Medieval Reenactment Milanese Gauntlets Steel Mitten

Mitten style gauntlets were popular on the 15th and 16th century battlefield and tournament arena alike. They offered maximum protection for the hands at the cost of some finger dexterity. They were mainly worn by knights and men-at-arms fighting on foot.
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Our pair of Milanese Gauntlets are some of the most exciting medieval attractions around. 18 gauge construction ensures the durability of our gauntlets while maintaining a solid appearance. The medieval representation is almost spot on without losing the traditional feel. The shape and size are accurate along with the ability to comfort solders with the soothing interior lining. The polished finish allows for a medieval masterpiece. 

  • Overall length 11.5 inch approx. 

  • Made up of Hight Quality Mild Steel
  • Polished Steel Finish
  • Flexibility & Protection
  • Adult comfort wearable.
  • Rustic Proof Paint Inside 
  • Perfect for Re-enactments Clubs and Societies 
  • High Quality Leather Gloves attached for comfort wearing

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