Military knives are knives designed for military purposes. These include combat knives, utility/camping knives, and sword-fighting thrusting cool knives. There are many different types of knife designs which vary in size, shape, style, and use. The most common form of a combat knife is the bowie knife.

The classic design is a curved single-edged blade with an unsharpened back edge that's usually around four inches (10 centimeters) long with a handle made out of wood or fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP). The handle may have a molded plastic handle and grip or may be made from steel, aluminum, or titanium.

This knife blade is normally made of high-quality stainless steel but has to be hardened by quenching or tempering to make it harder and less brittle. More important than hardness is the ability of the blade to hold an edge. A combat knife should have a good cutting edge that's capable of being sharpened to a fine point by hand with stones after being dulled by hard use. The main function of this knife is self-defense and it can also be used for field dressing games.

The Best Multipurpose Military Knives

Sometimes, it’s the little thing that can make a big difference; in a tight spot, you want to have the right tool for the job. So when it comes to knives, which is going to be better: a 2-inch blade on your knife or an 8-inch blade? In this article we will break down the top 7 military knives and their uses:

1. Heavy Duty Combat Knife

This tactical knife has a sleek sharp blade with a non-reflective black finish. The pommel is weighted and is made of rubber for added durability. This knife is compact, but there are two additional pockets on the handle that can store more items or supplies. The nylon sheath holds the knife snug and tight so it won’t come loose while you’re in action field missions.
If you’re in the military and need another pair of hands to help - carry this soldier knife with you!

2. Tactical Knife

The black finish on this tactical knife provides optimal stealth while deployed on the battlefield. It has a blade made from 440 stainless steel and is coated with a high-quality black finish. The rubber handle and pommel are also coated for extra durability, and the nylon sheaths hold the knife in place on your waist belt while you’re driving or riding in a helicopter. This sharp military combat knife is easy to carry thanks to its sheath.

3. Folding Knife with Firestarter

This awesome knife has an award-winning design that can be seen at first glance. It has a very unique look, and it’s not like your ordinary tactical knife. It is designed to be used by any military personnel or by people who are into camping and outdoor activities. 

The steel lines are made from 440 stainless steel and the rest of the blade is made from an impact-resistant nylon polymer; this gives you a solid grip with its rubberized handle. The firestarter can be used for emergency situations such as starting a fire with sticks or even burning off a parachute that is tangled in the trees. This tactical combat knife is as useful as it is awesome-looking!

4. Tanto Blade Drop Point Folding Knife

Have you ever seen military knives with a feathered edge blade? This is one of the few self defense knives with this type of blade and it will surely help you in the field. It has an overall length of 10 inches, so it’s very portable and easy to bring around. 

The high-carbon stainless steel dual thumb studs and the combination edge skinning blade are great for skinning games out in the wild. The handles are made from anodized aluminum which gives it an awesome look while keeping it lightweight! This is a sharp military knife that has great features.

5. Full Tang Black Tactical Survival Knife

This tactical knife is a must-have in the field because of its black stainless steel blade and glass breaker pommel. The blade is 7 inches long, and it has a drop point which makes it great for skinning game or for cutting rope. The handle is made from lightweight aluminum, so it’s very portable! It has an ergonomic design that fits the hand perfectly; this knife is very easy to use, too!

6. Small Tactical Military Knife

This is a small tactical knife with a blade of 4 ¾ inches. This knife has a black handle and pommel, so it’s very easy to conceal or hide. The handle is reinforced by steel liners for extra strength, and the Gerber laser-cut sheath is attached to your belt or pack so it won’t come off. The tip is designed to pierce through most materials and skin game out in the wild. These military knives are the perfect size for all your outdoor adventures!
This knife is crucial when you're out on your next adventure!

7. Combat Utility/Survival Knife

The knife has a 7 ¼-inch blade, and the handle is made from stainless steel with a black coating. This knife is meant to be kept in your car for roadside emergencies and for everyday use. The blade can easily be opened with one hand and features an extremely sharp, razor-sharp edge. This knife also has a glass-breaker pommel so you can break a window in the case of an emergency. This tactical knife is perfect for everyday use!

Grab Some Military Knives - Here’s Why!

The different types of military knives that the military uses can vary in sharpness, size, material, and shape. In general, there are six main categories: different types of daggers for close-quarter combat; swords for cutting; fixed blade knives for crew-served weapons such as belts and machine gunners; range of motion knives used by missilery to interface with target acquisition equipment; bayonets which are attached to hand weapons such as rifle or submachine guns so they are ready when needed; and utility knives that are used in various tasks like opening a crate.

The different types of blades used by the military all serve different purposes with their uses depending on who is using them. Many of the blades are made out of high-carbon steel, stainless steel, and even titanium, all depending on the type of blade. The highest quality metals are more costly but it is essential that the pocket knives the military uses are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

The military uses four common types of steel. These are high carbon, stainless steel, alloy, and Damascus steel. High-carbon steels, such as 1095, perform very well in tough conditions. They are easier to sharpen and make for a stronger blade. Stainless steel has more resistance to corrosion but can be harder to sharpen than other types of steel. Alloys, such as D2, are a mix of carbon and chromium that provide both good edge retention and toughness. 

Damascus blades consist of layers of varying metal forged into one piece. This process is used for decorative purposes primarily but the drawn-out processes used in these blades provide for incredible strength as well as beautiful patterns along the blade's surface. The military knives that are made in the United States or another country are all hand-forged. Hand forging creates a knife with an incredibly sharp edge and greater toughness as well. 

These blades can take a very sharp edge. These knives are relatively small and lightweight making it easy for the military to carry them and use them effectively. Knives that the military uses are high-quality, and designed to last a long time without ever getting dull or requiring sharpening. The way they are used by service members is far more important than how fancy they look or what type of steel they're made of.