If you are looking for an effective yet non-lethal self-defense weapon, then stun gun will be the best option for you. Stun guns are the perfect deterrents and you can also use them to stun your assailant or disarm him/her with these smart weapons. 

The purpose and main function of stun guns is to immobilize the attacker without causing his death.

Stun guns are quite popular nowadays and they have gained so much popularity over the last few years. They provide an electric shock to the attacker when the prongs of the stun gun make contact with the skin of the attacker. 

This temporarily immobilizes him, and you get sufficient amount of time to run off to safety and call the police. There are many other self-defense weapons like brass knuckles and self-defense knives, but you wouldn’t want to severely hurt or kill your assailant and get charged for it. 

Would you? Self-defense doesn’t mean to fight and kick and punch, what it means actually is to try to escape the situation using the mind and definitely not the fists. 

Are you a user of Stun Gun or Taser both supports this basic concept of self-defense and allows you to find a safe route for yourself and get out of the dangerous situation you are stuck into.

What are Stun Guns?

Stun guns prove to be quite effective when it comes to self-defense. They can be used as a deterrent and you can stun your attacker or disarm him/her with this smart weapon. 

But why is it so smart? It actually has metal prongs which give a jolt of electricity to the victim when pressed against skin which gives you sufficient time to run to safety. However, they only immobilize the attacker temporarily and do not cause any serious damage. 

Let us discuss a few different types of stun guns that are quite popular nowadays and are widely known for their effectiveness and appealing looks.

Different Types of Stun Guns

Cell Phone Stun Guns

The cell phone stun gun is a very uniquely designed and trendy stun gun which you can carry with you quite easily. Other than being trendy, it is quite effective as well. Istun is a very popular type of cell phone stun gun and is widely used by people. 

It has a slim build and looks so realistic that it can trick anyone into believing that it is a real phone. This gives you an upper edge on your assailant and you can easily shock him/her with this gun. This smart weapon is a total gamer and makes use of the “power” and “volume” buttons of the phone to start the flashlight and the stun gun. 

These buttons are easily accessible which further increases the efficiency of the high voltage stun gun. As this stun gun features a built-in flashlight so you can use it to walk around the dark neighborhood and this will boost up your confidence as well. 

It will also help you detect any potential attackers and threats around you. Another best feature of this stun gun is that it has a rechargeable battery. This will save you from the trouble of buying expensive batteries again and again. 

This stun gun can be concealed easily and comes with a leather holster as well for easy and discreet carry.

Lipstick Stun Gun

A lipstick stun gun is by far the most useful and effective self-defense weapon that a woman can carry with her at all times. Yes, that last part is the best thing about a lipstick stun gun that you can carry it easily anywhere without anyone suspecting and finding out its true identity. 

A lipstick stun gun is designed like an ordinary stun gun but the only difference between an ordinary lipstick and a lipstick stun gun is that a lipstick stun gun reveals a short little blade instead of a nice shade when you rotate it. 

Therefore, this blade can be extracted and retracted whenever desired. Also, a lipstick stun gun is designed to provide protection to all women out there. But are you wondering that what is a stun gun? 

A stun gun is actually a self-defense weapon having two metal prongs to temporarily immobilize an attacker by sending a shock through his/her body. This definitely gives one an edge over the attacker and to secure a safe path for oneself. And what if this stun gun is designed like a lipstick? Yes, a lipstick.

Your assailant would have no idea what’s coming his/her way and would even laugh at you for pulling out a piece of cosmetic in such a critical situation. But only you know the secret of the lipstick and by deploying it, you can make your attacker run off into the darkness. 

Sounds Cool. Right? So, if you are a woman who takes her safety seriously, then you should definitely get one for yourself now.

Flashlight Stun Gun

The flashlight stun gun works just like a normal stun gun but comes with a built-in flashlight. It even looks like a flashlight which hides its true identity. A stun gun is quite effective on its own, but its combination with a fully functional flashlight makes it even more effective. 


Stun guns give a jolt of electricity when its prongs and make contact with the skin of a person. They are mostly used in self-defense and that is why when the flashlight feature is added to it, its usefulness increases further as we all know that flashlight has numerous uses. 

Apart from using it in dark in a self-defense situation, you can use it as a utility tool wherever you find the need of some light.