MR-744 Airsoft Rifle with Crosshair Scope & Flashlight Full Scale

4E1-MR744 - Full Scale 1/1 MR744 Airsoft Rifle. Spring Loaded Single Shot. Shoots around 250FPS. Comes with Starter Pack of BB's.
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Part Number: 2A1-MR744
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Airsoft Rifle
  •     Spring Loaded Single Shot
  •     Shoots around 250FPS
  •     Includes Starter Pack of BB's
  •     Spring Powered Plastic Construction
  •     Hop Up System R.I.S
  •     Adjustable Stock
  •     PEQ Flashlight
  •     Red Dot Signt Laser Foregrip
  •     Sample Bag Of BBs
  •     Screwdriver
  •     FPS: 280
  •     Magazine Capacity: 250
  •     Size: 31 Inches

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