Top Survival Weapons for campers

Camping and hunting are among the most enjoyable and thrilling activities to do. There is endless fun and thrill. However, you can only enjoy the thrill and fun of camping and hunting if you are safe from the attackers and wild animals. There are a few wild animals that hunters and campers encounter. 

Campers often need to survive wild animals since they are in the wilderness. They have to defend themselves from these wild animals they encounter using some survival weapons. So, what are the best defense weapons to survive? 

There is a long list of survival and self defense weapons that you can add to your survival gear. However, not all of them are worth it. You have to find the right weapons to defend yourself from these animals. Otherwise, you would be landed in trouble. Anyway, here are the best survival weapons for campers to survive against wild animals! 

1. Sword Cane

A sword cane is a perfect weapon to get rid of wild animals. With a blade or sword concealed inside it or locked inside, it is generally a wooden cane. There is a massive sword which can be opened when needed to get rid of wild animals. It is a 2 in 1 weapon and you can use both to your advantage. You can swing the cane hard against him to beat him up. 

Sword cane

Also, you can use the blade to cause some severe injuries. All in all, it is a multipurpose weapon and ideal for survival. Ignore the sword for a second, and use it as a cane. Apart from being a survival weapon, campers can use it as a hiking stick. You can use it to clear brush, walk easily and hike easily on the mountains and hills. 

2. Stun Gun

A stun gun is one of the perfect weapons to use against wild animals. Since you never want to hurt the animals, you should be using this non lethal weapon to get rid of them. It is an electroshock device available in several different shapes and styles. 

Sounds like a gun, but it does not look like a gun though. Rather, it can be shaped like a cell phone, a torch, a lipstick, a USB or anything. However, there are two prongs on these devices. When you touch the prongs to the body of the animal, it delivers a strong electrical shock and immobilizes him. After some time, the animal can get back on his feet. However, you should run away meanwhile and save your life from him. 

Stun gun

3. Taser

A taser is another non lethal survival weapon you can use against wild animals if you are a camper. It is also an electroshock weapon. However, it looks like a real gun. It is shaped like a pistol or a rifle. There is a trigger mechanism as well. When you pull the trigger, a couple of electrodes are fired from it. These electrodes travel to some distance and touch the body of the animal. When they connect and form a circuit, a strong electrical shock is delivered to immobilize the animal. 

The advantage with a taser gun is that it can be used from some distance as well. You can stay at a safer distance from him and pull that trigger to cause an electrical shock. One can say that it is the safest survival weapon to use. Like a stun gun, it does not cause permanent damage. Rather, it only immobilizes the animal for some time. After that, he can get back on his feet. Again, you should take the advantage and escape from there to save your life. 

4. Pepper Spray

One significantly useful weapon to get rid of wild dogs and animals is the pepper spray. It is already being used for this purpose. It is popular as a dog repellant. It is basically a chili spray and can cause some severe damage to the eyes of the animal. 

Pepper spray

When you encounter an animal, simply spray it on the face of the animal. It will cause a burning effect on his eyes and cause temporary blindness.  So, you can escape and save your life. However, there is no permanent damage caused to that animal. 

5. Police Baton 

A police baton is a massive and lethal survival weapon for survival against wild animals. It is an iconic police weapon  that they tend to use for crowd control and for beating the criminals. You can use it to get rid of these wild animals. 

Police baton

When you come across an animal, just swing it hard against him and cause some severe injuries. You can say that it is a very lethal weapon because it can cause some severe damage. 

6. Self Defense Keychain

A self defense keychain is small but too effective in a battle against the wild animals and potential attackers. First of all, it is a keychain that can hold your keys. So, you can safely attach and carry your keys with this keychain. 

Self defense keychain

Most importantly, there are two spikes with it. So, it can work as a knuckle and you can punch the animal or attacker with it in his face and cause severe injuries. These two spikes are deadly and can inflict serious damage. When you are about to be attacked by a random attacker, wear the knuckle and give a couple of blows in his face to survive. 

7. Brass Knuckle

The brass knuckles are one of the best survival weapons because it is proven-effective against potential wild attackers. It is a small piece of knuckles made of brass. It can be worn around the knuckles and has the strength and lethality to cause severe injuries. A couple of punches in the face of the attacker can cause serious injuries and save you from him. Yes, a couple of blows are enough. 

Brass knuckles

So, these are the best survival weapons campers can use to get rid of wild animals.. Carry one of these weapons, and you are guaranteed to survive against them. Hey campers and hunters, make sure you are not deprived of these survival tools. Add them to your survival gear!