pepper sprays vs stun guns

Since people have started preferring smart self defense weapons, a popular debate has taken place. Stun gun vs pepper spray is a massive debate these days. People are eager to identify which is a better self defense weapon between these two. This is no longer a debate as which is the best weapon in this regard. 

People have already made a decision to choose either a stun or a pepper spray for self defense. But, which is the better among these two? Today, we have come up with a brief comparison of these two weapons with an aim to bring the best out of the two. We shall look at the pros and cons of using both for self defense. However, let’s begin with how stun guns and pepper sprays work. 

What is a Stun Gun? How It Works?

Stun gun is a small electroshock weapon designed to give an electrical shock. It contains two prongs that actually work to deliver the electrical shock. 

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There is no specific shape for a stun gun; it comes in several different shapes and designs. However, in any case, there are two prongs necessarily. When you touch these two prongs to the body of the attacker, a powerful electrical shock is delivered to immobilize him. This is how it works!

What is a Pepper Spray? How It Works?

A pepper spray is just a small bottle containing spray. The spray contains capsicum as the active ingredient. 

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In other words, it can be called chilli spray since it has chilli powder in the solution. Pepper spray usually contains a small push button or a device which can be pressed to spray it on the face of the attacker. 

When it is sprayed, it causes a serious burning effect and lets you survive this way. Moreover, this is how simply it works. Now, let’s compare the self defense benefits of stun gun and pepper spray:

Self Defense Benefits of Stun Gun

Pretty Simple Using Method

The greatest advantage that stun gun offers is the ease of using it. There is a relatively simpler using methodology. Remember there are two prongs on it and you have to touch them to the body of the attacker to deliver an electrical shock. 

Hence, what you can do is head towards the attacker and get closest to him. Turn the safety switch off and touch the prongs to any part of his body. This is enough! Yes, that’s it. You will be able to deliver an electrical shock right away and immobilize the attacker. Meanwhile, you can escape to save yourself from him. 

You Can Carry in Your Pocket

Stun gun is one of the smallest weapons around. Due to its incredibly small size, it is very easy to carry. The small size enables you to place it in your pocket, believe us, it fits well into your pocket. However, it is not necessary that you carry it in your pocket. 

For instance, if you are a woman, you can carry it in your purse or handbag as well. If you’re a man, your car’s dashboard can be the right place to carry your stun gun. In any case, thanks to its ease of carry. You can stay equipped with your weapon all the time which is the most important thing.  

The Effects are Severe

Stun gun comes up as a very effective weapon for self defense. It can cause serious effects. For instance, when you touch its prongs to the body of the attacker, a powerful electrical shock is delivered to him. This shock is actually very severe. 

It can produce the stun effect and can immobilize him for a reasonable period of time. Such a severe effect is enough to let you escape and survive a possible victimization on the hands of the attacker. 

The Damage is Done Instantly

With a stun gun, the damage is done instantly. It is one of the few weapons that can cause a quick damage. As you touch the prong to the body of the attacker, a powerful electrical shock is delivered to him. 

This happens extremely quickly. As the prongs are touched to any part of his body, the shock is given straight away in no time at all. This instant damage is the best to survive against the attackers. It’s like hit and run. 

The Variety of Stun Guns

One of the finest advantages of stun guns is that they come in a variety of designs. All these designs are excellent and make the weapon undetectable. There are plenty of designs to choose from. From instance, women can use the lipstick stun gun that looks like a real lipstick and they can carry it with their cosmetics. 

There is a device that looks like a real cell phone. In addition, there are designs that look like USB, flashlights and rings. What is ideal about all these designs is that they make it impossible for anyone to figure out what you are carrying. So, you can lead a surprise counter attack on the attacker. 


The advantage of flashlight is the best we can count as far as a stun gun is concerned. Most attacks happen at night when people can’t see attackers coming towards them. This is why night shift workers are more vulnerable to attacks. They are often victimized  by the attackers. 

Flashlight can provide the light and rescue these workers by letting them see the attackers heading towards them. This one is called a stun gun flashlight, but the feature of flashlight is present in most designs. Yes, there is a flashlight, but in the end it is an electroshock device to deal with the attackers. 

Self Defense Drawbacks of Stun Gun

No Real or Lethal Damage

The problem with a stun gun is that it is a non lethal weapon. Yes, it does deliver a powerful electrical shock, but it does not leave the attacker injured. The purpose of a self defense weapon is to injure the attacker and teach him a lesson by making him get a taste of his own medicine. 

When he is immobilized, he is immobilized temporarily, and after some time, he will be back on his feet and will be alright as well. You need to escape during that time to save your life. Once he gets back on his feet again, he is able to attack you again. 

