The other team can have 6,7 or more players. 

The snipers are equipped with sniper rifles while the other team is equipped with simple rifles or pistols. Before the game begins, snipers are allowed to step on the field and hide. The other team has to find and kill them. If they do, they win. If snipers kill them, snipers win the game. 

  • Close Quarters Combat

This is the simplest airsoft game you can play with airsoft pistols. This is for the airsofters who are on a budget and even lack time. So, they can enjoy this quick and simple game. There are two teams equally numbered. You can have five or more players a side, each equipped with a pistol. 

The players will shoot at each other in order to eliminate their opponents. You can’t do blind shooting. You need to be sensible and shoot carefully. The team that manages to eliminate all their opponents first wins the game. 

  • President

In this game, there are two teams, one is the team called survivors and the other team is called assailants. Then, there is a player called President. The survivors need to secure the president while the assailants have to kill them. There is a safe spot, and the president must be moved to that spot safely. 

Both teams equipped with airsoft guns shoot at each other. The survivors may be killed but if the president has reached that spot safely, the survivors win the game. If the president is killed before reaching there, the assailants win whether or not the survivors are all eliminated. 

  • Zombie

Zombie is an interesting game. There are two teams with equal number of players each side before the start of the game. There is the team of zombies and a team of humans. If a zombie kills the human, that human becomes a zombie as well, ultimately increasing the number of zombies. 

This is the rule that makes the game interesting. The game is a little tough for the team of humans. So, you can reduce the number of zombies at the start if you want. In fact, you are welcome to modify the rules of any game if needed. 

  • Rescue the Hostage
There are two teams in this game as well. The team of rescuers and the team of kidnappers. Then, there are a few hostages. The rescuers need to rescue the hostages from the kidnappers. The rescuers would carry an airsoft rifle and an airsoft pistol

This is because they would give the pistol to the hostages after rescuing them so they can fight the kidnappers on their way back to the safe spot. If the kidnappers manage to kill the hostages before they reach a safe spot, they win. Otherwise, if they reach the safe spot, the rescuers win the game. 

  • Capture the Flag

Another commonly played airsoft game is calle capture the flag. There are two teams equipped with any type of airsoft guns. The number of players is equal on both sides. Both teams have their forts with their respective flags on them. Each team has to get the flag of their opponent to their fort. 

The team that manages to do it first wins the game. If the other team manages to kill all the players first, it becomes easier to get the flag to the fort. So, you need to build a strategy and be tactical if you want to win the game! 

Other Interesting Activities with Airsoft Guns

Once you have some airsoft guns in your collection, you can’t only play airsoft games. Yes, the obvious thing to do with these guns is airsoft games. You are welcome to try and engage in other activities as well. Yes, there are a few other outdoor activities you can enjoy with these replica guns. 

First of all, you can engage in target practice. Build a wooden target and draw a circle as the main target. Now start shooting to hit the target. Make a competition between your friends or involve your family in it. By engaging in this activity, you can quickly become a sharp and accurate shooter. In addition, you can use these guns to kill pests! 

How to Buy Airsoft Guns?

Now then you can have learnt a lot about airsoft guns. It is time to step on the field and enjoy airsoft! However, before stepping on the field, you need to be equipped with a gun. You might be wondering how to buy airsoft guns!

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