P1158D Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle Gun With Pistol Combo Pack

P1158D M4 Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle with Vertical Grip, Laser, Adjustable Stock AND Pistol Combo Pack.
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One of the best airsoft guns for playing airsoft games, this P1158D Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle is a masterpiece. It is the most featured replica gun that provides all the things that make the shooting real. If you want to enjoy realistic firing, there is no better gun than this tactical rifle. It is basically a combo back that contains a rifle as well as a pistol. So, you get an airsoft pistol along with the rifle in one package. The rifle is spring powered and does not require a battery or gas to operate. This is the most durable airsoft gun with spring powered mechanism and quality plastic body construction! 

This P1158D Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle has all the splendid features that make it a great airsoft gun. To start with, it features a mock scope along with laser and shooting accuracy and precision is guaranteed. It also features an LED flashlight that provides light. In addition, it features a retractable stock, a vertical foregrip, a detachable magazine of 50 rounds. 

There is a reason this P1158D Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle is a masterpiece for airsofters. It comes up as a perfect rifle for playing airsoft games. It offers an effective range of more than 100 feet. Also, it provides a muzzle velocity of more than 200 feet per second. So, this is an ideal pick since there is a combo of a tactical rifle and a pistol. 
UK Arms Airsoft Rifle & Pistol Combo Pack


  • Spring Powered - No Gas or Batteries Needed
  • 200 Feet Per Second Projectile Velocity
  • Effective Range of 100 ft
  • Detachable Magazine Clip - 50 Rounds
  • Plastic Body Construction
  • Mock Scope
  • Retractable Stock
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Tactical Laser Sight - 1 Milliwatt Max Power Output
  • LED Flashlight
  • RIS Rails
  • Includes 130 FPS Pistol Sidearm
  • 32.5 in Length
  • 2.3 lb Weight

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