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Hold 42 knives in this padded nylon carry all. The inside is coarse red felt for absolute aesthetics. Keep it closed with a metal zipper. A thick handle is provided for traveling.
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Our Magnetic Knife Display is the perfect way to display your knives to keep you favorite knife close at hand.
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Knife Roll/Carrying Case. It will hold up to approx 60 pocket knives. Great for Knife Storage & Carry. Measures 19 1/2" X 29- 1/2"
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C-KR4 Knife Case 17.5 X 9.25 Inches
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9.5" Rubber Training Knife For Martial Arts Police Self Defense Training. Rubber construction
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Knife Carrying Nylon Pouch Case
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Black and Yellow Skulls and a yellow round rim sporting a fire design. It comes equipped with a hanging hook. Diameter: 14.5 Inches
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Synthetic foam corkboard works with throwing knives, throwing stars, blowguns, and darts.
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This Dart Board offers an intricate design of White Oriental Scorpion which includes ancient Asian Script. It comes equipped with a hanging hook. Diameter: 14.5 Inches
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Large Knife Sharpener Sharpening Stone 8 x 2 x 1 Inches
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