traditional pocket knives

Pocket knife is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. It has brought a revolution in knife technology. 

The traditional knives did not have folding blades. The blades were always fixed with the handles and were not movable. 

In the case of pocket knives, there are foldable blades. You can fold the blade into the handle and then make it easy to carry in the pocket. 

This is why they are called pocket knives. The size of the knife can be reduced and hence, it fits into the pocket perfectly. 

Well, these are modern knives, but there are a few traditional pocket knives as well. These are some old-fashioned knives that are still popular all over. 

The knife enthusiasts around the world don’t stick to modern knives that prove advantageous. They also want to have traditional knives in their collections to express their craze and enthusiasm for the knives. 

People today are mostly interested in modernized knives, but as mentioned below, some passionate enthusiasts want all sorts of knives. 

For those impassioned enthusiasts, we have come up with a list of the best traditional pocket knives. Here are our picks:

1. Elk Ridge Manual Folding Knife with Pakkawood Handle

This traditional pocket knife has a lovely design. It is made on an old-fashioned pattern. A 6.5 inches knife with damascus style blade and a pakkawood handle. 

Elk Ridge Pocket Knife 6.5 Inch Manual Folding Knife with Pakkawood Handle

This is a manual folding knife, as you expect from a traditional knife. You need to pull it to open the blade and then push it to close the blade. However, there is a safety lock to lock the blade in open and closed positions. 

Coming back to the features, this knife has a nice pakkawood handle which ensures a good grip. A long 3.75 inches handle. 

It comes with a stainless steel bolster. A 2.75 inches blade with a beautiful damascus pattern. Made of stainless steel. All in all, a powerful and gorgeous knife. 

2. Mtech White Bone Lockback Pocket Knife

Being a traditional pocket knife, it has a manual folding blade. MTech is known for providing such beautiful knives, and this is indeed one of their masterpieces.

It has a lockback which allows you to lock the blade when it is opened or closed. To close the blade, you need to push it to unlock and fold the blade. 

This knife has a powerful blade of 0.103 inch thick satin. The length of the blade is 3.5 inches, and is made of 3cr13 stainless steel. 

The white bone and stainless steel inlay add to the overall beauty of the knife. There is a pakkawood handle of 4.5 inches. 

The knife comes with a pocket clip as well to make it easier to carry in a pocket. So, it deserves to be in your collection. 

3. Damascus Etched Blade Toothpick Folding Knife 

This is one of the top traditional pocket knives, and possibly the most stylish ones. The damascus pattern of the knife makes it the most gorgeous knife on this list as well. 

Damascus Etched Blade Toothpick Folding Knife Bone Inlay & Black Pakkawood

There is no match of the beautiful design that this knife has. A curved shape with a beautiful pakkawood handle and a damascus pattern on the blade. 

The 3 inch pakkawood handle includes a bone inlay as well. This adds to the luxurious feel of the knife. 

There is a magnificent toothpick blade. The stainless steel blade features an etched damascus pattern, making it one of the most stylish and attractive knives. 

This is not one of those giant knives. The knife is slim and extremely eye-catching. It comes with a nickel silver bolster which further enhances its magnificence. 

The overall length of the knife is 5.25 inches, so as mentioned, it is not a massive knife. But, it has the power to cut anything. 

The 2.5 inches blade is made of stainless steel and promises durability and immense blade strength. So, this traditional pocket knife is an ideal collectible for the crazy enthusiasts! 

Pick Your Traditional Pocket Knife!

So, we are done now, and it’s over to you. We have explained every traditional pocket knife we enlisted above, and the reasons behind their inclusion in the top 3 knives. 

Now, it’s your turn to pick your favorite knives among these. So, which is your pick?

Let us tell you that these are not mere collectibles for enthusiasts like you. These are also extremely advantageous knives that can assist you in everyday cutting work. So, get one of these knives and enrich your collection with the best pocket knives!