Expensive Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are usually not very expensive. But, a few of them are pricey. Are you looking for the most expensive pocket knives?

Well, you are on the right spot if you are chasing such knives. Here, we shall explain why some of these knives are too expensive. But, before that, we feel it is necessary to give a quick introduction of these knives. 

A pocket knife is a small sized folding knife, also known as folder at times. The most significant feature of this knife is its fold-ability. 

You can fold its blade in it handle and then lock it. The blade remains locked unless you open or deploy it. This knife is easier to carry and is mainly used for utility work and self defense. 

Since these small knives are inexpensive in general, what makes some of these too expensive? We let you know the reason behind that. 

More importantly, we tell you what these knives offer against such high prices. We have enlisted five of the most expensive pocket knives below. So, let’s review what they bring to you! 

1. MTech Xtreme Spring Assisted Gold Plate Knife

Mtech is known over the years for bringing some of the best pocket knives. Usually, their knives are not that expensive, but this is one special knife. 

5 Inch MTech Xtreme Spring Assisted Gold Plate Knife

It is a masterpiece that promises a lot. It brings several incredible features to the users. First of all, it is a gorgeous knife with a lovely color scheme. There is a gold plated blade with a  black handle. 

The 5 inches knife is great for everyday carry. The blade has a length of 4 inches and is made of stainless steel. So, it brings durability and luxury. 

There is a tanto blade with a thickness of 4mm and a saw back. A black G10 handle comes with a lanyard hole and a pocket clip for easier carry. 

2. USMC G10 Handle Serrated Pocket Folding Knife

Official United State Marine Corps is known for offering incredible pocket knives. Their prices are usually on the higher side, but they promise ultra premium quality. 

USMC 5 Inch Tan G10 Handle Serrated Pocket Folding Knife

This is another high quality folding knife of 5 inches. However, the blade has a length of 4 inches and thickness of 5mm. 

This knife brings an incredibly powerful blade. This is an all purpose blade because it is partially serrated. It is not just great for cutting, but for other purposes as well. 

The knife has an attractive desert color and appears to be a lovely knife. It also comes with a pocket clip and a beautiful skull trinket lanyard. 

3. Mtech Gold Cleaver Blade Spring Assist Knife

This is one of the most expensive pocket knives by MTech. You can identify why the price of this knife is on the higher side once you explore its features. 

Mtech Gold Cleaver Blade Spring Assist Knife

It brings beauty and royalness. There is a beautiful color scheme which includes gold and pakkawood color. Such a nice combination of colors. 

More importantly, the knife comes with a gorgeous handle and a significantly powerful blade. 

Also, this is a giant knife with a length of more than 8 inches. The blade has a length of 3.5 inches though. There is a nice pakkawood handle that provides a good grip. 

The handle is a greater one with a length of 4.75 inches. It is an ideal collectible knife for the knife enthusiasts. 

4. DZS 3 in 1 Multi Tool Folding Knife

This is an expensive knife, but it brings a lot for the users. In fact, it is a package that comes with a lot of things. First of all, there is a small folding knife. 

DZS 3 in 1 Multi Tool Rechargeable Stun Gun, FlashLight

Then, there is a stun gun which is actually an electroshock weapon. And then, there is a flashlight. So, it is a 3 in 1 weapon. 

The basic purpose of designing such a knife is to make it a great survival weapon. You can use these three things to your advantage. 

The flashlight assists in enlightening your path. Stun gun helps you to battle against the attackers. The small pocket knife can be used for utility cutting. 

5. Elk Ridge Folding Knife 3 Interchangeable Blades

This is our fifth most expensive pocket knife on this list. Yes, it is expensive, but it brings three blades in a single package. 

Elk Ridge Folding Knife 3 Interchangeable Blade

There is a plain blade, a saw blade and a gut-hook blade. All these blades serve different purposes. You can interchange these blades as per your need. Such an advantageous knife!

So, which of these expensive pocket knives do justice to its price. In fact, all of them bring some exceptional features and advantages!