T4E .50 Caliber Powder Ball Ammo 10 Count, Black

These precisely formed .50 caliber dust balls are inert and shatter into a dust cloud upon impact for immediate visual affirmation.
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Practice and familiarize yourself with the P2P Prepared 2 Protect HDP 50 pepper pistol by using these inert powder rounds compatible with the HDP 50 from T4E, a brand of Umarex. The powder is enclosed in a blue and white shell that is made to burst upon impact creating a cloud of powder. A great reactive product for confirmation of rounds on target. The hardness of the surface the powder ball impacts, as well as distance, will affect performance. Practice to engage threats up to 20 feet.

  • Powder balls are specially designed for the use with .50 caliber markers
  • Precision made for improved accuracy, functionality, and reliability
  • Pack of 10 in a tube

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