Before you start watching anime, you must first understand what anime swords look like. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online that can help you out. Whether you want to learn what a rapier is or how the katana was made in Japan, there's something for everyone. These swords are typically thin and long with a curved hilt and often have some sort of decoration at the end of the hilt or on the blade near where it is attached to the hilt (usually an animal head). 

Most of these swords have a plain or light-colored blade, but there are many that have different colors such as orange or pink. Other common features of these real swords include an embossed handle, decorative designs on the blade, and decorative rings placed around the blade. Many swords are made from metal (usually stainless steel) while others are made out of high-quality plastic that is durable and easy to clean. However, there are some very intricate sword designs in anime that can't be replicated in real life.

The Best Anime Swords in the Market

Anime swordplay is a genre that people are fascinated by. Perhaps it is the painstakingly detailed armor/clothing or the amazingly choreographed and animated movements of characters wielding cosplay swords in combat. 

Whatever the reason may be, anime swords inspire creativity in many people who make art or demonstrate their own fighting skills with friends IRL. Sure, it might seem silly to some of you out there. But for those who are intrigued by this topic, this post will contain a list of five different swords ranked from least to most favorite based on our personal opinions.

1. Hanzo Hattori's Sword

In the 1989 film "The Hidden Blade", Hanzo Hattori is a skilled swordsman. And he shows it. He quickly dispatches several ninjas who are too cocky in their underestimation of him. His sword is his most powerful weapon and is capable of slicing through enemies with a simple flick of its blade. 

In order to prevent his enemy's every move, Hanzo has his sword embedded with a special blade that can only be activated by the hand of another person. The blade is capable of moving on its own and can cut through solid objects as if it were a hot knife cutting through butter. Overall, the sword that Hanzo carries is very reminiscent of other anime swords, but the way that it was obtained sets itself apart from the rest.

2. Deedlit's Sword

In Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, Deedlit acquires her sword after being rescued by Parn (the hero of the story). With its magic enhancements, Deedlit goes from being a simple damsel in distress to a full-fledged warrior capable of defeating even powerful enemies such as dragons and demons. Her sword seems to be a basic katana sword irl. And it works well for her.

3. Lina Inverse's Sword

Lina Inverse in the anime series "Slayers" is a powerful sorceress, and she cannot do magic without her trusty sword, the Dragon Slave. That's right; in order to cast spells, Lina needs her sword. With this weapon, she has taken down many of her enemies and even saved the world from total destruction multiple times (maybe once or twice). 

The dragon slave is capable of releasing powerful magical energies that can destroy even dragons in one single blow. She has also used it to stop several giant monsters from destroying whole cities on multiple occasions as well. Combining all of that with her swordsman skills in combat, Lina is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Mihawk's Sword

The legendary pirate king, Mihawk (AKA Hawk Eyes) in the anime "One Piece" is one of the strongest characters in the show. Having never been beaten in combat his entire life, Mihawk is feared by many pirates because they don't know what he might do if he gets pissed off. 

He wields his sword elegantly and it compliments his fighting style very well. His sword is known as Yoru, and it has sliced through even the most durable metal and powered-up rubber. The only time he has ever been defeated in combat was when his rival, Shanks (who Mihawk respects as a mighty warrior), lost his arm. In the contest of swordsmanship, Mihawk easily beats the one-armed Shanks by using his sword to cut off the arm.

5. The Tetsubo's Sword

The tetsubo is a Japanese weapon that is said to be used in the old days for training in martial arts. Masters teach their students how to throw and use this weapon with precision. The size of the tetsubo varies, but it is usually a large heavy blunt weapon that weighs about 100 pounds (45 kilograms). It was invented by a Chinese master of martial arts who came to Japan and brought his art with him. 

He later died and left his large weapon to the people of Japan. Jojutsu or the way of the wooden stick was born. This style is used in martial arts and its movements are designed to cause maximum damage while using minimal movements. Tetsubo was used to train people for combat in Japan. Training with this weapon was as follows: first, a person would learn how to wield it; next, they would practice swinging it at targets such as tree trunks; finally, they would practice fighting others in full body armor. And only after they had mastered all of these skills could they call themselves masters of the tetsubo style. 

These five anime swords are ranked from least to most favorite based on our personal opinions. The choice is yours to make. Maybe some of the facts presented here will help you make your decision. Either way, leave a comment to let us know what you think of the ranking presented here, and anything else related to these swords in general.

Features of These Anime Swords

Anime swords are surprisingly complicated things. There are plenty of different types with varying degrees of complexity. If you're trying to learn more about them, these are some traits that will help you get started:

  • Hardness

This is the strength and durability of the sword, an indicator of how battle-ready it is. A hard sword would be able to withstand heavy blows and return them at a higher severity than a light sword or one made out of aluminum or paper could. However, if it's too hard, it can be brittle and break apart easily when struck by another blade. A tough sword is able to withstand a number of blows and retain its shape and durability.

An anime saber may also possess a degree of elasticity or "give" that can be used to absorb the shock of an impact. This not only helps to protect the hilt but also the hands of the person holding it. The length, weight, and grip should all be taken into consideration when determining how easy or difficult it would be to use this sword in combat.

  • Durability 

Some swords are made out of iron, while others are made out of steel. They're both very durable materials, but your choices in metals will greatly affect certain factors about your sword's overall quality.

  • Length 

You will generally find one-handed medieval swords about ten inches (25cm) long, while two-handed swords can be anything from eighteen to thirty inches (45cm to 75cm). The average length is about twenty-four inches (60cm.)

  • Weight

You may find anime swords that are both heavy and light. Heavy swords are generally heavier than a normal person's weight, while light ones are lighter than average. A sword of average weight would most likely be an average anime sword. A sword that's too heavy will be unwieldy for a beginner. A sword that's too light will have less strength than it should have and will more easily break when used in combat.

  • Grip

This determines how much the user can control the sword with their hands and how relaxed they can hold it in a fight, especially if they're using it for defense. Swords can have a simple grip that extends the entire length of the handle, two grips that allow the user to hold it for different attacks, or even no grip at all.

Sword construction varies in complexity and style. The length of a blade's tang and how far it extends into the handle (if at all) can affect how balanced it is. A fuller can be anything from a thin groove to a deep trench in your blade that will make it lighter, but more fragile. A crossguard not only helps to protect against other blades but also helps to avoid your own hand being cut off as well.