What Kind of Sword is the Excalibur?

The Excalibur sword is a powerful but beautiful weapon designed for both intimidating and slaying enemies. Despite the fact that it bears a resemblance to a big machete knife, the sword does not belong to the dagger family of weapons. In fact, this sword is not just one weapon, but three! The two side blades are purely decorative and serve no functional use in combat; instead, the main blade serves as both the offensive and defensive armament of this weapon.

The blade itself is a longsword, with a length often ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches. This broadsword has an acute point that makes it brutally effective at thrusting deep into enemy flesh during close-quarters combat situations. Its length makes it a formidable melee weapon to both slash and stab targets at substantial distances. 

However, the sword is not designed for armor penetration so the blade does not feature any tapering or distal taper. This means that the blade on an Excalibur is evenly thick from tip to guard. These real swords are often confused with arming swords which also included two side blades but were actually developed as a replacement for the longsword which was becoming obsolete in combat during the late medieval period. 

The arming sword was much shorter than the Excalibur with a longer grip and more acute point (think dagger). It was designed with armor penetration in mind and had a long, narrow blade optimized for slashing. Not only did they function as a close-quarters weapon, but they could also be used effectively against armored opponents.

Historical Background of the Excalibur

The story of the Excalibur Sword begins with Sir Bedivere who was entrusted with recovering it from an old Welsh abbey. He set out to find the sword but when he found a scabbard without a sword he decided to bring it back home in hopes that his family could use it as one of the ceremonial types of daggers. When bandits attacked him on the way home he threw the scabbard away. 

Still, when he heard voices, one of which was Merlin's, his friend who had previously served King Arthur before his death, he picked it up and placed it under his arm; from that point on the scabbard never left him, even when he became fatigued. The sword was later passed on to Sir Launcelot and Sir Galahad after the latter discovered it in a stone that was given to him by an angel. 

Galahad took up this quest despite knowing of its difficulty because it is said that only those pure in heart could take the sword out of its place. When Launcelot died the sword was given to Sir Percival who promised to give it back to Arthur's descendants when he became king. However, when Percival died the sword remained in its place until it was passed to Sir Thomas Malory who found it after being given shelter by Merlin.

Originally, What was the Excalibur Sword?

The Excalibur sword was eventually adopted by the knightly class due to its strength and ability to easily penetrate plate armor. The blade of the Excalibur is usually about two inches wide and two inches thick at its widest point, which would make it a bastard sword if one were to measure from guard to tip. However, these swords are not as wide as their armoring counterparts but are still wider than an arming sword. 

The blade's edge is sharpened to ensure that it can be used in combat or for hunting. When not in battle, these full tang swords could easily slay wild boars and other large animals as a way to prove their worth as a knight. The guard of the sword features a single square-shaped cross piece that protects the hand from enemy blades but does not offer protection from a thrust (when used in combination with the pommel). 

The guard of this sword is fixed to the blade and cannot be removed, making this weapon an all-or-nothing proposition during battle. Pommels on these weapons featured any number of designs but most often included one or more spikes. The hilt (the handle and blade area) is wrapped in leather to provide a secure grip. 

The blades of these weapons usually featured a fuller, which is an extended groove carved into the blade to decrease weapon weight and increase flexibility, making the sword easier to wield. These swords are single-handed but can be used with both hands for a devastating blow. 

While the weapon is effective against large armor targets like helmets, shields, or entire plate harnesses, it does require great skill on the behalf of its user as it does not return quickly to a defensive position when parried. This means that parrying requires more precision than with other swords that have less reach such as coolest katanas, rapiers or daggers.

Facts Related to Excalibur Sword

Despite the name, it's not exactly a common misconception that King Arthur's sword Excalibur came from somewhere other than the Lady in the Lake. The answer to your question is that no matter where King Arthur draws his Excalibur from, there are many theories about where these swords originated.

The most logical and popular theory is that these swords were made by an Eastern Roman Empire blacksmith during the 8th century. Another theory is that these swords date from before there was a Roman Empire at all and were forged in Central Asia. Other theories include that these swords were forged in Egypt, brought to Britain by the Romans, and then lost during a battle. 

Other theories say that the original Excalibur sword was forged by Celtic or Gallic smiths a thousand years before Arthur's time. There is also another theory, that all of these swords were forged by one clan, who was trained by a master smith in China and later on migrated towards Europe to create their famous sword known as Excalibur. These theories are endless but the true origin of Excalibur and its cousin weapons remains unknown today.

Characteristics of the Excalibur Sword

A medieval sword of legendary status is the Excalibur Sword. This weapon, which was allegedly found by King Arthur's nephew, the son of Uther Pendragon, has a long and storied history. The sword has been attributed to a number of people in its existence and during its original discovery it served as testimony from these people that the blade was indeed genuine.

The Excalibur may be one of the greatest swords to have ever existed but it may have never even been made at all; it could just be some elaborate story created by this group of people with good intentions but no knowledge of what they are doing. This sword has been used many times through the years, including medieval times as well as the Renaissance and early-modern periods. 

The sword served as a symbol of power and majesty for many people and it has been used by knights, kings, and even religious leaders. This Sword is one of the most well-known medieval swords and its fame has spread around the world after its original discovery.  There are many speculations on what this sword actually is, with many people claiming that the sword has been made out of different metals. 

Some even say that the blade is a modern blade but with a hilt that has been crafted to look like an actual medieval weapon. Others believe that this is something that was made by a modern person to look like something from the past. People want to know the true identity of this sword but even those who have studied this sword claim that they still do not know what it is. 

Some even say it could just be a story created by people in the past or an event they experienced known as an urban legend. Some people will say it is an artifact and some will say it is just something that happened some time ago, but we will never know what could have happened to make this one of the most famous anime swords in history.

Excalibur Sword - The Legend of the Sword!

A sword is a type of bladed weapon typically used in close-quarters combat or in execution, which comprises the cutting or thrusting side of the sword. Medieval swords were generally crafted from steel and iron, bearing certain decorative differences. Swords are one of the most common symbols found in both Western and Eastern cultures as a means to represent courage, nobility, and chivalry.

The Excalibur Sword is a legendary blade that appears in Arthurian literature set in the late 5th to early 6th century AD. It provides an example of what happens when an original symbol loses its power over time, eventually becoming nothing more than a story about someone else’s life instead of one’s own.

There are many stories floating around about how Excalibur was created and its origins. One such story is about the time when King Arthur was about to be executed. He held up his knife in front of him and declared that whoever removed this one sword from his hand would have the right to rule Britain. 

This sword remained in place no matter what attempts he made with it, until Sir Bedivere, one of Arthur’s knights who stood by him during his trial and eventually betrayed him, removed it, fulfilling Sir Bedivere's promise.