7.5" Two Tone 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set with Dragon Handles

Dragon handle 3 piece throwing knife set. Embossed printed dragon design. 7.5 inch overall length.
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Part Number: 3F3-PP-122-3WH
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What's the point in risking one's life in close quarter combat with a knife, when you can strike down your foes from far away with this item. You don't necessarily have to be the battling kind, these gorgeous throwers are a ball to play with in garden target practice bouts. Each of the 3 pieces in this set are made from the most resilient steel with extreme corrosion resistance and enhanced silver and black coating and the fiery silver dragon design on the handle. The 7.5" extremely sharp spear point blades makes it so that the knives stick to whatever you are throwing it at. Each thrower features a menacing profile, red cord-wrapped handles, convenient finger ring and superb balance for easy precision accuracy on every throw.

Throwing knife features:
  • Throwing knife 3 piece set
  • 7.5 inch overall length
  • Embossed printed dragon design
  • Includes nylon sheath

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