A stun gun is a device that is designed to immobilize an individual through the use of electricity. These guns are commonly used by police and civilians for self-defense purposes.

These are usually powered by small batteries and deliver an electro-mechanical shockwave that overrides the central nervous system or temporarily disrupts it. This jolt generates a potent but relatively safe electric charge which flows from one electrode from the weapon to the other, causing rapid neuromuscular incapacitation of its target where it is then able to be subdued without having to resort to lethal measures. 

Effective stun guns were invented in Japan in the late 1960s; since then, they have been developed to a level where they are now household products that are widely available. In some cases, it is possible to use this gun as a means to activate personal force fields within the body or outside it. 

They can also be used as effective self defense weapons against humans and other beings. A few units have been known to deliver lethal doses of current. Still, these measures are rarely used and do not represent an effective defense against an opponent who is aware of and capable of avoiding them (such individuals may be able to dissipate or store the energies released by the device, thus rendering their use ineffective).

How Does a Stun Gun Actually Work?

The stun gun was invented by Joseph Oton, who started the business in 1983. The weapon is not considered lethal by the statute in California, though there have been accidents due to improper use. All guns sold in California are required to be registered with the state's Department of Justice and must bear a label alerting users of the fact that they may legally use a stun gun only if they are accompanied by a law enforcement officer.

This gun is currently the most common self-defense weapon used by law-abiding citizens. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Justice, nearly 9 in 10 U.S. residents living within 5 miles of a police station had used a self-defense device such as pepper spray on another person in the past year and more than half (57%) had used "a personal alarm device such as a fire alarm or portable radio transmitter."

These guns are legally used to temporarily disable a person in order to render them unconscious, stop their aggressive behavior, or disrupt a violent crime. They work by emitting an electrical current, which disrupts the balance of ions within the brain. These ion channels are responsible for carrying electrical impulses and transporting nutrients throughout the cells. 

In effect, by stopping these ion channels from functioning properly, these guns cause confusion and disorientation in those they touch. This disorganization often leads to loss of consciousness during pacification efforts. The current is generally much lower than that of an electrical shock and does not cause injury or death.

Advantages of Using a Stun Gun For Defense

These guns are simple weapons that can help protect you and your loved ones. They have 5 major uses and benefits:

  • Temporary Restraint

One of the most obvious uses of these guns is their ability to temporarily restrain an attacker until the police arrive. Simply carrying two of these guns with different prongs can provide enough options to make sure this happens efficiently. 

  • Disabling a Threat Before They Act

An attacker needs to be immobilized in order not to harm you or others, so as many possible choices include these guns with incapacitating darts, pepper spray, etc.

  • Effective Way of Self Defense 

These guns can help anyone to defend themselves against potential assailants. If used correctly, these guns provide a non-lethal means of keeping you from harm.

  • A Deterrent to an Attack 

An attacker won't know if you are armed with a stun gun, but they will know that they can be hurt or killed by one. Having something that can disable an attacker before they cause harm is an excellent deterrent and will keep many attackers away.

  • Multi-Functional

Flashlight stun gun/cell phone stun gun charger/radio/alarm clock/strobe light: Many high-end stun guns are multi-functional and provide many options at the time of an emergency. Just having one tool with you can help to avoid panic, which is what happens when you realize that you are in an emergency situation.

  • Other Benefits

The stun gun also serves as a good way to keep out thieves, animals, and plumbers. This gun can help prevent someone from entering your house without permission. The police use these guns constantly to stop people who are fleeing and resisting arrest. Most members of the public keep firearms in their homes for self-protection, but it is important to remember that the police will be able to disarm any armed person using a stun.

Safety Features in Stun Guns

In recent years, the use of these guns has been on the rise. These weapons are sometimes used by law enforcement officers, as well as by civilians to take down people in a bad state who might be violent or drunk. The powerful electrical currents that these devices administer cause a lethal shock to the body, similar to that caused by an electric chair or short circuit. These guns come with many safety features for their users. Here are these features:

1. Safety Switch

Each device is equipped with a safety switch that prevents the device from injuring the user as well as others. These switches are located on both sides of the gun so that they can be used by right and left-handed people. Some devices also come with a manual feature that allows the gun to be turned off when not in use.

2. Electrodes

These guns are equipped with electrodes that administer electrical shocks to criminals and unruly individuals who might harm someone. Great care has been taken to ensure that these electrodes deliver exactly the required amount of electricity to incapacitate them, but not enough to cause death or serious injury.

3. Hold-up Indicator

These devices come with an indicator that lets the user know that it is charged, and ready to be used. This saves time, in case the device has to be used at very short notice.

4. Light Indicators

These devices are equipped with LED light indicators that show the charge levels as well as provide information about any short circuits or malfunctioning parts of the device. When this happens, the stun gun may not administer a shock even if activated, thereby saving lives.

Stun Gun is Ideal For Self Defense

It happens to the best of us. You’re just walking down the street, minding your own business, and when out of nowhere you feel a sharp tug on your neck. It's like a nightmare come true. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a stun gun for self-defense, every day can be free from worry about crime or violence. Check out these five reasons why you should carry one with you at all times: 

  • These guns can incapacitate an attacker momentarily so that they're unable to continue their assault or attack while they're disabled 
  • In some states, firearms are not allowed in certain areas (like schools). With a stun firearm strapped to your hip, you’re armed and ready, no matter where you go 
  • These guns are extremely easy to carry with you. They’re small and lightweight, so they aren't bulky, making them easy to conceal 
  • If this gun is used by someone who knows how to use it properly the attacker will be rendered unconscious and safe from further harm 
  • These guns can be carried in any purse or pocket without being noticed or thought of as dangerous. Any day that isn't scary should be spent with this gun.

Know Your Rules and Regulations!

A stun gun may be carried for personal protection and to defend property, but is generally not carried for the legal purpose of protecting persons from another's use of force because it is presumed that an attacker will not be disabled with it, and thus may attack using other means. 

The use of this gun to defend against an assault is illegal under the same circumstances where a person would be justified in using force. Some jurisdictions ban carrying tasers/stun for purposes other than self-defense, while others have no restrictions beyond the legality of possession. The legality of these guns varies with the jurisdiction in which they are carried. 

Many jurisdictions allow these guns/tasers to be carried as a form of self-defense. Others restrict or forbid the carrying of this device. In some areas, carrying a stun is illegal whether it is used for self-defense or not, or the legal status may depend on factors like the model of the device, its electrical output, and so on, especially where it has been designed for use as a weapon.