Inspired by superheroes?  What if I tell you that they do exist? And what if I add some spice by saying that you can be a superhero too? I must be kidding. 

But what if I am not? To calm your suspense, I was right when I said that you can be a superhero. The most common thing in all the superheroes is power. 

In addition to power, they have some other characteristics too but the utmost is power. They show their power by punching someone and the effect makes the victim fly so far away. 

So if you have the power you can be superhero too. But the point to ponder is how much hard work one will have to do to gain power? 

He will have to go to the gym, gain weight, lift heavy loads and many other things or he can get his hands-on with the use of brass knuckle which is rapidly available in stores nowadays. 

Believe me; now you don’t have to struggle that hard to make your punch powerful. I can tell you how you can become a superhero in a glimpse. All you have to do is to check out the brass knuckles for sale available in the market. 

Once you have them, you can be a superhero. The brass knuckles for sale are available in many markets and even online but if you want the better version of them, you have to search a bit and once you find them your superman punch is ready. 

They are available to serve you in the best possible manner to increase your strength and power in the most perfect manner.

A Brief History of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles for sale purpose are in the market from ancient times. By the mid of 19th century, they got popular and Japan is the reason they got famous as a trend of street fights and martial arts is more over there. 

The sole goal of these brass knuckles is to make the punch more potential.  When in such a situation where all you need is a single blow to end the mess else you might get in trouble, for this ultimate purpose brass knuckles are available. 

With a single punch of you, you can easily escape from such a situation. 

Using brass knuckles makes your punch much stronger than before, it gives the same effect as of the superheroes’ punch, but as it is real life not a science fiction movie so the victim will not fly in the air but will fall down and will not be able to stand. 

Brass knuckles have been modified since their first use. In the start the brass knuckles for sale available were gloves. They added power to punch but later were transfigured into brass knuckles. 

With changing trend of the market, later the modified versions of the brass knuckle for sale purpose were available. 

But now all the versions whether they were old, modified ones all are available. The ancient brass knuckles attached with knives can be found too.

Different Types of Brass Knuckles:

Many different types of brass knuckles are available. These have different design and shapes, even colors. The designs are introduced in a way that every design is distinctively outclassed one. 

As like the general concept of brass knuckles, the center space is empty, we can say the center is hollow. 

And the front end has specially designed round circles, having no gap in them, they are joined with each other and are designed in such a way that they can be fitted on the fingers, like the ring. 

The one who has not to wear the wedding ring yet, you people are offered the ring of brass knuckles. This ring does not promise you to walk on the moon together but to walk safely in every scenario. 

They serve you as they are engaged with you, the best protector they are. Out of many available brass knuckles, the few brass knuckles for sale are:

1- Paperweight brass knuckles:

The lightest among all brass knuckles, almost having the weight of paper, these are paperweight brass knuckles available in the market. They are the favorite of almost everyone, so are preferred widely and for this reason, are available widely. 

The load on the finger is less when using these; this reduces the risk of hurting your own fingers. They are less deleterious. Hence this type of brass knuckle for sale purpose is more vastly available, the one can find them on special discounts. As occasionally they are available on discount prices.

2- Spiked brass knuckles:

This is another type of brass knuckles available. They are observed to be more dangerous than any other type of brass knuckles. This type has spear type of sharp ends, which are the reason they are unsafe. The risk of damage increases by 100% when using them. 

They might result in severe injuries and blood loss. They are used to cause damage. This is the reason they are not preferably used for friendly purposes. There are a variety of spiked brass knuckles which are not that dangerous. 

The material used in them is not the pointed one. They do have curved edges. They are designed in a way that the harm caused by them is negligible. 

There are two common types among them, one of them is the skewer type thorns are attached with the brass knuckles and in other types sometimes they are not attached directly but can be attached, in this way such a brass knuckle can act as both the simple brass knuckles and spiked brass knuckles. 

The purpose of this design is that one can have two in one experience. Instead of taking two separate brass knuckles, one can take this and can use it in two different formats. These types are again classified in further types on the basis of design.

3- Eagle Winged Brass Knuckles:

The Eagle winged brass knuckles are specially designed in which the scariest of all, the Eagle’s model is used. This eagle adds the frightening look to the brass knuckle. Eagle is usually considered as a hunter, so it is a metaphorical symbol to the opponent. 

It is a signal that he will be hunted. This is a type of paperweight brass knuckle. Its design makes it unique among all the brass knuckles. 

Four fingers brass knuckles are common but a special innovation of two finger brass knuckle is also available in the market.  It’s a real brass knuckle duster available. 

It has special ladder padding at its lower part which enhances its beauty. This brass knuckle for sale is available at almost the manufacturing cost.

4- AK-47 Rifle Brass Knuckles

Ak-47 rifle brass knuckles are available too. They are designed with the dummy of a famous rifle, it leaves a sharp look of terror on another person. 

Not only one but two types of this brass knuckles for sale are available. One is the spiked brass knuckle whereas other one is the simple brass knuckle. 

The spiked one has fixed thorn like points, the specialty about these points is that they are in shape of bullets which can cause real damage. They both are included in the category of paperweight brass knuckles. 

The golden color is even available in these brass knuckles. The real bone breaker belt buckle is also available. 

The thing you are thinking is absolutely right, as the name suggests it can break the bones. All these varieties of brass knuckles for sale are available even online. 

All you need to do is order it from any online store and within no time you will be fully equipped. For street fighters, brass knuckles can help you win the game in no time.  

As no one wants to get hurt by spending more time on fights which you can end in minutes. 

For ladies, as security is the utmost concern, special paperweight brass knuckles are available for their use. One can keep them in their bags for their own protection.

Most Popular Uses of Brass Knuckles 

Brass knuckles are categorized as a weapon. This weapon can save you from life hacking scenarios. Might be, this is one of those only weapons that can be carried easily and only, for this reason, the brass knuckles for sale are everywhere available. 

From self-defense to their role in street fights, they are valued everywhere. People are using them for clothing purposes, as style is precious to everyone,  best styles are available in markets which help you to become a style icon for everyone.  

From the ones used in belts to the ones used for hanging in motor vehicles, all types can be easily found and each one is designed in a fascinating way. 

All of these brass knuckles for sale are available at the cheapest of all rates. All that one has to do is to search them and searching for them is not difficult nowadays. 

Though in some countries they are banned but still in those countries they are widely available. As a toy, they are being used by the kids. These toy brass knuckles for sale are available at toy shapes. The one which is used as a toy is not dangerous at all.