Cosplay gatherings and parties are one of the greatest places where anime fans can gather, make friends, and simply have fun. Over the last decade, more and more people have become attracted to the culture of cosplay. Irrespective of gender, religion, and race, the cosplay parties are open for all. 

There is no fear of being judged, bullied, or laughed at. You can pretend to be your favorite character by donning a costume and carrying one of your favorite cosplay weapons.

Even if you have a very low budget, you might come up with your own idea and dress up according to it. No need to spend thousands of dollars to get to some cosplay party. Factors like these keep attracting many people to join cosplay parties with their friends and family. 

The cosplay culture is on fire; therefore, cosplay weapons and costumes in the markets, as well as online stores, are higher in demand.

If you are new to the cosplay culture, but looking for getting into your favorite manga character, there are a couple of things you might want to look out for while getting your cosplay costume and weapon ready:

1- Determine Your Budget

Firstly, consider your budget since you will require a variety of stuff to resemble the original look of your favorite character. You might need shoes, wig, costume, jewelry, and cosplay weapon. Don't simply rush into your nearest store. It would be wise to compare the prices of different retailers before choosing the best deal.

2- Where to Buy

In my opinion, the best place to buy cosplay weapons and cosplay costumes is some online store. Costumes and weapons come in many different varieties there. All you have to do is scroll through all of them, read relevant reviews, and select the items that you not only like, but which are also in the range of your budget. 

Many online sellers of anime costumes and cosplay weapon also offer free shipping and discounts. You will be able to save some money this way and you will also get yourself an awesome and totally amazing costume for your next cosplay event.

3- Construction Material

Referring to the cosplay weapons, make sure that you carry those which are made of light material, such as light plastic, foam, light wood, and cardboard. 

If you are trying to get your own costume and prop weapon together, make sure to not carry real guns, airsoft guns, paintball weapons, metal knives, firecrackers, and props made of hard material, such as fiberglass or hardwood.

4- Types of Cosplay Weapons

As accessories and weapons are the souls of any costume, therefore, when it comes to cosplay then weapons are a must. There are many different types of cosplay weapon available in stores worldwide. People just go crazy during the cosplay season and buy lots of cosplay weapons. Some of these cosplay weapons are stated below.

I- Cosplay Sword

Cosplay swords are a must if you are taking the look of a king or soldier this cosplay season. Without cosplay weapon, your costume will surely be incomplete. 

Being the heart and soul of a costume of a king and a knight, if you miss a cosplay sword to go with it then your costume will just be ordinary. But if you want to ace in a cosplay event and be the best, then you surely have to wear and carry the best by keeping the essence of the costume intact. 

Cosplay swords never have real blades instead they are constructed full of foam. It is the first rule of any cosplay or LARP (Live Action Role Play) event, that real weapons are not allowed there.

This is why people carry foam weapons. Foam cosplay weapons are safe and they do not hurt anyone, which is why they are the only type of weapons allowed in such events. 

Cosplay swords may be made up of foam but they are designed just like the real ones. Moreover, they are as intricately designed as the real ones and are hard to be identified as fake from a distance. 

These cosplay weapons are shock resistant and they are reliable as well. There are some foam swords which are more famous than others. Let us have a look at them.

  • Zelda Dark Knight Cosplay Foam Sword

The Legend of Zelda is a very popular video game that has a huge fan base. People, kids, teenagers and adults alike are obsessed with this game and it is one of the blockbusters. If you are a video game lover, then you must have surely heard about this one. 

The Legend of Zelda is a Japanese anime video game and features a wide range of weapons in it among which the sword of Zelda is the most famous. People are simply crazy over all of these weapons but the sword of Zelda holds a special place in the hearts of the fans of this video game. 

It may be because of the magical nature and characteristics of the sword which is capable of finishing the evil.

The sword of Zelda is also called the Zelda Sword or the Sword of Resurrection. Another name is the sword of time. The sword is quite beautifully designed and the main feature that sets it apart from other sword is its uniquely designed guard. 

The guard has the shape of a wing with both of the wings fanning out of either side of the blade. There are many types of swords available in markets; some of them are made up of plastic while the others are made up of foam and some are made up of steel even but only the foam ones are used as cosplay weapons.

II- Cosplay Shields

We all know what shields are. Right? They are protective weapons that are used for defense. They are used to protect the holder from sword attacks from the opponents and was a major part of a knight’s or a soldier’s attire whenever he would set out for a battle or combat. 

Similarly, cosplay shields are the main attraction of a knight or a soldier’s costume and you must carry it if you want to ace that costume of yours. At that time, shields were made up of metal and they were quite durable so that they do not break. 

They were the only defense that a soldier could have in a battle which is why soldiers were trained in the art of sword play with a sword and a shield.

The sword was used to attack the opponent and the shield was used to block the attacks of the opponent. Cosplay shields are designed in the exact same way as real shields but the only difference is that these shields are made up of foam and not metal. 

This is why these cosplay weapons do not harm anyone and are totally safe. But the foam is not soft and these shields are made up of hard foam that is durable enough to prevent these cosplay weapon from breaking easily. 

Some of the most popular cosplay shields which people carry in cosplay are Gol Killer replica cosplay shield, The Zelda Shield, heroic shield and the 300 cosplay shield.

III- Cosplay Guns

If you are dressing up like a policeman or a thief, then a cosplay gun is a must to have with that costume. Of course, there is no policeman or bad guy without a gun by his side. Right? These cosplay weapons are also not real and most of the time they are made up of rubber and definitely not of metal. 

So, if you are taking the look of a policeman or a gangster this cosplay season, then get your hands on these cosplay weapon.

These guns have an orange tip in front of their barrels. This is the most distinguishing feature of these guns and this feature sets them apart from real guns, well in terms of appearance because when you see them from a distance, these guns look just like the real ones. 

Also, these guns do not real ammunition rather they shoot plastic ones which are known as BBs and are small spherical objects made up of plastic. They mostly come in orange color, but green and red colored BBs are also available in markets. 

These guns are quite safe and this is why they are allowed to be carried and used in LARP and cosplay events.

IV- Cosplay Knives

Cosplay Knives are also quite common among people and they like other cosplay weapons are not real at all. These knives do not have sharp blades rather the blades are made up of plastic. These knives are not harmful and you will be amazed to see the intricacies designed on them. 

There is a huge variety of these cosplay weapons available in stores all over the world and the best thing are the endless designs from which you can choose according to your style and preference.

There are two major categories of fixed blade knives and pocket knives. You can choose to have a Bowie knife or a hunting knife if you are dressing up like a hunter. You can choose to carry a military knife or a combat knife in case you want to be a policeman or a gangster. 

The variety is endless and you can have whatever you want according to your costume.

V- Cosplay Masks

Cosplay masks are one of the most widely used cosplay weapons. There is a huge variety of them and you must get one for yourself if you are dressing up like an anime or a fantasy character. Superheroes like Batman, Captain America and Spider man will do too. 

If you are dressing up like a pirate, then you can get yourself a pirate mask. The choices are endless and you can search one out according to your costume or you can make one by yourself as well.

The above-mentioned tips will help you in choosing the right cosplay costume for yourself according to your budget and choice. So, what do you want to be dressed up as for your next cosplay event?