history of cane swords

Technology has continued to ease our work. Thanks to innovation, we have certain incredible things for our assistance. One of those incredible things is a cane sword. 

This is a tool, a weapon, an accessory and much more. In fact, there are many things enclosed in a single weapon. It is a multipurpose weapon that has been serving us in many ways. 

Today, we are taking a quick review of sword cane. We shall explore the history of this weapon and its number of uses. However, let’s begin with a short introduction.

What is a Cane Sword?

Cane sword, also known as sword cane, is a combination of two things, a cane and a sword. It is basically a wooden cane or a wooden stick, and a blade is concealed inside it. 

The sword remains hidden unless you pull it out. There is a push button or a similar device that is used for unlocking the blade. 

When you unlock the cane, you can easily pull the blade out. When needed, pull the blade out, otherwise, keep it concealed within the cane. 

When Were Cane Swords Invented? 

A cane sword was invented during the 18th century. It was a popular gentleman's accessory during that time. It was known as a sword stick and it was carried by wealthy people. 

Cane Swords Invented

The upper class men routinely carried it to practice swordsmanship. It represented wealth and privilege. Also, it was a weapon for self defense. 

It is believed that sword cane was invented in Europe. However, it was used in the Asian subcontinent and Japan for similar purposes during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Uses of a Cane Sword


Cane sword can be used for walking. Since it is a wooden cane, it can serve as your walking stick. You can walk for longer distances with this cane. It improves your body posture, balance and stamina. 

You can comfortably walk for greater distance. Also, it is a great walking stick for disabled individuals. 


If you are living in a mountainous or hilly area, you can use the cane as your hiking stick. Ignore the sword for a second, and you see it is a useful hiking stick. 

You do need such a stick that makes hiking easier and comfortable. This stick can make hiking a lot easier. 

Self Defense

This is the most effective self defense weapon. You have two weapons that you can use for your advantage. You can use the wooden cane to beat up the attackers. 

Then, you have a lethal weapon in sword to deal with them. You can inflict severe injuries with the blade and then conceal it back. 


If you often travel to the wilderness or landscapes, make sure to carry a cane sword with you. It is your survival weapon. 

You are likely to be attacked by wild animals, so if you have a powerful wooden cane and a lethal sword, you can easily survive against these deadly animals. 


Sword cane can work as an incredible camping tool. If you are a camper, replace your original knife with this one. This can provide a lot of assistance in your camping work. 

You can use the cane for walking and hiking and blade for cutting materials. You can cut ropes, wires, clear brush and construct shelter. 

Moreover, it can help you in hunting, fishing, cutting meat, preparing food, skinning work, and removing scales from fish. 


Cane sword is the loveliest collectible you would have in your collection. It is a historical weapon or tool. You can maintain a nice collection of this incredible item to impress your mates. 

Cosplay Weapon

Sword cane can work as a costume and a cosplay weapon. It can represent a badass character. You can hold it as a part of your costume on Halloween. 

Fashion Accessory

Cane sword is also a beautiful fashion accessory. Remember, it was used to represent wealthy individuals and was termed as an elite fashion accessory. You can also adopt that appearance by carrying it as your fashion item. 


You can use a sword cane as a decor item as well. Place it at your home or office to beautify your places. It is a gorgeous decor item! 


To conclude, a cane sword is an incredible thing that is not new. It was invented a long time ago, but today, it is extremely popular. 

Sword cane offers plenty of uses and benefits. So, you need to have one in your arsenal to avail those advantages!