Viking Age Fully Functional Bearded Axe

Viking Age Fully Functional Bearded Axe. Overall Length: 30 Inches
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The bearded axe is most commonly associated with Vikings. Fierce as these axes were they were also used as tools not just weapons. The bit on these axes extends below the width of the butt to provide a wide cutting surface which kept the overall weight of the axe low. The lower part of the bit is known as the beard or hook. With this feature one was able to pull weapons out of the defender's grasp, or to pull down a shield to allow another attacker to strike at the unprotected defender. Not only that but they were more useful against plate armor than a sword. This bit has been forged out of thick carbon steel. 

  • Fully Functional 
  • Hand Forged
  • Overall Length: 30 Inches

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