You Need to Go Closest to the Attacker

A massive drawback of a stun gun is that it requires you to go closest to the attacker. You can’t deliver an electrical shock from a distance. You can only do so if you are near him and able to touch the two prongs to his body. If not, this weapon is useless. 

If you go closer to him, you are making a dangerous move. This is obviously the last thing you want. So, would you like to take dangerous steps towards the attack? Certainly, not. But to use this electroshock weapon, you have to take these steps.

The Accidental Damage

Stun gun can be dangerous while carrying it in the pocket as well. There is a great chance of accidental damage. If you accidentally touch the prongs to any part of your body, you will be immobilized and become an easy victim for the attackers. 

Yes, there is a safety switch but you can’t always keep it on. At times, there is a panic situation to turn it off. You can accidentally turn the safety switch off in your pocket and hence you are prone to accidental damage. 

Let’s weigh the self defense advantages and drawbacks of pepper spray now!

Self Defense Benefits of Pepper Spray

Small & Easy to Carry

Pepper spray is another incredibly small self defense weapon. It is just a small bottle of spray that contains an active ingredient i-e capsicum. Such a small weapon is very easy to carry since you can carry it in your pocket. Thanks to its small size, it can fit well into your pocket. Once it fits well, you can comfortably carry it in your pocket. 

Very Simple Too…

Apart from being easy to carry, pepper spray is very easy to use as well. This small weapon features a push button at times. To use it, all you need to do is push that button. You should aim the eyes or face of the attacker for this purpose. Once aiming his eyes, push the button and spray it. This is it. You will be able to cause serious damage to the attacker’s face and eyes. 

The Prompt Effect

Like a stun gun, pepper spray also causes an instant effect. Having said that it requires just a push button to be pressed; as you push it, it is sprayed on the face of the attacker. When sprayed, it immediately causes a burning sensation to his eyes and also burns his face. Temporarily, it is almost unbearable. Such a quick effect makes it a magnificent weapon to use against the attackers. 

Serious Damage to the Attacker

Pepper spray causes serious damage. When you spray it on the face of the attacker, a powerful burning effect irritates the eyes of the attacker. It forces closure of his eyes. It itches his eyes too. For a temporary period of time, it can even cause blindness. Once he is blinded, you can escape and save your life. This makes it an extremely effective weapon for self defense. 

Self Defense Drawbacks of Pepper Spray

Accidental Damage

There is also a chance of accidental damage with a pepper spray. First of all, there can be an instance if a strong wind or breeze is blowing. If the wind is blowing in the opposite direction, it can come back at your face and cause a similar effect to your eyes and face. 

In addition, if you spray it and then take a step forward, it is likely that your eyes would be affected. In any case, it can be damaging. There’s nothing you can do about these situations. Though it can advantage you if the wind is blowing in the same direction and increases the range of spray. 

Non Lethal

Like a stun gun, pepper spray is also a non lethal weapon. When you spray it on the face of the attacker, he does feel the burning sensation and is temporarily blinded, but this effect does not last longer. After a reasonable period of time, the effect would be terminated. 

There is no long term effect to his eyes. The attacker would be back in his real condition and ready to attack again. You have to run from there to save your life. Otherwise, you are likely to be victimized again at the hands of the attacker.

Reduced Range

Just like a stun gun, pepper spray has a reduced range. You can say that it is slightly better than a stun gun in this regard. However, the range is not too great though it saves you from getting too close to the attacker. You can stay at a safe distance and use the spray. However, that range is not that great. You can’t get too far away from him in order to use this weapon! 

So, Which is Better? Stun Gun or Pepper Spray?

That’s it with stun gun vs pepper spray. So, which is the better self defense weapon in your opinion. Based on our comparison, it is hard to determine which is the best out of the two. Both these weapons share a few benefits and drawbacks. Hence, there must be just a couple of factors to decide which is the better weapon. 

As per our comparison, pepper spray offers a better range because a stun gun requires you to go closer to the attacker. You can spray it from some distance. This is the deciding factor to us. However, you can’t take anything away from a stun gun as an effective weapon. Another deciding factor here is the flashlight. 

You can’t ignore the great advantage of flashlight that this electroshock weapon offers. You can enlighten your path and identify attackers approaching you. Hence, you can quickly get ready to face them. This is a feature that pepper spray does not offer. Hence, there are a few features that make stun guns better while a few make pepper spray better. 

So, we conclude our comparison here saying that both these self defense weapons are ideal when it comes to dealing with the attackers.  Anyways, you tell us which is your pick among the two? Let us know about your choice between stun gun and pepper spray. Make sure to disclose the reasons behind your pick in the comments section below!

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