Real Sword: An Exotic Weapon

There is no person around who wouldn’t know about a sword. Thanks to the movies and TV shows having their plots set in the historic era and the anime series and video games featuring a whole lot of cool and trendy swords with magical powers, people are well aware of these bladed weapons. A huge variety of replica swords for sale are designed and made available to people at quite reasonable rates. You will be amazed to know that these swords for sale cater to a huge market and there is a big demand for them. These weapons were designed as fighting weapons to thrust and slash someone. This is why they gained popularity all over the world and enjoyed the fame of being the primary weapons of people around the globe.

The design and structure of a sword go in a way that it has a long blade, much longer than a dagger or a knife, and a hilt at the base with which the sword can be grabbed. It is usually heavier but that normally depends on the construction material of the swords. The blade of a sword can be either curved or straight. Each one of them serves a specific purpose. For example, a sword which features a straight blade mostly end up on a pointed tip which facilitates in thrusting. Whereas, the swords which have curved blades are mostly used for slashing and feature edges on one side of the blade, sometimes edges are also made on both sides of the blade as well. However, it is not necessary that amazing swords for sale are either used for slashing or for thrusting only, sometimes, a sword is designed in a way that it incorporates both of these functionalities very effectively.

A Brief History of Swords

Before we start discussing modern-day swords for sale, let us first have a look at the history of swords. The swords are said to be originated during the Bronze Age. The idea of a sword was inspired from a dagger and the first swords date back to somewhere around 1600 BC. Then came the Iron Age and during this age, swords were mostly short in length and they did not have a cross-guard as well. Then came the Roman era and the Middle Ages, most commonly known as the Medieval era which lasted from the fifth century to the fifteenth century. The sword of the Roman era was known as the Spatha and these real swords are still available in stores. The swords of the Medieval era were the successors of these swords, Spatha. Soon the Renaissance period came and people started to make more advancements in every field of life. Two types of swords were then used by people. One was known as the sabers and the second ones were the rapiers.

  • The Sabers

The sabers were the swords which closely resembled the famous Cutlass swords having curved blades. This is why these swords find their best use in slashing. A curved blade of a saber, when hit someone from horseback, would inflict quite deep slashing wounds. It would chop enemies down with brute force and would attack multiple people on a single slashing move especially when done by a person sitting on a horse. This is why these swords prove to be quite useful and effective in battles and wars. The saber swords feature sharp edges and razor-sharp blades with double edges. These swords have also been used in World War 2 by the US Naval Army. The famous Katana was also designed in this way but it featured a single-edged blade. You must have seen these swords for sale in markets or on the internet as they are pretty famous swords. The Katanas were the swords of the Japanese warriors known as the Samurais who are still known for their valor, bravery and moral codes. The Samurai Katana swords are one of the finest swords of entire human history and people buy these swords for sale at a very large scale even today.

  • The Rapiers

The Rapiers were known as the thrusting swords in simpler terms. These were slightly short in length and were very effective in killing the target quickly and effectively. They were designed for deeper wounds and their highly pointed tips made sure of it. These swords had straight blades and even the rapier swords for sale available today are designed just like that. They are properly balanced, and light as well but that does not affect their deadliness one bit. We are well aware of the lethal results of a thrusting weapon and how it can kill a person in just seconds.

Why Do People Buy Swords?

Swords are not actively used nowadays and we all know that. Now, what do I mean by “actively”? By this, I mean that real swords for sale are available in stores but people don’t use them in fights and combats. Firearms have now replaced swords and we cannot even think about going back to their usage as primary weapons. Then what are they used for? The swords are used for either collection purposes or either display purposes. They proved to be awesome decoration pieces and look quite magnificent hanging in the living room’s or drawing room’s wall. Most of the swords even come with sword cases and you can also buy sword stands separately from swords and display your swords on it. You can also just keep them as collection items, however, make sure to properly take care of them and take certain measures for their maintenance so that they do not wear out fast.

Swords for Sale in Market

Swords are historical weapons but if you are fascinated by them just like me, then you can buy them and put them on display in your home. There is an amazing variety from which you can choose. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The Excalibur

The Excalibur was the sword of King Arthur and it is one of the magnificent swords of the Medieval era. Some people say that it had magical properties and only the true wielder to take it out of the stone and that is how King Arthur got it. The Excalibur was a short sword ad had the look of a dagger. It was encrusted with stones and intricate designing. It is a true masterpiece of history and some good replicas of these Medieval swords for sale are available nowadays.

  • King Solomon Sword

King Solomon also had a sword which had the symbols of David, Menorah and the Art of Covenant on it. The original sword was gold plated and had blue stones encrusted on it. It is a long sword and the current King Solomon swords have detailed laser etchings on it giving them a realistic look.

  • The Gladiator Sword

The Gladiator sword is a famous sword which the Roman Gladiators used to carry. It is also featured in the award-winning movie known by the name of “The Gladiator”. It also has a major role in the popularity of this sword. The replicas of these swords are quite impressive and the brass-toned varnish of the sword makes it look antique and quite elegant. The guard is made up of wood and the handle is made up of ivory which contrasts beautifully with each other. These swords for sale, available nowadays are made up of stainless steel and also exhibit the same Roman figurines and ornaments that the original sword had. It also comes with a brown scabbard having a belt and made up of leather.