best crossbows for deer hunting

In 2020, there is an extensive range of hunting weapons if you are looking for one. However, most hunters have settled on the crossbow as their final choice. 

What are the options other than a crossbow? Pellet guns, compound bows, and air guns are other hunting weapons you might use. ‘

But, are they all good for deer hunting? Definitely not! They are either too difficult to handle, inaccurate, or unable to take down a deer. The lack of accuracy, power and comfort makes them less efficient than crossbows. 

A crossbow has everything you want in a hunting weapon. It is shaped like a rifle or a pistol, and it works like a rifle too. There is a trigger that you need to pull to shoot the darts. 

What are the best crossbows for deer hunting? We have come up with a list of the most powerful, accurate and capable crossbows for deer hunting!

1. Mtech USA 180LB Crossbow - 36 Inch God Camo

This is an extremely powerful crossbow that can easily take down deers. With a 180 LBS draw weight, you can expect how powerful it is. 

mtech usa 180lb crossbow

A patented trigger mechanism and compound bow action is featured in this crossbow. There is an overall length of 36 inches. It can fire at a great speed of 370 feet per second. This is such a great speed. 

It comes with a shoulder strap which makes it easier for hunters to carry it in the wilderness. Also, there is a scope which eases the way you operate this weapon. There are also God Camo coated composite limbs. Overall, a fantastic crossbow for deer hunting. 

2. MTech USA Composite Crossbow 35" 150 Lbs. Draw Weight

The draw weight of this crossbow is around 150 lbs. This is a great draw weight and determines the power of this hunting weapon. It is a 36 inch weapon made for taking down big game. 

mtech usas composite crossbow

This is a pre-strung crossbow which is quite easy to use. Reloading darts is pretty simple and easier for beginners. This is a beginner-friendly weapon. 

It comes with a dark brown wooden stock as well which helps in accurate shooting. The speed is reasonably good i-e 250 feet per second. Enough to take down a deer from a good distance. 

3. MTech USA Composite Crossbow 31" 130 Lbs. Draw Weight

This is one of the most highly featured crossbows and by far one of the best crossbows for hunting. 

31 130lbs composite crossbow

It has an aluminium alloy barrel, The draw weight is just 130 lbs which is less than the previous two enlisted above. This crossbow has folding fiberglass limbs and a lightweight stock. These features are ideal for any hunting weapon you are destined to use in 2020. 

4. Valiant Sniper Compound Rifle Crossbow 185 lbs 4x32 Scope

With a 185 lbs draw weight, this is the most powerful crossbow on this list. We can safely say that this has the extreme power you need to take down a deer. 

Valiant Sniper Compound Rifle Crossbow 185 lbs

It comes with a giant scope as well, and provides excellent accuray. It offers more speed, range and accuracy than any other crossbow on this list. 

This is like a real sniper rifle, the way it operates. It has a patented trigger technology-Dry Fire-Inhibitor. It offers a fantastic speed of 370 feet per second. With that high speed, accuracy and great range, it comes up as an ideal crossbow for deer hunting. 

5. 50 lbs Metal Aluminum Pistol Crossbow

We had to include this 50 lbs pistol crossbow in this list of best crossbows for deer hunting because of its ease of use, ease of carry, and comfort of using it. 

50lbs metal pistol crossbow

This is basically a pistol which can be used by the beginners. You can say that it is a beginner-friendly crossbow. Made of aluminium, it can shoot darts at a great speed of 150 FPS. 

Since it is a small pistol, you can say that this speed isn’t too bad for a pistol. Also, considering the low draw weight, it is certainly a good choice. 

This pistol crossbow has metal limbs, aluminum barrel, and a lightweight stock. So, it is a highly featured deer hunting weapon. 

Now Take Down Deer with These Powerful Crossbows!

Hey deer hunters, looking for the best hunting weapons? Choose any of these crossbows, and you are well on your way to become a capable deer hunter. 

Crossbows are the best weapons for taking down deer. They are easy to use, powerful and accurate. Choose your crossbow and let us know about your choice in the comment section below!