50 Rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blanks Brass Case, For Full & Semi-Auto Pistols

50 rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Ammo available at a best price in the Blank Ammo Market!.
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Want to have a perfect shooting experience with your blank guns? Yes, you got your prop guns, time to get a 50 Rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blanks Brass Case. This is what you need to have in your collection now! This is a pack of 50 ammo or blanks. These are enough for even a week if you just want to enjoy a few fires on a routine basis. So, get this lovely brass case and enjoy some safe and real shooting! 

This 50 Rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blanks Brass Case is ideal for 9mm blank guns or pistols. There are fifty rounds you can enjoy; too many aren’t they? If you have this case, this is enough you need to have to have an enjoyable shooting experience at the weekend. 

This 50 Rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blanks Brass Case is ideal for semi auto and full auto blank guns. There are pistols that require 9mm ammo, and these blanks are ideal for such pistols. However, these are not usable in blank revolvers. This solid pack of ammo is your next requirement! 

Blank Gun Ammo
  • Blank ammo With Brass Case
  • 9mm PAK
  • Use in full-/semi-auto guns
  • Blanks Ammo for Pistols requiring 9mm ammunition.
  • Sold as a pack of 50.
  • This product may only be shipped Ground.
  • Do NOT use in revolvers!

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