Top 7 Self Defense Knives

There is no doubt, we all have one goal in mind: to survive. We must stand ready in whatever situation arises. It's up to us to protect ourselves. And while it's possible that a knife can be used as such, a more significant tool exists that is less likely to require extensive training and more efficient at fighting off potential attackers - a self-defensive knife. 

It is designed for the user's exact needs and features a number of options including locking mechanisms, available in different colors, and provides the user with customizable options including the type of blade they choose from among other characteristics like overall length and handle thickness.

Weapon knives like folding knives and tactical knives are often overlooked as self defense weapons. Soldiers and law enforcement officers more commonly use these, but the self-defense features of one do not make it an inefficient choice for civilian use. 

Here, self-defense is not a goal, it is a tool to be used in the event of a potential threat. And while some self defense knives are only designed to defend against close-range attacks like a baton or metal pipe, others are useful beyond such threats including fighting back in neutralizing an attacker like you would with a pistol or handgun.

The Best Self Defense Knives

There are many types of self-defense knives, but in general, they can be split into two categories: concealed carry knives and tactical knives. Most people don’t carry a knife, so the idea of a defensive knife may seem foreign to them–but if you carry a knife every day anyway for other reasons (working with your hands, opening boxes, etc.

Today we will focus on something different altogether: defense knives. These cool knives are not like any other in that they are designed for one sole purpose: to take down an opponent quickly and effectively. Take a look at these 7 most famous and cool knives:

1. Pocket Knives

The pocket knife is one of the most common tools in the world and for a good reason as well. It is a small, versatile, and convenient weapon that can be carried with you everywhere you go. It also serves multiple purposes: from opening packages to making food, opening bottles to cleaning fish. Without a pocket knife, life would be very difficult indeed.

Pocket knife

Despite its diminutive size and simplicity, the pocket knife is a formidable weapon. The blade comes in a variety of sizes (from as small as two inches to as big as six inches) and can range from being an everyday carry to an emergency weapon.

Cool Pocket knives are just one of those things that we won't argue over whether or not they're useful, because there's something for everyone. They're small enough to fit in your pocket (hence the name) but tough enough to hold their own when it comes to all sorts of tasks. Not only can you use a pocket knife for self-defense purposes, but also for everyday tasks such as opening boxes or cutting fruit. 

2. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly Knives are popular affordable and functional self-defense tools. The butterfly knife is designed to be used with one hand and can easily be opened with one hand, even in tight situations. It folds into an extremely small and compact size that makes it easy to conceal. 

Butterfly knife

Unlike other knives which would make the user want to handle them, the butterfly knife is designed to be held when not in use which makes it harder for opponents to see. These knives are an interesting choice for a self-defense weapon. They are easy to carry, legal in some places, and useful for those who use their fingers for a living.

The blades don't lock as fixed blades do, but they are very light and can be drawn out of their sheaths without the need to touch the blade. The handles have finger grooves that help you get a better grip. This makes butterfly knives good for people with long nails or prostheses as well as left-handed people who might struggle with other types of knives.

3. Brass Knuckle Knife

The brass knuckle knife is a popular concealed weapon that can be easily concealed from view in a variety of ways. The grip on the knuckle part comes in various styles and is usually made of brass or steel. Its strength ranks among the strongest you can find: The metallic handle helps to increase its power.

Brass knuckle knife

Brass knuckle knives provide some advantages over standard knives for personal protection. The blade on these types of knives is not as prominent, which makes it less likely to be spotted by an attacker during a confrontation if you are carrying the knife inside your clothing as a pocket knife would typically be carried around with other objects like keys or loose change.

4. Belt Buckle Knife

Belt buckle knives are just like other knives but for one added feature: a belt buckle. The belt buckle knife is designed to be attached to your belt in the same manner that you would put your keys, wallet, or cell phone.

Belt buckle knife

As with all concealed weapons, it becomes complicated to spot someone wielding a belt buckle knife. One major benefit of the belt buckle knife is its small size. It can be concealed completely in your pants or inside the button of your pants and the fact that the knife is attached to your belt means that it can't be removed from its natural position.

5. Spring-Assisted Knives

Spring Assisted Knives, also called assisted opening knives, spring assist knives or re-springers are a special type of knife that has a detachable spring. The spring assists in opening the knife by providing constant pressure and allowing the blade to open faster. These knives don't rely entirely on strength alone as they can still be activated using relatively weak hands. 

Spring assisted knife

They are also extremely easy to conceal as they do not stick out from your belt and when closed can be easily hidden in plain sight. Also unlike most other forms of concealed weapons, these knives, as self-defense knives, are legal for possession in some countries such as Australia and the UK.

6. Kunai Knife

The kunai knife is a Japanese weapon that is used primarily by ninjas and is available in many variations. It can be used as a throwing knife or can be used in close combat. The word "kunai" comes from Japanese which literally means "sharp-willed", and, as you might guess from the name, these knives are designed for self-defense. 

Kunai knife

Kunai throwing knives are small, light, and can fit in your pocket when not in use. They are typically made from the same material as a pencil so they can be sharpened to a point and then folded back into their original shape. The kunai knife is very versatile in that it can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, or self-defense.

The most common and effective defensive way of using a kunai knife is to stab an attacker with the blade before they have time to react or pull away from you. With its sharp point, this will usually produce a nasty bruise on the person's arm or shoulder where you stabbed them.

7. Push Daggers

Push daggers are types of daggers whose blades are not sharpened but instead have a blunt tip, which is used for thrusting into an opponent. The blade's tip is extremely sharp and designed to break bones upon impact. These are primarily used for self-defense and can be easily concealed. 

Push dagger

A Push dagger generally has long blades with shortened handles, ergonomically designed so that you can use your body weight to help stab your opponent. This makes it difficult for them to get away and makes retaliation more difficult for them.

Why Should You Carry Self-Defense Knives?

The popularity of self-defense knives has been rising for quite some time now, but many people still don't realize this option is available to them and the benefits it may bring. There are many advantages to having these defensive knives on you at all times, ranging from protection to utility only a knife can bring.

Probably the biggest benefit of carrying a defensive knife is the variety it can provide you with. Not only does it open up a new category of items for you to collect, but it also allows for creativity when it comes time to pick out new blades or handle styles. You have a lot more creativity as far as options go than guns or other types of clothing options like throwing stars.