Coolest Fighting Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords are objects that reside in fiction, which is a broad term used to describe something that doesn't exist. This might be books, movies, television shows—you name it! One of the most iconic examples of this is Star Wars and their lightsabers. These weapons are simply for decoration and not actually intended for use as such.

While there are many real swords that are used for stunt performers or sold in gift shops, the majority of these objects are made to look as realistic as possible. They can be used to decorate tables or even hang on the wall. For this reason, many people who like the look of a sword but don't want to go around swinging one have opted for these swords instead.

Coolest Fighting Fantasy Swords

There are many, many swords in the world of fantasy and video games. Fantasy Swords have been used throughout history and have given rise to a great number of different styles. Many of their designs, like the Japanese Katana or the European broadsword, are quite illustrious. 

However, other swords have more practical purposes in mind like utility weapons or bludgeons that can be swung easily and pack a powerful punch. Swords were designed for two purposes - stabbing people or cutting things. Here are a few fantasy swords that specialize in one of those two functions."

1. The Fantasy Longclaw Sword With Wall Display Plaque 

This sword will make your office, dorm, or home seem like a castle whose walls are lined with swords to fight off the dark monsters that plague your nightmares. This wall plaque easily hangs on any wall and comes ready to display with a sword already affixed. 

It's perfect for someone who loves knights and wants a touch of medieval armor in their life! These anime swords can inspire you by giving you a new way of looking at life's tasks and problems.

2. Medieval Crusader Fantasy Arya Sword With Wall Plaque

The Medieval Crusader Sword With Wall Plaque is an artistic wall plaque from the "Game of Thrones" television series. 

The sword, which was created by the sword-crafting team led by Miguel Angel Galiana for Season 4, is styled after Arya Stark's weapon in Season 1. It has been carved out of a single block of black marble and hangs on a 22”x36” wall plaque that shows no sign of distress and is made with brass fittings as well as antique bronze.

3. Deluxe Thundercats Lion-O's Sword of Omens 

The Deluxe Thundercats Lion-O's is a replica movie prop replica of the sword used by Thundercats character Lion-O in the original show. It was made by Diamond Select Toys in 2008 and includes not just one sword but two. 

One sheath can be mounted on a wall while the blade stays attached to the second sheath. This makes it easy to display both swords together, as well as use them at once! This is an incredibly awesome item, and it makes for an excellent gift for any fan of this particular show.

4. Fantasy Storm Shadow Sword With Wall Display Plaque

This sword shaped like a transparent storm cloud, with doors opening and closing to reveal the lightning. This beautiful wall plaque looks fantastic in any home or office.

The artwork is handcrafted from substantial MDF and a heavy duty, oil-based sign coating for long-lasting beauty. Solid brass hardware means it’s built to last in every sense of the word. We can also customize it with names, logos or dates of special events by request.

5. Witcher Killer Blade Movie Replica

This Movie Replica is a virtual reality sword that's made to look like it's real. It's actually a light show, but with the user feeling like they're wielding a real weapon. It also comes with adjustable grip, sound effects, and makes you feel more physically powerful and attached to your environment when using it. Despite being only 47" long, this is considered the most powerful sword in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

6. 47.5" White Witcher Killer Blade Movie Replica

These fantasy swords are made of ivory, bone, and wood. It is meant to symbolize the white fantasy element. It is double-edged and has a sharp steel point on the other end. 

One end of the sword has a round crossguard with spikes around it while the pommel is smooth before ending in a small spike at its base on one side and a flat portion that continues down to meet the blade's edge on another side. The blade's edges are round like overlapping circles that seem to mimic each other when they're brought together.

7. Glamdring Replica Sword With Blue Leather Wood Scabbard

An excellent replica sword of the fantasy saga, the "Glamdring" is an iconic weapon from the first Hobbit movie. The sword is a replica, but made with high quality materials that include a leather-wrapped wood scabbard. 

The blade of this lightweight flamberge type sword may be short at 12 1/2 inches but it has a large diamond-shape cross guard and genuine silver raised runes, which are inlaid with copper. It measures 35 3/4 inches from pommel to tip; and includes four brass rivets for reinforcement as well as ivory grip plates.

8. Zelda Twilight Princess Video Game Sword With Wall Plaque

The Twilight Princess video game has a fantasy sword that is used as Link's main weapon during the early parts of the game. The Twilight Princess sword has been mixed with different symbols and designs. This makes for a very fascinating wall design.

A wall plaque can be mounted on white or black dry-wipe surfaces, making them perfect for placing in your kid's room or living room. Its distressed edges are perfect for mounting on a wall near a window, where light will shine through it during the day and cast shadows across it at night time.

9. Ornate Dragons Lair Crystal Ball Sword With Display Plaque

An ornate dragon's lair crystal ball sword with display plaque is a perfect sword for battle themed and other medieval occasions. This sword features a gold and emerald mane that is adorned with purple heart gems. The engraved script on the blade reads: "Light my fire."

If you love to arrange your room in an opulent style, these fantasy medieval swords with display plaque is perfect for your decor. It features a gold, emerald mane that wraps around the upper handle of this longsword. The engraved script on the blade reads: "Light my fire.

10. Thundercats Sword of Omens With Leather Scabbard

A Thundercats sword of omens with leather scabbard is a replica from the old children's cartoon that was first aired in 1985. This sword was given to Lion-O by the Ancient Spirits of Evil. It has a blade made from pure gold and a handle made from ivory. The blade is inscribed with symbols and runes that represent the wisdom of the Ancient Spirits. 

These Fantasy swords can also be used for scrying--to see things happening in other places or to see images in clouds, fog, fire and water. When used in battle, ThunderCat's Sword Of Omens will always return to its owner's hand when thrown or released, because it has an intelligence all its own. 

Popularity of Fantasy Swords!

Sword fighting is a traditional form of martial art, dating back to the Bronze Age. In the medieval period, swords were repurposed and used as symbols of power and nobility in feudal societies and cultures. Fantasy swords in fiction have since become a convenient way for writers to separate their characters from the notion of protection that modern weapons provide; or simply offer up an excuse for another battle scene!