Wild West Gun Slinger Knuckle Buckle Titanium

Wild West Gun Slinger Knuckle Buckle Titanium. Overall Length: 4.32 Inches
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Part Number: 4Q3-GN36RW
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This novelty Knuckle buckle features a standard design with the Wild West Gun Slinger design which offers two Wild West revolver guns crisscross each other. Its easy to pick up with the belt pin from a flat surface. This Wild West Gun Slinger Buckle can be used in your office as a paperweight which will drive fear in your office. It sports a titanium electroplate finish and comes with a belt pin. Each finger hole is ergonomically designed to fit a standard finger size of 28.97 mm x 23.54 mm. This item is sold only for novelty purposes so you should know your local laws when purchasing.

  • Overall Length: 4.32 Inches
  • Finger Hole Size: 1.143 Inches
  • Construction: Cast Metal
  • Thickness: 0.142 Inches
  • Colors: Titanium

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