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Roulette Gamblers Dagger Boot Knife
This great boot knife is easily concealable and offers a great value in a smaller package. Measuring 4.5 inches, the black anodize 440 stainless steel blade has a piercing tip and is pinpoint sharp. The contoured handle is molded from a tough rubberized material providing an excellent grip while a short guard ensures your hands do not accidentally slip on the blade, ideal for use in either a wet or dry environment.
Out of Stock.
Death Rate Dagger Boot Knife
The dagger style blade is constructed of stainless steel with a unique skull style skin giving this dagger a menacing look. Overall length is 9 inches.
In Stock.
Hand Made Damascus Steel Kris Twisted Blade Dagger Knife
Full damascus spiked edge dagger knife. Great piece of art, sharp edges with sturdy construction. Overall length is 10 Inches. Blade of the knife has beautiful pattern damascus steel blade.
In Stock.

Boot Knife - Defend Yourself from Aggressors with a Secret Weapon in Your Boot

Can you imagine to keep a knife in your boot? Perhaps, you don’t. Sharp Import let’s you keep a secret weapon in your boot, which we call a Boot Knife. A boot knife is probably the smartest hidden blade which can be taken out in an emergency situation to make successful escape. These knives are small but have a pretty sharp blade that can frighten the attackers. So, don’t wait to get this absolutely amazing and smart weapon from Sharp Import.

Buy Best Boot Knife from Sharp Import - See our Distinguished Collection of Boot Knives

As you are interested in buying the best boot knife for you, let’s see our collection of coolest boot knives. We have boot knives of numerous sizes ranging from 3 inches to 9 inches. Similarly, there are varieties of colors, designs, and styles. What common in our boot knives is that they are all gorgeous, and are powerful enough to serve your self defense needs.

Wholesale Boot Knives for Sale - Sharp Import Guarantees Cheapest Price

Are you looking for cheapest boot knives for sale? Well, you should be searching for them, but not anymore. At Sharp Import, you will find the lowest priced boot knives. Don’t believe us? Check our prices. Let us amaze you by disclosing our prices. You can buy a boot knife from Sharp Import at a 90% lessened price compared to retail rate of that particular knife. Still don’t believe it. Place your order now and turn your imagination into reality. Scroll through our collection of boot knives to buy the best among them.

Want more secret weapons like Boot knives? Get to our variety of Lipstick Knives to buy a knife that appears exactly like a lipstick, but contains a deadly blade.

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