From a kid to an adult, everyone is familiar with a knife. It is the most versatile tool which we use daily to perform a variety of tasks. A knife is something which is available in every house and I don’t remember when I was introduced to a knife, but I just know that we had a whole stock of cool knives in our kitchen’s drawer and was used by my mother to perform her everyday kitchen chores. All of these knives were similar, rather they were of different types providing different functionalities. I still remember my mother using her kitchen knife to cut vegetables and fruits, using a pocket knife to cut the rope and such stuff and my father asking me to bring him his hunting knife whenever he was going out for a hunting excursion.

If we take a closer look at human history, we will come to know that there were no different cool knives to perform different tasks, rather there was only one knife made up of bone initially, and then from metal, which was used to perform utility tasks. However, now we have come a lot further than that era and modern times require ease and convenience for the user. To serve this purpose, a wide variety of cool knives is available in stores all over the world at very cheap and reasonable rates. Most of the time, we buy things and are unaware of their complete usage. This is why today we will take a detailed look at the uses of knives so we can use them in the best possible way and can even differentiate between the different types of knives.

1- Utility

This is the most basic use of a knife and most of the times kitchen knives are used for this purpose. However, pocket knives are also considered as utility knives and help in performing those tasks efficiently too, although on a small scale. Utility tasks are those which we come across in our daily lives. They can be the kitchen chores i.e. cutting fruits, cutting vegetables, or they can be to open packages, cut objects, etc. These tasks are endless and we are well aware of them as we come across them daily.

2- Survival

If you are an outdoorsman, then you must know that anybody can face a survival situation when out in the woods. Anything can go wrong on your outdoor trip. You can lose your way, you can face a wide animal baring its teeth at you, threatening to devour you whole, or you can run out of food. It can be anything, therefore, to tackle such situations, one must always carry a survival knife. A survival knife helps immensely in such a situation. These cool knives are designed specifically to help a person out in a survival situation. They are usually big knives which have razor-sharp blades and ergonomic handles. These cool knives mostly come with additional accessories which help greatly in a survival situation. These accessories are usually firestarters and paracords.

3- Hunting

Knives can help in performing hunting chores as well. After all, what is going to take care of your hunt and prepare the food out of it? Of course a knife but in this case, it is a set of cool knives which assist an hunter man in performing those chores. There is a wide range of knives which are designed specifically to perform hunting chores. Some of them are caping knives, butchering knives, skinning knives, Bowie knives, gutting knives, etc. The caping knives, for example, are used to take off the neck of the animal without breaking its neck so that it can be preserved. The butchering knives, on the other hand, are used to cut meat into small pieces so that it can be cooked. The skinning knives are used to skin the animals. Therefore, each one of these cool hunting knives has its own functionality and use.

4- First Aid

Knives can also be used for first aid when proper first aid material is not available. A knife can be used to make makeshift bandages in the absence of a proper one. It can also be used to treat splinters. Anybody can face emergency anytime, and having a good knife with you will solve most of your problems in a jiffy.

5- Fighting

Knives are tools first and most of them see them as tools only. But that does not change the fact that they can be used as a weapon as well. They are widely used in street fighting. Cool knives are also one of the most common weapons that are used in street fighting. People train themselves on the art of knife fighting. Knife fighting may sound cool but it is pretty dangerous as well and if an individual is not properly trained to fight with knives, then it must be avoided at all costs.

6- Sports

Knives are also used in sports and most specifically, throwing sports. Are you familiar with them? Throwing sports incorporate the use of throwing weapons i.e. throwing knives, throwing stars and throwing axes to many others. World championships are held of these sports and they are getting popular day by day. Throwing knives are very durable and these cool knives are constructed in a way that they are well-balanced so they can fly through the air properly and hit the target right on the spot. Another sport which incorporates the use of knives is flipping. People practice this art throughout the world and use butterfly knives for this purpose. These knives are designed for this and feature a razor-sharp blade and two handles which rotate around it.

7- Fishing

Knives help a lot in performing the fishing chores as well. If you have ever cleaned a fish, then you would know that it requires a special type of knife for this purpose known as a fishing fillet knife. A fishing knife has a flexible blade which allows it to perfectly separate the fish’s meat from its bones. This is why using any other blade for this purpose only destroys the fish meat. There are two types of fishing knives which are generally used. The first one is the long fishing knife which is used for bigger fish as the bones of those fishes are also bigger. The second one is the short fishing knife which is used to fillet a small fish. Therefore, use a knife according to the size of your fish to get the best results.

8- Self-defense

Knives are used for self-defense as well. People mostly carry either pocket knives, karambit knives or combat knives for this purpose. Each one of these cool knives has its own unique features. Knives are small, easy to conceal and easy to carry: this is why they are considered as good self-defense weapons. However, you must train yourself on knife fighting if you wish to carry them as self-defense weapons. You can also use cool knives in emergency situations i.e. for cutting a seat belt or breaking a glass, etc.

The above-mentioned uses of cool knives are only the most useful ones and they are not only limited to the ones we discussed in this article. Knives are something which always comes in handy so always have some decent ones in your collection.