What is MF Doom mask

The first person who dared to wear a mask for whatever reason was thought of as being immortal by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In today's society, where more and more people live in urban environments, wearing a mask is now seen as unusual and perhaps even dangerous.

Some cosplay masks have become synonymous with certain activities such as wearing a witch's cauldron during Halloween or wearing a cowboy hat while riding broncos at rodeos. A well known mask was used to wear by an Artist, MF Doom which is very popular among people who love costume parties and cosplaying. 

Character of MF Doom

MF Doom is the stage name of an American underground rapper, record producer and artist, who was one of the more popular hip hop artists in the high-profile run-up to the year 2000.
After going on hiatus for years, MF DOOM has returned and released a new album on March 24th 2016 - Operation: Doomsday.

He has worked with prolific artists such as Jay Electronica, Madlib, and Danger Mouse. His music has been released by labels such as Rappers Delight and London-based Big Dada records. MF Doom has collaborated with metal band Mastodon to produce "Island" from their 2009 album The Hunter.

He has had much success with his solo work, collaborations with other rappers such as Ghostface Killah and J Dilla, and producing for other artists like The Smiths and Gorillaz. In 2004 he became an honorary member of the Congolese group Konono NÂș1 after collaborating on their Grammy-winning album 'Congotronics'.

MF Doom

MF Doom Mask: An Introduction

MF Doom is a rapper and producer whose real name, Daniel Dumile, was revealed in the 2015 biopic "Control". The mask that he wears while performing has become iconic to his stage persona. The costume consists of a navy blue mask with red designs over both eyes and a silver cap.

The first time MF Doom Mask was seen on stage was during his appearance on Kool Keith's album "Dr. Octagonecologyst", released in 1995. At the time, Doom was only known as a producer and not a rapper, so it is likely that he used the mask to blend in with his bandmates. 

In addition, because of his background in producing music for film and television, he was already familiar with costuming. The design of the mask on this album is very similar to the one that Doom wears today in which it covers both eyes except instead of being silver, it is black. 

On this album however, a bit more detail can be seen including an orange bow tie as well as a little bit of text on the red patterns covering his face. The next appearance of Doom's mask occurred outside of any project he was involved with.

Detailed Features of Doom Mask

I am sure that you have seen pictures of the mask of MF Doom known as MF Doom mask. But do you know what it looks like? If not, read this article and learn what it looks like. 

  • Metal Body

The mask has been designed in order to better protect the rapper's face. It is made out of metal because he wanted a durable material that could withstand drink and water damage. He also needed something that could not be torn in case someone tried to steal it or break it open.

MF Doom mask

  • Great Aesthetics

It also serves a purpose that goes beyond aesthetics. The metal surface is very reflective and has been designed to make the rapper's face appear bigger than it actually is. There have been some reports that he stores his mask in a refrigerator to keep it cold, as he does not like warm conditions. 

Furthermore, the mask makes him harder to recognize on the street since he blends into the background so well.

  • Mirror Eyes

The main feature of the MF Doom Mask is its eyes. Those are supposed to represent that Doom wants you to look away when you see him coming. The eyes themselves are two identical round mirrors mounted on top of each other with a double dome covering them entirely. 

The combination of the mirrors and the double dome makes it so that if you look into Doom's eyes, they will appear to be looking back at you. This can be a disconcerting experience for people who don't know how his mask works.

There is also a tiny lens in front of each eye, which allows Doom to see through it without obstruction. There was an early prototype created that did not have this feature and he kept bumping into objects because he couldn't see them. 

MF Doom Mask

  • Metal Grill

To top it off, there is a small metal grill right below the eyes that acts as a nose. The grill comes with a built-in fan so that Doom can continue breathing under there even when he is performing at high speeds.

All in all, MF Doom Mask is quite the impressive piece of work. It has many features that make it quite unique and unlike anything we have seen before.

Uniqueness of MF Doom Mask

Movies become more popular, and with that popularity comes the need for people to be able to tell who's in it. One of the most famous and recognizable masks is that which is worn by the rapper MF DOOM (aka Metal F/X DOOM, doomsday, and ruler of this planet). 

With all eyes on him as he continues his reign in hip-hop music, he has also continued this MF Doom Mask throughout his career. Not only is it one of the most unique masks out there, but it makes a great conversation starter when meeting someone new!

This mask is the one that was made by Mike Dressed. It's a red latex mask, with the drawing of the character RZA in the eyes. The mask itself is a latex version of an original that he made in black and white. 

It's been "enhanced" over time with applications of black paint to include more features like horns and wings, almost as if he went back in time to make another version. 

When describing this MF Doom Mask, people usually say "it's simple yet complex at the same time." The thing that makes it so unique is the fact that it has taken on its own personality through the years, adding and taking away details as time goes on.

Ways of Wearing MF Doom Mask

There are many different ways to wear this mask however some ways may make you look a little funny, so I recommend choosing just one way of wearing it. 

  • Do it in your head. The easiest way to wear the MF Doom mask would be to take it off of your head and place it on your face, thus hiding your face with the mask. This can look very boring and people may think that you are drunk when you wear it in this manner.
  • Do it on your forehead. This way is not as boring as wearing it on your head because you can still see your face, however this way may make your head look bigger than it actually is.
  • Do it with dreadlocks. To do this, you have to put the mask on first and take out the dreads from inside of the mask and put them on again, thus making it look like you have dreadlocks sticking out of your forehead with a mask over them. This does not work for long-haired people because then their hair will stick out of the top of the mask a lot!

MF Doom Mask: Piece of Art and Music!

The MF DOOM mask is one of the most popular items from the cult-classic horror movie "Ghostface Killah", and is worn by many people. The DOOM mask was originally released as a limited edition in an effort to raise money for charity. 

The MF Doom mask is a piece of music and art. The Doom mask is seen as a symbol of freedom and rebellion. This Doom mask has been used in fashion runway shows by designers like Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, and Chloe Sevigny. 

This Doom mask was also seen on a popular British television show when it was offered to the customer in the album artwork for Trainspotting. It is no wonder then why this fun piece of costume would be such an acclaimed item for so many different types of people from all walks of life.