self defense weapons for women

Admit it or not, we don’t feel safe these days whenever we leave our houses. It seems as if an attacker is just waiting for you at the other corner of the street. Let alone the nights, days are also filled with fear of being attacked by a random person. 

Every now and then, there is a person complaining about being attacked and victimized. Hence, self defense has become an important need. How do you defend yourself from the attackers? Perhaps, you would consider learning martial arts.

However, an easier and effective way of defending yourself is to carry a self defense weapon. There are plenty of weapons available in the market. You can pick one and start carrying it on a daily basis in order to survive against the attackers. 

Men can carry bladed weapons such as knives, or firearms or any other lethal weapon for self defense. What are the options for women? What can women carry for self defense?

Before we explore the options, let’s talk about the difference between men and women with respect to preference of self defense weapons. Men always prefer lethal weapons and possibly larger ones that can beat the hell out of the attacker. 

On the other hand, women are never interested in large, lethal weapons. They prefer weapons that are easy to carry, small and non lethal. They do like to carry bladed weapons, but if they are easy to carry and small in size. 

So, there are some important self defense needs of women. They tend to keep these needs in their minds while choosing self defense weapons for them. The main needs include small size, ease of use, ease of carry, less lethality, and unpredictability etc. 

There is a massive range of self defense weapons available in the market. What are the best options for women? Since we are experts, we have come up with some excellent suggestions. So, here are the most effective self defense weapons that women can carry:

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a perfect self defense weapon for women. It is the one that meets all needs of women. 

pepper sprays

First of all, it is a small and easy to carry weapon. Secondly, it is very easy to use. It is basically a small device or bottle that contains spray with capsicum as the main active ingredient in it. 

All you need to do is push a button on it and spray it on the face of the attacker. It does not cause injuries, but it does cause serious effects. It can burn the eyes of the attacker and temporarily blind him. 

2. Lipstick Knife

This is a small hidden blade knife. It is lethal, but not that powerful knife. The blade is sharp, but does not have that power to cause long term injuries. 

lipstick knives

However, it does inflict enough injury to serve your survival. This is basically a lipstick, but rather than lipstick, it contains a small blade. The blade is hidden or concealed inside the tube. When you twist the tube, it gently appears or pops up. You can use this blade to inflict injuries to the attacker and once he is injured, you can escape and avail the chance to survive. 

3. Necklace Knife

A Necklace knife is another small knife that is at close access. Women often wear necklaces, why not wear this one? 

neck knives

This is like a real necklace that can be worn around the neck. However, instead of a real pendant, there is a small blade. That blade is actually the pendant, but you know what it is. 

It is your self defense weapon to deal with the attackers. This is a sharp blade that can cause serious injuries. It is usually covered with a sheath for safety purposes. When an attacker comes, remove the sheath and use the blade to injure him. 

4. Pen Knife

Pen knife is another hidden blade for self defense, and ideal for women. It is like a real pen you would use for writing. It also fulfills the needs of women. 

pen knives

Since it is a pen, they can carry it easily like they would carry a real pen. However, there is a blade concealed in it that usually remains covered. Once you remove the cover, you have your weapon to battle the attackers. Use this blade to inflict serious injuries and get rid of the attackers. You can carry it in your pocket, handbag, or anywhere you want. 

5. Flashlight Stun Gun

Flashlight stun gun is a popular self defense weapon usually carried by men and women. However, it is a more appropriate weapon for women. 

stun gun flashlight

It is shaped like a flashlight or torch and has two prongs on it. These two prongs work to give an electrical shock. When you touch these prongs with his body, a powerful shock is delivered. 

Anyways, the more important feature of this weapon is the flashlight. It provides light and allows you to see if any attacker is coming towards you. You can even see attackers in the midnight when it’s too dark outside. 

6. Ring Stun Gun

A ring stun gun is the smallest self defense weapon on this list, and women would love it. It is shaped like a ring and is wearable in any of your fingers. 

ring stun guns

It is ideal as far as women’s self defense needs are concerned. You can just wear it and when an attacker comes, give him an electrical shock. 

Though it is a small ring, it contains a couple of prongs as well. These two prongs are enough to serve your survival. They can be touched with the body of the attacker and give a strong electrical shock. That electrical shock can immobilize the attacker and leave him stunned. 

7. Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick stun gun is another type of stun gun for self defense. It looks like a real lipstick as well. However, it contains prongs like any other electrical shock. 

lipstick stun gun

You can touch these prongs with the body of the attacker and deliver a strong electrical shock. Once shock is given, the attacker can’t get back on his feet for a long time. Meanwhile, you can escape and save your life. The greatest advantage of this weapon is that it looks like real cosmetics and you can carry it with your other cosmetics in a handbag. 

8. Taser Gun

Taser gun is an electroshock weapon and a popular choice for self defense. Though it is more popular among men, it is an ideal weapon for women as well to deal with the attackers. Also, it is an electroshock weapon, but it is very different from a stun gun. 

taser gun

It does not contain prongs, it rather contains two electrodes. It is shaped like a real pistol and has a trigger. When you pull the trigger, the two electrodes are shot from it. These electrodes can travel to some distance and when they hit the attacker, they come in contact and form a circuit. 

When the circuit is formed, a strong electrical shock is delivered to immobilize the attacker. The advantage of this self defense weapon is that it can be used from a distance. You don’t need to go close to the attacker which is pretty useful since every step you take towards the attacker is a call to danger. 

9. Self Defense Keychain

Self defense keychain is a small weapon that can be used as a keychain. It has two spikes on it that can be deadly. 

self defense keychains

You have to use these spikes to deliver a punch in the face of the attacker to injure him. This small keychain is easy to carry and meets all the needs of the women. It isn't very lethal, but has enough power to injure the attacker!

10. Push Dagger

 A push dagger is one lethal self defense weapon we are suggesting to women. This is basically a dagger, but is very small. In fact, it is the smallest dagger ever constructed. 

push daggers

It has a short blade that features a sharp point on it. The blade is thick and extremely powerful. The sharp point on the blade allows it to penetrate deeply into the body of the attacker. This causes deep injuries and makes sure you survive. It has a nice, comfortable and ergonomic handle for women to handle it easily. 

Pick Your Weapon & Defend Yourself Like a Man!

So, what’s your self defense weapon from the list above? Pick your weapon and defend yourself from the attackers. You can’t wait for your man to save you from these attackers. Use your weapon to survive against them. 

Anyways, what is your pick? These are the best suggestions one can give you as far as self defense weapons are concerned. All these weapons are smart, easy to carry, lethal and effective. So, pick your weapon and let us know about your choice in the comment section below!