Full Functional Traditional Norse Axe

Full Functional Traditional Norse Axe is sturdy, resilient and build to perform under the strictest environment. Catered to individual preference. 30 Inches overall in length.
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Hey outdoorsmen, add this Full Functional Traditional Norse Axe into your arsenal. It is a perfect outdoor tool to carry when heading towards the wilderness. It is not a regular axe, rather a functional one! It replicates the 9th century viking axes. It features a hardwood haft and a crisscross leather wrapped around it. Though it is an axe, it is not meant to be used for chores and cutting work. However, it is ideal for cosplay, LARP and costume purposes. Also, it can be used as a survival tool to scare away wild animals outdoors! 

This Full Functional Traditional Norse Axe is hand forged from iron and is a true example of excellent craftsmanship. The leather wrapped haft ensures a strong and comfortable grip. It can also be used for combat and self defense against the attackers! 

This Full Functional Traditional Norse Axe is not a small axe by any means. The overall length of the axe is 30 inches. The width of the axe is slightly less than 7 inches. The height of the axe is also less than 5 inches. A perfect collectible, decor and cosplay axe! 

  • Fully Functional 
  • 9th century inspired Viking Axe
  • Crisscross leather wrapping on the hardwood haft
  • Perfect for historical reenactment, training, and combat
  • Not suitable for wood cutting or other chores
  • Hand forged from wrought iron
  • Hardwood haft has leather wrapping
  • Total Length: 30 Inches
  • Axe Head Width: 6.5 Inches
  • Axe Head Height: 4.25

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